On this page, you’ll find an overview of the current products and services I’m offering.
The page will be updated as new products and services are launched.

I primarily make digital products for Lightworkers who want to reclaim their native superpowers, and create the life they desire!

My 5 corner pillars are:

  1. Mental Health & Well-Being
  2. Lightworkers (with a MAJOR focus on Manifestation and Mental Alchemy)
  3. Light WORK (Life Purpose)
  4. Relationships
  5. Self-Growth (assertiveness training, self-love, self-esteem, etc.)

My Philosophy.

I opened my first Spiritual-Based business in 2008. I was an 18 years old business college student, who couldn’t wait to be able to teach other people how to use practical spirituality to make their life easier and happier.

I have seen A LOT over the last decade, and I have realised that my path as a Spiritual Master Teacher and Metaphysicist is to take all the woo-woo, mumbo-jumbo out of the equation and bring it all down to Earth.

I’m adding science to my spiritual teaching. I’m using quantum physics, metaphysics and neuroscience in pretty much every teaching of mine.

Your Mental Health & Well-Being is my first priority when I develop new products and services, even creating content for the Resource Hub and to Instagram. It’s extremely important to me that I don’t teach/advise/guide/give you something that puts you on the loony train to crazy town!

My view on Spirituality is very down-to-earth. I am not religious and don’t practice any religion! I believe in what I know to be true – that everything is Energy, and everything vibrates on Energy Frequencies which creates the reality we live in! I work very closely with the Angels, in particular, the Seraphim.

I’m a Psychic, but I don’t do mediumship (talking with dead people). I’m using my Psychic abilities every day in every way. It’s second nature to me! When it comes to products and services, I’m only using Psychic abilities in my 1:1 sessions!

My reading with Sabrina was amazing… she gave me great advice with regards to my question and some very helpful hints as what I could do. She left me with a feeling of calm and peace… I would so recommend anyone to give Sabrina a try… you will be so surprised at what she can help guide you and enlighten you.



All my prices are in US Dollars.

My pricing is based on three factors:

  1. The average price in my industry.
  2. I’m in Denmark, and my pricing reflects how things are priced in Denmark.
  3. The time, energy, effort, and resources I’m spending to help you.

To give you a perspective, the average minimum price for a 1:1 session is 600 DKK/45 minutes. 600 DKK is roughly $80.
The average price is, in fact, 1200 DKK/45 minutes – $162

I am charging a bit more than that because I’m spending so much time, energy, effort, and resource on what I’m doing. Usually, I would have to book a whole day to help a single 1:1 client because I’m so devoted to what I’m doing.

Sabrina is absolutely amazing! By far she is the most intuitive reader I have encounter. She knew detailed information about a family issue that I have only discussed with a handful of people. Sabrina provided the information with respect and grace. She was not telling me what to do but giving my guidance, it was the perfect reading! I cannot wait to have another reading with her.

Robyn Eatmon

Pricing of Digital Programs and Products follows the same guidelines.

But keep in mind that everything is much more expensive in Denmark than in many other countries, and a major part of the reason is the high TAX all Danes are paying. So while my pricing is in US Dollars, I’m still pricing after Danish Guidelines, so my costs and expenses to help you are covered.

If you think my pricing is too expensive, then you have two options… Make use of the 50% OFF in the Launch Week of Digital Products, or dive into the Resource Hub and my Instagram account where you can find information, guides, and resources for FREE.

Free Readings or Services.


I find it highly offensive (and, to be honest, quite selfish) when people ask me for free Readings or services.
I value my time, energy, abilities and health waaaaay too much to work for free!

The only time I’m working for free is when someone, out of the blue, pops into my Psychic radar and I’ve reached out to the person.
It only happens when I’m Divinely assigned to help that specific person!
It’s very rare it happens and can not be forced.

Discount Policy:

I ONLY give discounts on my products and services during their Launch Week.

I call it Early Bird Offers!

Subscribers of my Email List (the Bøglund Lightworker Tribe) ALWAYS get a 50% OFF discount (+ potential bonuses.)

I’m sending an email to my email list every day during Launch Week with a secret link that will give them a 50% OFF discount (+ potential bonuses). The secret link is only active for that week!

Non-subscribers are not guaranteed an Early Bird offer. It truly depends on the product or service and the normal price of the product and service.

IF there is offered an Early Bird offer to non-subscribers during Launch Week, you’ll find it on the sales page below.

I believe it’s only fair for everyone if everyone pays the same for my products and services!

I do, however, also believe in rewarding those who are quick to make a decision and purchase within the first week after launch.

1:1 Sessions

Right now, I’m looking into ways how to take 1:1 clients in again. It would not be on the same scale as it was before I got sick. It’s a question of finding the right balance between taking clients, creating training programs, writing and taking care of my health with respect for my illness.

Right now, you can sign up for my client waitlist to be the first to know when I’m opening client spots.

There will be launched a 1:1 Mentorship program, but I don’t have a date for a launch.

Angel Tarot Readings will come back – but in a different form than earlier.

I had a reading from Sabrina from the other side of the world via email and it was the most accurate amazing reading! It answered my question exactly and gave me great enthusiasm and excitement for what my future holds. She is very passionate, kind and extremely good at what she does.



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NEW: Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations – Digital Training Program.

Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations

How to Manifest a Specific Person – Digital Training Program

A Simple Plan to Find the Purpose in Your Life – Digitial Training Program.