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If you had followed along on Facebook, you might have seen I have posted examples of real-life Earth Angels each Sunday of December. Over the years, people have asked what makes a person to an Earth Angel and what’s the difference between Earth Angels and Lightworkers?

It is a longer conversation, and sometimes it does result in hurt feelings since most of the people who are interested in learning about Earth Angels wants to know if THEY ARE an Earth Angel – often because they pretty much only hear the word, Angel. Who doesn’t want to be a true angel? As you might know, I AM an Incarnated Seraphim Angel, and trust me – it’s not sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns to be an Incarnated Angel!

The idea behind sharing real-life examples of Earth Angels was to help you get a better understanding of the four core realms and to “put a face on it.”

Before we dive in, let’s take a look at the difference between Lightworkers and Earth Angels.

Lightworkers vs. Earth Angels.

A Lightworker is anyone who chooses to share their Love and Light with the World in a way that is true to them. A Lightworker is a person whom, at some point in her/his’ life, decides to commit to making the world to a better place. She/he had often gone through some experiences or had witnessed something and got to the conclusion that “someone has to do something about it!” Well, that someone is the person who got that feeling!

An Earth Angel, on the other hand, was born with a strong desire to make a difference in the world. They are pretty much on a mission from the day they were born. They have some very specific characteristics which make them different from other people. Earth Angels are spirits that come from other realms than The Spirit Realm, where most spirits come from. The most characteristic proof is an Earth Angel literally LOOK, TALK, ACT, and VIBE like their realm.

So, an Earth Angel will always be a Lightworker too, but a Lightworker isn’t necessarily an Earth Angel.

#1 Incarnated Elementals.

As an example, on an Incarnated Elemental have I picked Michael Jackson.

I know there is a lot of controversies going on when it comes to Michael Jackson, but when I tune in on these negative situations, rumors, and nasty allegations, it’s very clear to me that he is innocent, and the stories are made up by low-vibe people who just want to harm him. I don’t say this as a fan! I know it sounds impossible, but I didn’t know who he was until a few years before his passing, and even then, I didn’t quite know who he was. It was first after his death and all the media covering that followed that he got into my radar.

It’s actually not uncommon that I have no clue of what’s going on in Hollywood or the “celebrity world” because I don’t watch movies, follow along with pop-culture, watching television or the news, or reading tabloids or other magazines.

However, after Michael Jackson’s passing, I felt guided to dig more into who he was, why he was so misunderstood, and why someone found the need to accuse him of such an evil and disgusting thing.

I didn’t have to dig long before I realized that was is an Incarnated Elemental. He had a deep passion and true concern for the nature. What made him so misunderstood was, he never really grew up. He was an innocent child stuck in a grown man’s body. He just wanted to play and have fun, and associated himself more with kids than adults, because in his mind, he was a child. He couldn’t really navigate in the adult world, partly because he had no human experience from previous lifetimes, but definitely also because his career kick-off in a very early age and he had to live a protected life. This ignorance caused him to make some unfortunate choices which really got misunderstood by this fear-based world.

Elementals are naive and childlike. They don’t like the adult world nor being an adult. They just want to play, have fun, be creative/artistic, entertaining, and take care of the nature, animals, and the inhabitant of the water.

Non-incarnated Elementals are fairies, devas, elves, pixies, gnomes, and unicorns. Incarnated Elementals does LOOK, ACT, TALK and VIBE like these beings.

Keep an eye on 7 minutes in when MJ gets a surprise in Copenhagen

#2 Wise Ones

I’d chosen Wayne Dyer as our example of a Wise One.

Wise Ones is the only realm which had been incarnated into human life many times before. A Wise One has knowledge and wisdom so profound that it goes way beyond their age. They have deep compassion for the world but carrying pain in their hearts because they had witnessed how humans had destroyed the Earth throughout history. Most Earth Angels are Wise Ones!

Wise Ones still carry Love and Wisdom in their heart, no matter how many times they had been incarnated into human life. They had faced the ego and fear-based energy that had ruled for thousands of years. Those are the people who had been ridiculed and executed for their spiritual services and wisdom throughout history because of the churches, kings, rulers, etc. fear and anxiety, but STILL choose to come back again and again, to wake up the humans to the Love and the Light.

Wayne Dyer was a teacher of the humans. He taught us the power of our thoughts and how the thoughts affect our lives. When you’re listening to Wayne Dyer, he always makes you think. People are drawn to him to hear him speak… and every single time, at least one person wakes up from their spiritual sleep, and starts their journey towards the Light. He didn’t try to persuade anyone to do anything. He didn’t try to instill fear in you to make you agree with him. He just told his wisdom from a clean, peaceful and authentic heart, not doubting his words because he knew them to be true. He didn’t need anyone’s approval or having anyone to affirm or agree with him, because he was confident in his teaching.

