The Law of Attraction Doesn’t Give You More of What You Want, but More of What You Already Are.

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One of the biggest challenges people experiencing when it comes to the Law of Attraction is to get it to work. Some are experiencing that nothing is happening at all, while others are experiencing more of the stuff, they don’t want. Bottom line – they don’t get the results they want within the time limit of which they have the patience for. Some keep trying and keep seeking new knowledge to be better at mastering the Law of Attraction, while others give up and draw a conclusion that it doesn’t work.

By the fact that you’re reading my blog, I anticipate you belong to those, who are seeking new knowledge.

I have been fascinated by Manifestation and the Universal Laws since I was very little. That lead to a lifelong study where know knowledge continues to show up. The Universe is infinitely, and there will always be something we don’t know since our human mind still not are ready to understand and embrace that knowledge. We are developing ourselves all the time. Every person is on a developing spiritual journey throughout their life. Even the people who don’t believe in spirituality, or can’t relate to it.

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is only a small part of the Manifestation Concept. In my books Sandheden (The Truth) and Manifestation 101 (both only published in Danish), I introduce 12 Universal Laws that depending on each other. The Law of Attraction is only one of them. If you understand and master all 12 laws; you will experience a change in which you’re manifesting. Let’s be honest… You have been manifesting since your soul was created, which is many millions of years before you incarnated into this lifetime. Manifestation is not an art form; it’s our inherited creative power. It is your soul’s breath to create the foundation of living the Divine Purpose of your life. Either, you work against the flow or with the flow. If you’re working against your Divine Life Purpose, then you WILL experience adversity and problems with manifesting. If you’re working with your Divine Life Purpose, it will, first and foremost, not feel like work, and next, everything will flow effortlessly.

Of cause do you not conscious of working against your Divine Life Purpose. Who will purposely destroy their opportunity for a meaningful and fantastic life? Who would on purpose destroy what makes them happy? I refuse to believe those people exist!

However, what I DO believe (and science support this) is we act based upon the patterns we have in our lives; the way we think; the way we act: the way our environment and society works; and the way we THINK we have to be in order to be accepted. No person is a victim… that is an admission of failure of the big one. Unless you’re under the age of 10, you’re not a victim! You’ve just a lot to learn, and if you accept the challenge and seek guidance by someone who can contribute positively to your development, then you’ll gain access to a goldmine to your own personal development.

Basically, do everyone wants to be happy and have a meaningful life. The definition of a happy and meaningful life is different from person to person. It’s also different from what we think will contribute to a happy and meaningful life.

It’s Time to Look Inward.

At the end of the day; it’s not about expensive cars, expensive houses and millions in the bank account… it’s not what makes you happy or gives you a meaningful life. What it really is about, is to figure out what you really want to feel in your life. What emotions do you want to be the most dominant in your life? Since it’s an emotion, you’ll have access to it no matter what your surroundings look like. It’s inside of you. When you get a hold on the emotion, promise yourself to be aware of which events, people, experiences, etc. will contribute positively to maintain that emotion. It’s not the material world that will contribute! It’s what you can do on your own, right now, and the choices you make.

If you want inner peace, then make inner peace your first priority, and stay away from people, situations, activities, places, events, etc. that stresses you or draining your energy.

If you want happiness, then find out what you need to be happy, and make that your first priority. Only accept things into your life, that makes you happy, make you laugh, be yourself, etc.

The Magic Wand is Your Consciousness.

The Law of Attraction doesn’t react to your wish for what you would like to happen – it simply just gives you more of what will contribute to maintaining your most dominant emotion. You must take full responsibility for that, and consciously choose what emotion you want to be the most dominant. (Tip: Stay with one emotion, since we only are capable of feeling one core emotion at the time.) Otherwise, will the emotions choose you based upon what happening around you.

If you consciously choose inner peace as your most dominant emotion and holding on to that emotion by consciously making choices that support that emotion, then there will be nothing in your surrounding that will be capable of knock you down. The Law of Attraction will automatically start to send you things, people, circumstances, opportunities, etc. that will contribute to your inner peace.

I know it can be difficult to pick the right emotion to be the most dominant. In my High Vibe Life – project do I help my students to live at the Highest Energy Frequency Humanly Possible, which is the sum of Unconditional Freedom, Peace, Joy, Love & Enlightenment. If you want my help, tricks, and guidance – join my emailing list below this article. Then you’ll be the first to know when I open for new training.

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