My Spiritual Routine.

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My Spiritual Routine

Many people believe that a spiritual routine is about meditation, reading tarot cards and doing yoga every day. You can find a lot of content all over the internet with well-intended guidance to “live a spiritual life!”

Everyone in my family has somewhat a spiritual approach to life. Still, none of us is particularly religious… maybe the older generation – but everyone under the age of 75 only goes to church for the 4 big life events; christening, confirmation, wedding, and funeral. I call it “The Circle of Life”. Of course, some of my family go to church on Christmas eve because it’s a tradition. I don’t, because I find it incredibly boring, and I don’t do boring! My OCD brain goes completely nutcase when I’m bored. So I would rather stay home, make snacks, and have something to drink ready for the others when they come back from church.

I’m grateful that my family has always been “normal” when it comes to spirituality. I had lost count a long time ago of people telling us that they would never guess that we are spiritual or have spiritual abilities. None of my family members looks like they have abilities, and still, EVERYONE can do something! 

I think the difference is that we are talking about our experiences and what we channel down like the rest of the world are talking about the weather and what’s going on in the news. We don’t mystify spiritual events or make them any special. It’s just everyday life! I tell you, my grandmom had the BEST ghost stories… and they were first-hand experiences!

Over the years, I have tried to figure out why I chose to incarnate into this family. Suppose you have followed along for a while. In that case, you might know that I’m a survivor of child abuse and domestic violence. For that reason, I left my mother when I was 15 and never had any desire to reconnect with her. She started beating me when I was two months old! My life on Earth has never been easy! 

Thankfully, my dad’s side of the family is these amazing low-key spiritual people who are gifted but don’t feel a need to flaunt it to the world. There is no fear or hiding… they just don’t want the attention or validation from others to feel special.

I was raised with a very practical approach to spirituality! My dad and grandmom have always made it very clear to be thorough in the channelised information. It’s not a matter of serving others and what they think they need! It’s a matter of comprehension and communication to help others to improve their lives.

I notice things others don’t. The only place I have peace and quiet is in my home… and even that can be a challenge sometimes because I’m living in an apartment building. Let me show you how it is to be me:

Imagine you’re walking into one of those old radio stores where the shelves are filled with radios. Each radio is turned on and playing on its own radio channel or frequency. Each radio is playing on a different volume. Now take this scenario out onto humanity.

Each person is broadcasting from their own unique “radio station.”

Each person’s “radio station” is playing from their own volume level.

That is 7.5 billion different “radio stations” playing nonstop WITHOUT any on/off swift button. 

On top of that comes:

  • Animals
  • Nature
  • Cars
  • Computers
  • Social Media
  • Houses
  • Events in the world
  • and so forth…

I’m picking up on EVERYTHING, and it gets directly into my nervous system. 

Why is this?

Well, everything is energy, and as you know from school, all energy vibrates on its own energy frequency. My first language isn’t really Danish – it’s Energy. I hear, see, feel, notice, taste, sense and know everything as Energy first, and then my brain translates it into Danish and English. Sometimes it takes up to 5 minutes before I have found somewhat the right words to describe what I just picked up on energetically. It’s not because I’m stupid that it takes some time… I mean, I score 165 on IQ tests… it’s just that the human language is very primitive in its development.

With this VERY long introduction, I want to share 7 steps from my spiritual routine.

Step #1 – Retreat to Silence.

This is so essential for my well-being and health. I need peace and quiet around me, or at least have somewhere I can retreat and recharge throughout the day.

No talking.

No listening.

No reading.

Nothing I have to do.

Nothing I have to relate to.

Just nothing.

Step #2 – Cut, Cancel, Delete!

I use the “Cut, Cancel, Delete!” mantra several times throughout the day! It’s also the first tool I give anyone who comes to me because they have unwanted noise in their head or keep getting emotional about something out of their hands.

Our fear-based mind (our Ego) wants to be in control and know every step of the way. When our Ego doesn’t get it the way it wants, it acts out like a spoilt child. That’s not our fault; it’s just the way the Ego behaves. As soon we can accept that, the sooner can we move on to what we can control. We must navigate our minds away from the issue and move on with our lives.

Whenever my Ego pops up with all its “what if”‘s, doubts, or trying to overanalysing something which is out of my hands anyway, I’m throwing in the “Cut, Cancel, Delete” mantra. 

The “Cut, Cancel, Delete” mantra stops the flow of thoughts and internal noise immediately, so we can focus on what we actually can do something about or just be present at the moment we are in right now.

Step #3 – Confiding in the Right People.

