The Law of Attraction Tips for Loving and Supportive Relationships

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During the last month, have I share many tips in a The Law of Attraction Tips series. We started with Wealth & Money, then Job, Career & Business, last week Health & Well-Being, and this week Relationships.

  • Wealth & Money
  • Job, Career & Business
  • Health & Well-Being
  • Relationships

… are the most requested topics within Manifestation & the Law of Attraction AND Personal & Spiritual Development.

Using the Law of Attraction for Relationship is probably the only area that comes with a warning. Sadly, are there many people who think they can use the Law of Attraction to manifest a specific person, like a crush, a celebrity, an ex, etc. to have a romantic relationship with them. 

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#1 Work on Your Self-Love and Self-Esteem.

It’s very difficult to manifest loving, supportive, and healthy relationships if you don’t love yourself, or need someone else to affirm you. As I had said many times before on my blog; you don’t manifest what you want – you simply manifest more of what you already are. You are your Energy Frequency, which is the sum of your Most Dominant Thoughts and Most Dominant Emotions.

The best way to increase your Energy Frequency, no matter what you are trying to manifest, is to work on your self-esteem and self-worth. You should never depend on someone else to feel good and have happiness in life. Your happiness should be a natural effect of your sincere joy inside.

Here are 7 the Law of Attraction Tips for Loving and Supportive Relationship + a FREE List of Affirmations for Relationships.

#2 Set Healthy Boundaries.

Some people have your best interests at heart, some don’t. But no matter how good intention others might have, you’re the only one who knows what is best for you.

Toxic and unhealthy relationships are often caused by a lack of boundaries. Your need to be loved had become more important than your health and happiness. You won’t be happier when everyone else is happier. It’s a bottomless pit! You also make yourself vulnerable by depending on others happiness in order to feel loved and happy.

Your job is not to fix other people, or make other people happy! Your job, as a Lightworker and as an Earth Angel, is to inspire and help people to be LOVE. You can’t do that for them. You can only inspire and motivate.

You need healthy boundaries, so you can stay healthy, mentally and physically, at all time.

#3 Only Accept Loving and Supportive People in Your Life.

You can’t control other people – you can only control how you choose to react. How people talk about other people to you gives you are a good indication of how they talk about you to others. 

You don’t need a ton of people in your life to be happy; what you do need is people you can trust. 

Studies show that we become like the 5 people, we spend the most time with. We start to think, talk, and act like those people. I don’t just look at how people are talking to me and treats me – I also look at how they talk and behave in general. 

It’s okay to be selective with who you spend time with because their Energy Frequency will influence yours.

Here are 7 the Law of Attraction Tips for Loving and Supportive Relationship + a FREE List of Affirmations for Relationships.

#4 Forgiveness Sets You Free.

There are two parts of forgiveness… 

Forgiving as a response to apologize, and Forgiving to set yourself free.


No matter how horrible someone has treated you, they did so because they didn’t know any better. Also, when someone does terrible things, it’s a reflection of their own inner fear, anxiety, and pain. 

Again, you can’t control or change others actions. All you can do is to surrender and let go of what happened. As a survivor of child abuse, I know how hard it is to surrender and let go of terrible things. I also know how hard it is to forgive someone who hurt you badly. 

You don’t need to forgive what they did or what you did! But you MUST forgive the person by knowing they couldn’t do anything different at that point. You must forgive them in order to set yourself free. The longer you hold on to past pain, the more do you carry it into your present and your future – AND that pain will manifest itself in your future relationships.

#5 Let Go of Unhealthy Relationships.

Goodbyes are some of the hardest things to do, but they are necessary if you want happiness in your life. When you let go of unhealthy, toxic, and one-sided relationships, you would suddenly make room for new and better relationships. It’s like taking out the trash and throwing out old and rotten food. It makes room for new and better stuff. 

Unhealthy relationships are:

  • One-sided
  • Abusive (verbally, physically, or/and  mentally)
  • Where you are the one who does all the given.
  • Where you never give anything in return.
  • Constant Interruption
  • Constant Correction
  • When someone always tells you that they are better and greater than you. No matter what you do, they always find a way to belittle you and make themselves look better.
  • Clingy and needy people.
  • Stalking
  • People who make you feel guilty, even though you haven’t done anything.
  • People who manipulate and trying to control you.
  • People who don’t respect you and your boundaries.
  • People who don’t have boundaries themselves
  • When someone is a time bomb of anger, that can explode at any time.
  • Unreliable people.
  • People who get their noses into everyone else’s business. 
  • Grumpy people.
  • Accusatory people
  • Victim-mentality
  • People who joke around and completely unable to take anything seriously.
  • People who are constantly loud.
  • Substance Abuse
  • Name-Calling
  • Rudeness.
  • Betrayal
  • Gossiping
  • Drama Queens
  • Taking Advantage
  • Insulting People
  • Nonstop Talking
  • People who try to fix others.
  • People-Pleasing.

If you have any of these behaviors, now is the time to fix them so you can attract loving and supportive people into your life – and not pushing them away.

If you have people in your life, who have these behaviors, it’s time to let them go and find new relationships.

Here are 7 the Law of Attraction Tips for Loving and Supportive Relationship + a FREE List of Affirmations for Relationships.

#6 Forget About Manifesting a Specific Person.

This is a question I hear a lot. Manifesting a Specific Person is not only very difficult, but it’s also very controlling and manipulative. You are taking YOUR will and YOUR needs and impose it on someone else. Most likely someone you love. That is purely selfish and an act from your ego! It’s not cute, and it will push the person away faster than the speed of light.

When you are trying to manifest a specific person, you have made that person an idol or a ‘shiny object’ for your desired outcome. You believe that only through this person can you be happy. That is not true!

Yes, the person might be your soul mate, but you can have countless soul mates! You don’t have just one! 

You’re much better of if you’re focusing your manifestation on the qualities, skills, competence, interests, and maybe appearance, you’re looking for in a potential romantic partner, friendship, work relationship, etc. 

#7 Accept and Respect Others Free Will

Turn it around for a second, how would you feel about being with someone, who didn’t accept or respect your Free Will? Who constantly tried to control and manipulate you into doing what they want?

It doesn’t matter if it’s a love relationship, a friendship, a work relationship, or just someone you met on the bus. 

I guess that you wouldn’t be around for long, right?

This is exactly the same way other people are feeling when you are imposing your will on to someone else.

I like to use a very revealing exercise to locate why manifestations might be blocked. 

“If someone talked and thought about you the same way as you talk and think about [INSERT WHAT YOU TRY TO MANIFEST] – would you then like to hang out with that person?”

Next question…

“If someone treated you the same way as you treat [INSERT WHAT YOU TRY TO MANIFEST] – would you then like to be with that person?”

What you say, think, feel, and act about anything in life influence your capability to manifest something within that area. That is why, it’s important to treat others with respect and accept, and acknowledge their Free Will – if you want the same respect and accept in return.

Here are 7 the Law of Attraction Tips for Loving and Supportive Relationship + a FREE List of Affirmations for Relationships.


This was the final article with the Law of Attraction Tips for this time. During September have I run a series of the Law of Attraction Tips on this blog. 

and this article

  • The Law of Attraction Tips for Loving & Supportive Relationships.


Here are 7 the Law of Attraction Tips for Loving and Supportive Relationship + a FREE List of Affirmations for Relationships.

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