The Resource Hub is Gone!

Hi Everybody…

This will be the last post in the Resource Hub.

I have decided to take the FREE version of the Resource Hub down and instead replace it with the Resource Hub Premium.

These days, I’m moving my entire website to my new home https://tribe.boglund.com!

It’s my desire to help and serve you in the best way possible, and I can only do that by taking on a more professional approach to how I run my business.

I know a lot of people are going to leave me after this because I’m cutting down on the FREE content. I wrote about this in my Weekly Email last Thursday, and over the weekend, 33% of my email list had Unsubscribed.

I’m not getting hurt by people leaving me because I’m starting to charge for my work. To me, it shows their level of respect for me and my work. Sorry, not sorry.

So what’s gonna change?

Well, the Resource Hub is now a $9/month membership site – updated with a new guide and content upgrade/bonus every Thursday. There will be an English AND Danish version of both the guide and content upgrade/bonus.

Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestation has now got a $39/month subscription payment plan, so it has become more affordable for everyone.

I have got a blog, which is still under the moving process… the downside with Kajabi is I have to manually move everything myself – that’s why it takes a little longer.

The next thing I’m going to move is my email list to Kajabi, which also hosts my new website and products and services.

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