There are so many things going on all the time, and I’m always picking up on new stuff. So for me to navigate in all this, I need to confide in people I know have my back, won’t judge me AND know how to tell fantasy from reality. 

Sometimes I’m picking up on stuff where I need someone to help me figure out if the information and insight are real or something my head had made up to connect the dots. 99.9% of the time, I am right about the stuff I’m picking up! Even though I know it, I also need someone to help me organise the information and insight in the right folders in my head. OCD brain.

Step #4 – Turn Off Social Media and Chats.

I actually enjoyed it when Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp were down for 8 hours last Monday… after I went on Twitter to find out what the heck was going on… 

Hands up 

🙋‍♀️ How many of you checked your WiFi connection, and maybe even pulled the plug to reboot the rooter? 

🙋‍♀️ How many of you checked your 4G/5G connection?

🙋‍♀️ How many of you rebooted your phone?

I think we all had 10 minutes where we were freaking out!

But after I checked Twitter, I relaxed and just enjoyed my evening reading. 

edit: It’s not entirely true… I spent some time reading how Twitter was trolling other accounts 🤣🤣🤣🤣

It’s not a secret that I’m trying to stay as much away from Social Media as I can. I auto-schedule all my posts on Bøglund Lightworker Institute’s SoMes. My personal accounts are sometimes very quiet or very active. 

I spend Wednesday posting the Weekly Article to the Resource Hub, writing the Weekly Note to the Bøglund Lightworker Tribe, and creating and scheduling content for Bøglund’s SoMe. It’s my longest work-day of the week because it takes a crazy amount of time! Sometimes up to 20 hours! 

BUT!!! when it’s all uploaded and scheduled, I don’t have to worry about it before next week.

This means I can limit my time on SoMe down to only answer DMs and comments.

Social Media is definitely not good for your Mental Health. I wrote an article years back about the downsides of SoMe

Step #5 – Laugh Every Day!

I don’t care if it’s with friends, family, colleagues or you’re going in to see a comedy show – you must laugh every day.

We all know the health benefits of laughing, so why not make an effort to laugh every day?

I love watching stand-up comedy shows on TV2 Play or finding something stupid on Netflix; I just finished “All Hail King Julien” on Netflix. It’s perfect for unwinding after a long day of working because it’s just a stupid kiddo show.

In the more grown-up league, I recommend:

  • Lucifer
  • Suits
  • Grace and Frankie
  • iZombie

All on Netflix.

Step #6 – Dance, Dance, Dance!

NO ONE says you should be the new Fred Astaire! But Dancing is undeniably healthy, mentally and physically. 

Dancing makes us naturally happy! 

When we are happy or excited about something, we dance!

We can reverse that effect by dance to be happy!

I danced BEFORE I learned to walk! It was not pretty, and it was definitely not on beat. So when I was old enough, my parents signed me up at the dance studio.

I understand music better than I understand movies. Yet, I only play a tiny bit of the piano. That’s because I just can’t sit still long enough to learn to play the piano fully. Every cell in my body wants to dance when the music is playing. When I read a note-sheet, the music is already playing inside of my head, which goes out in my arms, hips and legs… and Bye-Bye concentration…

I’m always dancing when I’m brushing my teeth before I go to bed, or in the shower, or if I’m bored. 

Turn on the music and dance, dance, dance!

The energy frequency from the music and the dance positively influence my nervous system, which makes it easier for me to stay connected with the Source of Love.

Step #7 – Travelling the Sacred Place.

The Sacred Place is one of the very few mystical parts of my approach to spirituality. I’m calling it the Sacred Place right now because I can’t give you its real name.

The Sacred Place is my home in the Angelic Kingdom. It’s where all Seraphim lives, and it’s only Seraph angels who can enter. 

When I go to sleep at night, or if I’m going to take a nap throughout the day, I’m always travelling to the Sacred Place. This means that my body is still here on Earth, but my soul and everything that’s me is far, far away.

I’m tapping into the Sacred Place throughout the day to gain information or insight, but I only do it when I know no one would notice. It has to be uninterrupted and free of noisy people.

Without getting into details, travelling back to the Sacred Place is a part of my life supply. I can’t thrive many days on Earth without travelling back. So just as we put the charger in our phones at night, I’m travelling back to “recharge” too.

As you can see, there is no yoga, mediation, or pulling daily cards in my routine!

My best advice is to create a routine that makes you happy and bring you closer to the Source of Love. Don’t force yourself through something just because someone else had told you to do it. Keep an open mind, and try different things, but if it’s not your jam, then drop it.

Do you know why I don’t do yoga or meditate?

Because I think it’s just as boring as watching paint dry… and as I told you at the beginning of the article – I don’t do boring!


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