The Law of Attraction Tips for Wealth & Money

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Let’s talk Law of Attraction for Wealth, Money, and Abundance, should we? We’re entering the Holiday season within 2 months, and we all know how expensive the Holiday season can be. So why not make yourself prepared with some Money Manifestation Tips?

I promise you if you put these tips into action; you will make yourself a Magnet for Money Miracles!

#1 Know that Money Won’t Be the Key to Solve Your Problems.

One thing I see over, and over is people who believe that money is the key to solve all their problems. Yes, money gives you opportunities! Yes, money can open new doors for you! BUT, if you don’t know how to manage your money, and you’re spending your money faster than they come in, nothing will change. You will always lack finances.

With money and wealth comes responsibilities and other challenges, which you don’t have if you’re lacking money. Did you know some of the wealthiest people on the planet are STILL suffering from depression, devoices, infertility, illnesses, etc.? 

#2 Make Room For Money Coming Into Your Life

Just like you’re cleaning out your closet to make room for new clothes, you’ll need to make room for money too.

  • Remove old receipts (and other clutter) from your purses and wallet.
  • Straighten out crumpled bills.
  • Store your changes in a little bowl in the kitchen, and save up for something fun for your family. Like an ice-cream day or a day in an amusement park.
  • Having debts? Contact your creditor to get a payment plan. Creditors are surprisingly easy to deal with if you’re willing to pay what you owe them. Which is only fair, since you already had benefited from their goods. Ask them about a payment plan, and telling them what you can afford each month, will always work in your favor.
  • Explore your options for Passive Income Streams

#3 What Do You Have To Offer the World?

So, you want more money, but what do you have to give in return? This is the Universal Law of Giving and Receiving and the Law of Exchange of Value.

Money is, like everything else, Energy. This type of Energy is called “Exchange Energy,” which is used to balance out the value between two parts. 

Other Exchange Energies are:

  • Yin and Yang.
  • Feminine and Masculine.
  • Day and Night.
  • Hot and Cold.

The most common form of money working as Exchange Energy is in work relationships; you go to work, and you get paid for the work you do. Or you pay someone else for their services or products you’re using in your life and/or business.

Most jobs pay you an hourly fee – with other words, you are selling your time.

If you want to be wealthy, like millionaire-wealthy, paid-by-hour will not work! Unless you negotiate yourself to a really high salary, of course.

As a Lightworker, you have a mission, and you’re here to serve some very specific people. You can do that, by putting your talents, skills, knowledge, and gifts into evergreen services and products, and offer them on the internet. Think out-of-the-box and create some passive income streams for your evergreen services and products.

#4 Aim After Being Financial Independent, Not the $$$

One thing is to have the cash, another is to be Financial Independent. Those two things do not necessarily go hand-in-hand. Many multi-billionaires are on an on-going financial rollercoaster; first, they’re broke, so super-rich, then broke again, then super-rich, broke, rich, broke, rich, etc. Donald Trump is a brilliant example of this pattern. I don’t know about you, but I will get super frustrated and stressed if it was me, who was on that kind of a rollercoaster!

I am teaching my Money Manifestation students to create Financial Freedom and Financial Independence instead of manifesting numbers. Here is why; if your goal is to manifest, let’s say $1,000,000, your goal will be met the moment you have $1,000,000 on your bank account. But then what? I assume you’re going to spend those benjis? 

When you focus on creating Financial Independence, you are creating never-ending income streams, so the money never runs out even when you are spending them.

When you focus on creating Financial Independence, you are creating never-ending income streams, so the money never runs out even when you are spending them. Click To Tweet

#5 Self-Worth = Net Worth

Your Net Worth is determined by your Self-Worth and vice versa.

If you’re lacking self-worth and self-esteem, it’s difficult for you to ask for a higher salary, or ask for a proper fee for your services and products when you’re running your own business.

It’s not enough to do a quick research on the internet to find out what others get paid for the same work. If you’re not comfortable with your fee or salary three things are most likely to happen

  • You will spend all the money so fast they barely spend the night on your bank account.
  • You will give way too high discounts because you feel guilty about your prices.
  • You will give all your work away for free.

#6 Track Your Money

I am a HUGE fan of Cash Flow Budgets!

A cash flow budget is something businesses use to track the monthly revenue and expenses, so they can calculate the monthly profit. When I was in business college, I asked myself, “why the heck does people not use a cash flow budget in their personal finances?” So when I turned 18 and was in charge of my own finances, I created a cash flow budget for my personal finances, ensuring that I always have more money than I spend.

It’s almost like a regular budget, except in a regular budget you’re typing in what you expect to spend and receive during each month. With the cash flow budget, you are typing in the exact numbers on the last day every month.

One of the things I love with cash flow budgets is, you can see where your money is leaking. Usually, it can be subscriptions on magazines or on-demand tv, you don’t use. You also get a really clear insight into your spending habits and an understanding of why your financial state is how it is.

#7 Put at Least 10% Into Your Saving Account.

EVERYBODY can afford to put at least 10% into a saving-account every month! I did it when I got a State education grant, and even when I was on sick-leave. 

If you’re not willing to put 10% into a saving-account every month, you’ll NEVER get wealthy! 

Wealthy is not about what you have, but how you spend what you have. Wealthy people save money because they know, they will never be poor as long they have money on their saving-account.

It also gives great satisfaction to see the saving-account grow from month to month, and slowly getting more and more comfortable with having big numbers and lots of zeros on your account.

People tend to be more appreciative of the money they have saved up than the money they were handed.


The Law of Attraction attracts your most dominant thoughts, emotions, and actions! Very often is money not the reason why people struggle financially, but their mindset and habits. This article focuses primarily on steps you can take to develop habits that will attract money and wealth into your life. If you put these habits into play, while working on increasing your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions to the Highest Possible, you will see Miracles.

Let me know in the comments below. 

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