The Greatest Pain in Your Life – It Might Not Be What You Think.

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If you have followed my work, you might know that it’s my mission to help billions of people to transform their fear, anxiety, and pain into Freedom, Peace, Joy, Love & Enlightenment. We must, therefore, address the darker part of the equation too. We can’t succeed in anything if we don’t look at the shadow sides and the dark areas of life on our journey to living a High Vibe Life. Fear, anxiety, and pain can only be healed when we put it into the Light. I understand it can be very terrifying! – and it’s often this fear that keeps us away from doing the necessary healing work to get the life we really dream about.

When I’m scrolling down on my feeds on, particularly Facebook, but also sometimes on Instagram; I see the same problem again, and again, and again… How people unknowingly are destroying, not only what they are trying to manifest, but also their happiness. I literally don’t have any counts on how many times I have seen people be frustrated and confused over why their manifestations don’t seem to happen – or why they still are suffering from depressions, heart-breaks, fear, anxiety, stress, and so forth. I often want to write to them what the matter of the issue is… but with a decade of experience as a professional Spiritual Teacher and Mentor, I have learned that people don’t always want to hear the truth. So instead I will write this article, hoping it would reach those who need to read these words the most.

It’s Not Your Fault.

If you are struggling with your manifestations or struggling with having complete happiness in your life; know it’s not you who had done anything wrong! You had just been taught something that wasn’t the right information and resources. You had been persuaded into believing some half-done ideas and been seduced by the shiny object. Those things work just as well as peeing your pants to keep yourself warm.

You have a dream; you find someone who tells you they have the formula to get what you want; you purchase the book or course, or watch the YouTube video; get excited and getting your expectation up; for then to realize that nothing happens. There is nothing new in people trying to sell you shiny objects. It had happened pretty much since the gold was discovered.

However, you do have the full responsibility to check your resources and be more critical before you purchase services, books, courses, seminars, or watching a YouTube video or reading an article on the internet. It’s such a big lie that just because you have published something, you then are an expert. NO! It takes YEARS of learning, trying, failure, knock-outs, and success before you can call yourself an expert in anything. This is especially true when we are talking about helping other people manifesting their dreams and happiness.

I had come to the point, where I am very “No time for bullsh!t” in my teaching.

Here Is The Truth You Don’t Want To Hear:

The greatest pain in your life is your own expectations. For every expectation you have, you have a new pain point.

You read The Secret and is motivated to manifest your soul mate. You make a list of all the traits you like in that soul mate… or even better… you have a specific person in mind. You send the wish out to the Universe; believing it would happen as soon as possible; and getting ready to receive… days turn into months, and months turns into years… and nothing happens – and maybe you see everyone else finding their soul mate or the probably biggest punch in the gut; seeing your specific person start dating someone who isn’t are you. Ouch!

Relatable? – If you don’t try to manifest a soul mate or a specific person, then change the example to what you are trying to manifest.

Expectations Can Destroy Your Manifestation In Several Ways;

I will share a few here:

  • You’re expecting a specific outcome, person, thing, amount, event, etc. – It’s destroying because you’re limiting yourself to one thing and blocking out something that is a much better match.
  • You are getting attached to your expectation. – Attachment is so unattractive, and a huge turn off in all areas of life. How do you feel when someone is getting too sticky onto you? It’s the same icky energy that is around attachment to a certain outcome.
  • You’re trying to control the outcome. – You already know you’ll get hurt if you don’t get what you are expecting, so, therefore, do you try everything you possibly can to get it the way you want it.
  • You’re trying to plan everything out, almost to that extent where you’ve written a whole manuscript which you expect the Universe and other people to follow. – Which they won’t! Since the Universe know there is a better way, and people aren’t mind-readers.
  • You want something to be in a certain way – and it turns out different.

It’s just a few. The bottom line is; if you have expectations – you will get hurt since things rarely work out the way you have envisioned! People rarely follow your “manuscript,” and the Universe definitely don’t. There is a very fine line between expectations and manipulation. Manipulation is black magic, and black magic will always backfire and hurt you. So, if you want to heal the greatest pain in your life; you must let go of your expectations.

Don’t beat yourself up if you have got attached to something specific or trying to map your way out. You didn’t know any better, and you were just following the teaching you were taught. Now is it time to let go of your expectations and enjoy the ride to Happiness, Freedom, Peace, Joy, Love & Enlightenment.

I will love to take you under my wings and help you to live the life you’re dreaming of – if you want my help then join my High Vibe Lightworker Tribe below this article so we can stay in touch.

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