Trust: All the bullsh!t you’re dealing with is just a test.

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What does trust mean?

For me, trust is a huge deal, and not something I take for granted. I have huge trust issues from my childhood.

I don’t trust people naturally, because I had been hurt so many time, from a very early age.

My trust is something people earn over time.

It’s a very emotional and sensitive topic.

I don’t want to dwell on why I have huge trust issues, because this is not the right place to do that.

Instead, let’s talk about what trust means, after my professional and personal opinion.

Trust is when you have full faith in the other person will be there when you need it. It goes of cause also the other way around. Please don’t be one of those people who only take and expect others to do everything for them without doing anything in return.

Trust is when you can count on someone.

Trust is when you know you can share personal and private things with the other person, and the person doesn’t share it with everyone… no matter how good a story it is.

Trust is when you can open up and become emotional with the other person.

I don’t trust other people, but I do trust the Universe. The Universe never fails, even though it sometimes can feel that way. But, that is because we as humans looooves to control when our desired outcome should manifest itself, and how it should look like.

I have faith in the Universe, knowing that everything will work out correctly as it supposes to do. I have learned in the hard way to get out of the ways and let the Universe works its miracles. As a result; the outcome is way better than I could imagine. BONUS!

I trust the Universe unconditionally like I trust those few people who have to gain my trust. And that is exactly the challenges. Like I am not able to love at different levels, I’m not able to trust in different levels. It’s very black and white, except I don’t hate anyone. I just stay neutral.

It is a tricky thing because as long I have trust issues to people, I will keep attracting people into my life that are worthy of trust issues.

Here are the challenges; the Law of Attraction doesn’t give us what we want. It gives us what we are.

And by “what we are” means; our most dominant thoughts, emotions, and actions towards that specific topic, which here is trust. If you, like me, have a belief that you can’t trust other people because you are afraid of getting hurt, then you attract people into your life who hurts you AND affirm you in your belief about you can’t trust other people.

You are your deepest beliefs. That’s why Manifestation can be a challenge, and people can have troubles working with the Universe. It’s easier to demand and get disappointed when it doesn’t happen than it is to work on ourselves so we can become ready to receive what we desire.

I am working on my trust issues, but it takes time! Long time! There some very deep wounds that need their time to get healed along with I gradually working with my mindset.

Let me be honest with you; it’s are a very common belief that self-help authors, motivational speakers, life coaches, healers, etc. have it all together and live this picture perfect life. It’s really not true! We are on a journey like anyone else.
Life is all about learning and development! There would be no reason for us to be here if we had everything figured out. You just need to be a few steps ahead of those you want to help, so you can lead those who need and want your help. That’s all!
Life is not a competition! It’s a learning process where everyone is dealing with their own issues. And the only reason we have those issues is that they are an undeniable learning tool to help us grow and develop.

What does trust mean to you?

Write a blog post about it and link to the post in the comment below. I would love to read it. ?

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