Soul Mates: 5 Secrets to Attract Your Soul Mate (or Perfect Life Partner) Into Your Life

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The last weeks had the Angels in my Daily Angel Guidance Readings on Instagram, and Facebook talked about Soul Mate Relationships. – It’s even the overall theme for this week’s readings! Then I checked the calendar and realized that Valentine’s day is next Wednesday! Well, well, well… ???

I had to admit, that Valentine’s day isn’t something I really had gotten into… First of all, it is first got to Denmark during the last 15 years, and second… Why celebrate love one day of the year, when you can celebrate every day of the year? ?

So when I did this week’s Daily Angel Guidance Readings at the weekend, I wasn’t aware of Valentine’s Day is in next week… But somehow it made sense with the Readings.


Angel Guidance for February 5 This week have an overall theme, about Soul Mate Relationship. Your desire to be in a great love relationship has manifested, and you’re been guided to create or maintain that situation right now. ? This relationship has a deep spiritual basis, with both partners having true faith and profound beliefs. You and your partner share similar spiritual concepts and are open-mined when it comes to learning about and implementing new practices. ? Although you may feel as if your life is upside-down right now, everything that’s occurring is for the best. The angels assure you that the changes in your life are actually helping you leave behind that which no longer serves you. ? You’re urged to stay centered in grace and acceptance. Change ushers in fresh opportunities to learn, grow, prosper, and create new relationships. The key is to keep breathing and enjoy the changes, even if they’re intimidating. ? If the Universe pushes you towards new responsibilities, know that you’re qualified in Heaven’s eyes.

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I promised some of the Amazing Spiritual Boss Babes on Instagram to do an article about Attracting your Soul Mate or Perfect Life Partner Into Your Life.

What is a Soul Mate?

Before I share my 5 Secrets with you; I want to address the term “Soul Mate.” Many, when they hear about Soul Mates and Soul Mate Relationships, they thinking of the perfect, romantic, mutual, committed, loving relationship with the ideal life partner. Well, that is one type of Soul Mate relationship.

We have MANY Soul Mates. A Soul Mate is someone we have a “Soul Contract” with, which both souls signed or agreed upon before incarnating into this lifetime. Some of those contracts go waaaay back to other lives times.

You can be Soul Mates with your mother, father, brother, sister, your grandparents, friends, teachers, co-worker, etc. – everyone you feel a strong, mutual connection with. Soul Mate Relationships is all about helping each other to complete our individual Life Purposes with mutual loving support. As we talked about in last week, Life Purposes can be a lot of different things, and we do have more than one Life Purpose.

Secret #1: Love Yourself First.

If you don’t love yourself, how can you then expect others to love you?

Here is the thing; if you don’t love yourself, there would be a lack of love in your heart. It’s like an internal Bermuda triangle; No matter how much love you receive from others, there will always be this empty space. There is NO person on this planet, who can fill that empty space out, besides yourself.

I totally get that you had been hurt in your past, and your self-esteem is, like, non-existing. I had been there too. My mother had told me straight to my face, that she didn’t love me, had never loved me, will never love me, and the only reason she got me and my brother and sister, is to have something to harass my dad with. For many years I kept asking myself “If I can’t even trust my own mother, who then can I trust?” and “If not even my own mother loves me, who then would love me?”


I really don’t care how many times she physically had beaten me up, how many times she left me unconscious, and how many times she had committed mental violence upon me… The fact that she can say, and honestly mean that statement… That is the evilest and painful thing she ever had done! It caused me to get into an eating disorder and committing self-harming behavior from I was 11-21 years old. For not to mention self-sabotaging behavior and sabotaging my relationships, because I was too afraid of getting hurt by having people too close to me. It made me sick… really, really sick!

Until I got to the point where I yield “HECK NO!” in my apartment – I’m pretty sure, that the entire building could hear it ???

I then commit to myself, that I would do what it takes to be happy again. I would start loving myself with unconditional love – and from that moment on, everything shifted, and I now attract positive, high vibe and loving people into my life every day – and my relationships had never been better!

Fill the Empty Space with Love.

So I get if you feel an empty space in your heart! But you’re an adult now, and you have responsibility for your own happiness – no matter what had happened in the past. The first step is to do whatever it f***ing takes to start loving yourself.

When you love yourself; you’re in a much better position to attracting the right people into your life. That kind of person who loves you supports you, who are positive, who care for you, and you would be happy around.

Secret #2: Set Standards.

So why is it so important to love yourself first? When you love yourself, you also know what you deserve in your life! It’s much easier to set your standards for, what you would allow and not allow in your life and relationships.