And that is what Wise Ones does… They teach as the most natural thing and attracting people to their teaching. Wise Ones are the world’s teachers.

#3 Star People//Star Person

As you might know, I’m helping FOF Kolding-Vejen with their social media, which also gives me the privilege to meet fascinating people – including Holger Bech Nielsen, who is an excellent example of a Star Person. Now, I’m totally aware that he might not see himself as one because he is one of Denmark’s greatest scientists and nuclear physicists at all time.

Holger had been given lectures quite a few times at FOF Kolding-Vejen, so I had sat down and talked with Holger before the attendees arrive. It didn’t take a long time for me to recognize the Star Person in him.

First of all, he is extremely intelligent, having a super high IQ! Like many other Earth Angels, he is a nerd in his field, and then, he is probably one of the most humble and kindest persons you ever would meet.

Each of the four Earth Angel Realms has a specific area in which they are completely geeking out. Star People love geeking out about stars, planets, space, molecules, particles, the universe, etc. Star People are also very talented in math, physic, complex science mysterium, etc. Often when they’re talking, it sounds like they are from a whole other planet, and even though they’re speaking English (or in this case Danish), it’s really difficult for regular people to understand what the heck they’re talking about. It’s too complex, too complicated, so it pretty much flows right over our heads.

The difference between regular scientists and Star People is their humbleness, sweetness, and likability. Star People are so kind, having a child’s curiosity, and wants to learn new things. You can think of Star People like angels from outer space.

#4 Incarnated Angel

There is approx 50,000 Incarnated Angels on Earth right now. It is 0,000658% of the Earth’s population of 7.6 billion (2018) of people! So Incarnated Angels are really rare to find.

Incarnated Angels and Earth Angels are not the same! As you can see during these Earth Angel examples, Earth Angels are a term that covers incarnated souls that originate from other Higher Vibing realms than the traditional Spirit Realm which most human souls are from.

Incarnated Angels are real celestial angels who had taken on human form either for a short period of time to help with an immediate emergency (often to save someone’s life if it’s before the persons time of death) or the incarnate for a lifetime in order to fulfill their Divine assignment.

Incarnated Angels had been romanticized and something a lot of people want to be – I mean, who doesn’t want to be a real angel? There is SO much wrong information out there about Incarnated Angels!

The truth is, only very few know what it means to be an Incarnated Angel, and we don’t want all our secrets to be exposed to the entire world. The more someone wants to be an Incarnated Angel, the bigger a proof is it that they definitely aren’t an Incarnated Angel. That’s the Ego that kicks in. Being an Incarnated Angel is anything but fancy and heavenly.

The Angelic Kingdom is that realm which is furthest away from Earth, Earthly Energies, Ego and the Humans. Incarnated Angels have NEVER been incarnated before. Their entire lives have been spent in the Angelic Kingdom, doing the deeds and services assigned to them and their angelic hierarchy and order. So Incarnated Angels have no human or Earthly experience. If they had taken on temporary human form, it had only been to save someone from getting killed before time.

Incarnated Angels think, act, look, and vibe like celestial angels. When you look at an Incarnated Angel, the first thing you recognize is, they really do look like Angels. Most Incarnated Angels are blondes, either they are born natural blondes (even if their family have no other blondes at all, which is the case for me), coloring their hair blonde or having highlights. Incarnated Angels do also have a tendency to be a bit chubby and have problems with yoyo-weight. That’s because Incarnated Angels use body fat as a shield to protect them from that extremely harsh energy there are on Earth.

Incarnated Angels are very shy, very sweet and very humble, and doesn’t like getting attention at all. Unless the attention is necessary in order to get their messages across. It’s all about doing their assignments and deeds.

The birth family of an Incarnated Angel is typical dysfunctional and abusive, which continues into their adult life, where their codependency tends to lead them to friends and partners “who needs to be rescued.” They stay in those unhealthy and toxic relationships waaaay too long. Another part of the Incarnated Angels lives pretty much as hermits their entire life and lead a celibate life because they are so overwhelmed by Earthly Energies and Humans. Every time they leave their house, they’re practically at work – even if they just go to the grocery.

Of all the Earth Angels Realms, Incarnated Angels are the ones who have the most difficult time being on Earth, and truly just want to go home to the Angelic Kingdom.

Still, you can have all the above signs, and still not be an Incarnated Angel. The only way to tell for sure is to have another Incarnated Angel who is trained by The Source of Love (God) to identify one very specific characteristic that all Incarnated Angels have. Because this Incarnated Angel is trained by the Source of Love (God), she would know exactly what specific characteristic it is, and where/how to look for it.

It’s very difficult to find famous people who are Incarnated Angels because Incarnated Angels DO NOT like the spotlight nor getting on stage. Unless it’s a part of their Light Work, then they will do it in order to get their messages across. Even though I don’t know a lot about Adele, I still recognize her as an Incarnated Angel so she would be our last example.


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