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How much from our private life should we share on Social Media?

If you’re following me on Social Media will you soon notice, I don’t share so much of my personal life? I want to tell you why.

But first, this is my point of view, and I’m not judging anyone who is of another opinion

When you are posting something on social media, everyone can see it. That’s the point with it, right?

Until I was 24 I shared almost everything, but I don’t need to do that anymore!

A big part of my work is sharing my own journey of recovering from child abuse, codependency and heavy stress. I share my journey of having a prosperous, successful and stress-free life where I can fulfill my full potential. I’m totally fine doing this, and something I’d chosen to do – like I chose to take my Business from Danish to English.

In this selfie-world, it very rarely I take selfies or making videos of myself on Instagram Story and YouTube. I’m not camera-shy at all… I had, after all, shared my domestic violence story on national television in primetime.

The truth is, it doesn’t come naturally for me to take my iPhone and start to take pictures and snap videos of myself. I rather want to take pictures and videos of nature or other beautiful things. In the same way, I don’t feel a need to use Social Media as my personal diary where I document everything from my life.

I had experienced the ugly side of this

I have family members who don’t wish me well. They love digging after dirt; they can use against my loved ones and me. And if they don’t can find any dirt, they’re taking something completely innocent and twist and turn it into something horrible. It’s a matter of protection.

When I share stories from my journey, and thereby my personal life, it’s something I had considered very well and are aware of the consequences. Even though I hadn’t spoken with my mother since 2005, she’s still able to make life a living hell through physical violence, manipulations, and putting people I love up against me. I’m not afraid of her; I just don’t want to play with my health and relationships, because she was putting up a fight. On the other hand, I won’t allow her to influence what I am doing and saying. Thankfully, my mother doesn’t understand a word English, and we all know how accurate Google Translate is. That is one of the reasons so I took my business from Danish to English. To have more freedom of speech!

Also, my loved ones aren’t super happy about my sharing about domestic violence. Not because they don’t support the cause, but because they too have to deal with the consequences from my mother’s camp. The domestic violence is just an important part of my journey, and I recover by speaking about it when I feel it’s proper.

Who I am.

It had made me to who I am, and I keep my carpet clean by don’t throw dirt or trash talk anyone. It had never been my intention to harm anyone, not even my mother. But there will always a consequence of our actions, and if she didn’t beat me up and almost killed me, I wouldn’t have any story to tell. She needs to own it and take her responsibility, which I deep down inside know never will happen. I also know she never will apologize.

I’m living a life where people from my own family doesn’t like me and looking for something to prove how an awful person that I am. The less they know (aka find on the internet and social media) the more difficult is it for them to have something to spin a story off that can hurt my family and me.

The second reason why I keep a private profile, not only on social media but also in real life, is I’m an introvert. Yes, I give speeches on stage, but I don’t like attention drawn to me as a person. My public persona is all about sharing my message and what I’m here to do as a Lightworker and an Earth Angel.

As I said earlier, I don’t need to post selfies or making videos on Instagram and YouTube where I appear on the screen. Right now I am working on my confidence in speaking English in webinars and online presentations for my Online Training Programs. Not because I don’t can, but because it’s my second language.

 How much do you share on Social Media?

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