And your self-worth would be so high that you don’t give people a discount!

We can not change other people, nor should we because that would be controlling and manipulative – and goes against the Universal Law of Free Will. It will hit you back tenfold in a pretty negative way… So don’t go there!

What we can do is to make it crystal clear, what we want and don’t want in our lives.

Make a List of Standards.

One set of standards you can do is make a list of which criteria a guy should meet before you sleep with him. If he is looking for a mutual, committed romantic relationship; he will respect your standards, and in most cases he would be even more into you, because he 1) knows that you don’t sleep with the first and the best you meet, 2) men are natural hunters – when are allowed to fight for something, they appreciated, even more, 3) and most importantly, he knows, you respect yourself.

It doesn’t mean you should play games, like hard-to-get… I had never met a man who thinks that the game is very attractive. Exact the opposite, actually!

Keep your standards, and then just have fun, flirt with him, get to know each other, and over time… who knows what kind of fun it can lead to…  ???

Also have standards about what type of energy you want in your life, and which type of people you want in your life. Then let go of all those people who don’t meet those standards.

Make a clear-cut, and don’t compromise. You deserve happy, funny, supportive, loving, and positive people and energies in your life.

Secret #3: Let it Go.

Now when you know, that you deserve to be loved and you practice self-love and have set standards for what you want to allow and not allow in your life, the next step is to let go of any attachment.

When you are desperate or needy of something, you’re in a state of paradoxical intention.

The Universal Law of Paradoxical Intent says:

The more desperate you are to achieve a certain goal, the more does that needy energy toxifies that goal and pushes it away. A manifestation requires trust, letting go and knowing that happiness will come to you. Be very clear about your intent and do not allow yourself to be distracted.

Would you like to be with someone needy or desperate? No, it gets annoying pretty fast and is super unattractive. Don’t be that person.

Hand it over to the Universe and let go of any attachment to the outcome, and move on with your life. Watch the Magic Happen.

Secret #4: Trust Divine Timing.

When you had stated what you desire in a partner, soul mate, or any other sort of relationship – knowing that you deserve it, and you had handed it over to the Universe. The next step is to trust Divine Timing.

It is one of the most difficult ones because it means: PATIENCE! One of the Personal Life Purposes many people incarnates in this lifetime to learn.

Here is the thing; You can only view your life from a limited perspective. It’s a part of being a human. We don’t have a big overview, as the Universe has! Plus, when your manifestation involves another person, that person’s free will has to be considered into the equation. Remember, you can’t force anything to happen!

Both you and your soul mate have to be ready to meet each other; mentally, emotionally, and physically. If your soul mate is super busy, working on a project right now, he might not be ready to get you into his life, because he won’t be able to be that partner for you, that he genuinely wants to be and you desire. When the project is done, or he isn’t that super busy about it, then he might be ready. And like you have some standards, you seek in your future life partner, he too has standards he seeks in you. Life is all about growth and development, and maybe is some of his standards something you’re working right now – like self-esteem, self-worth, joy, etc. and the other way around.

In other words, Divine Timing means that you will meet when you BOTH are ready for this soul mate relationship and you BOTH can fulfill each other desires.

Secret #5: Live Your Life.

In addition to Let it Go and Trust Divine Timing – Living your life become quite handy, especially if you, like me, have a tendency to get impatience pretty quick. That’s why I hate surprises! Don’t tell me that you have a surprise for me, and not give it to me right away! It makes me insane! ? Please tell me; I’m not the only one who feels this way?!??

I don’t know who your soul mate or perfect life partner is, but I do know that he doesn’t want you to sit alone in the window with candlelight, and waiting for him.

He truly wants you to be happy, enjoying your life, doing what you are most passionate about! Growing and improving to be the best and most joyous version of yourself! Go on adventures! Expand your world! – Have the life of your dreams!


Because when you are thriving in your life, are confident and you are independently doing what you love, YOU ARE SUPER ATTRACTIVE! When he sees you, he wants to join the fun! We are all in for a good time! That too is actually also one of our Personal Life Purposes To have a joyous and amazing life! – and it’s our own responsibility to make it happen!

While you have your mind on doing funny, crazy, adventurous things, pursuing your dreams, fulfilling your Divine Life Purpose and have a life beyond your wildest dreams – it is easier to not focusing and getting desperate over how and when you are going to manifest your soul mate. Somehow, in the absolutely best relationships; the two persons always met each other in unexpected ways at times where they least expected it to happen.

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