SPIRITUAL BABES: How to Make a Change in the World, Starting Today

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This article was written for my old website SabrinaJensen.com. All the old articles are of today 17th of September 2021 moved to Boglund.com, and the SabrinaJensen.com website will close down soon!

Most of the people, I’d met during the years, have one thing in common. They want to make a change in the world. They want to make the world a better place.

I love people who want to make a positive impact. The world needs that kind of people, more than ever.

For me, it is not enough to want to make a change in the world nor only engage in charity work. I need a platform where I can share my journey, my thoughts and motivate other people to have a life of prosperity, success, and freedom.

The Magic Life gives me that platform.

I am a storyteller, and I heal by sharing my journey in a motivating and inspiring way.

That is my Reasons to share – and by doing so, I make a change in the world.

#1 If I go through this, I’m not the only one.

The Universal Law of Oneness tells “Everything is connected and shares the same source.”

We need to be very careful with the belief that we are the only person on the entire planet who is dealing with whatever we are dealing with. No matter how rare your situation is, there will always be someone in the same situation.

I don’t believe in taboos, but I do believe in not sharing everything with everyone. You can share what you are ready to share.

The stories I share are:

  • Being a Survivor of Domestic Violence.
  • Having Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and a Personality Disorder, and still manifesting the life I want to have.
  • Being on sick leave with Stress and Panic Attacks for almost a year.
  • How a nine months long Depression inspired me to create The Magic Life.
  • How I create my life with Prosperity, Success & Freedom
  • How I fulfill my full potential

As you can see, some of those topics are very sensitive (some would consider them as a taboo). Of those six topics, how many people do you know who are dealing with something similar?

That’s my why!

As I mentioned in Your Flaws is What Makes Your Beautiful, I got diagnosed with a personality disorder in March 2017, but I’m not ready to share what personality disorder it is. Just because I don’t want to share the name of the diagnosis, doesn’t mean I can’t share how I deal with the disorder.

#2 If I Can Do It, Everyone Else Can Do It Too.

The Universal Law of Oneness also influences this reason.

In 2008 did I receive an email from a journalist, asking me if I wanted to share my story of growing up as a victim of domestic violence. It was for a talk-show send on national television. It was a month before I turned 19.


I knew it could put me in lots of trouble because my mother would not be a fan of it. She had proven that she is capable make my life, and my family lives a living hell.

But I am a free girl. I left her when I was 15, and haven’t talked with her ever since. Should that woman, who had terror my childhood also terror my adulthood?


This is bigger than her ego and narcissistic behavior.

This is about the children who share the same fate as I did. If I can save just one child from domestic violence by sharing my story, then it is worth it.

I also want to show people, it is possible to change your life if you don’t like how it is. I didn’t like my life, so I changed it by leaving my mother when I was 15 and reached out for help.

Notice: I was 15! I was a child! If a child can change its life in such a dramatic way, there can’t be any valid argumentations for why an adult can’t change their life.

I think I had heard every excuse why someone can’t do something, and that had made me quite tough. I don’t accept excuses in The Magic Life nor in my private life. If you want something bad enough, you’ll always find a way to get it!

#3 Don’t Let the Fear Control You.

The #1 reason why people don’t do something, is because of the fear.

Fear of being rejected

Fear of being judged

Fear of being different

Fear of ________________

News Flash:

People judge! But all judgment is just a reflection of how that person’s limiting beliefs and how they feel by themselves. That’s okay!

Remember it has absolutely nothing to do with you.

The fear is often much worse than what’s really going to happen. The most sensitive and authentic topics are often the ones who get the most support and loving feedback.

When I did the interview in 2008, my mother reports me to the police for defamation. The police then asked my mother if she was sure she wanted to report me because if it turned out I was right in my statements of domestic violence, she would be the one ending up in jail. That was the end of that story.

When I receive negative feedback on my stories, I always remind myself of my WHY. For every story I share, for every speech I give, for every article I write, for every interview I give, do I have a higher purpose.

The higher purpose is my WHY and how I choose to make a change in the world. I use my voice and my knowledge to make that change every day.

What can you do today to make the change you like to see?

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