Law of Attraction: Want to Speed Up Your Manifestation?

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Doing the last two decades where I’ve been studying and working with metaphysics and manifestations, is there always one specific question people ask me again and again… “How do I speed up my manifestation?”

In my upcoming book will I go into more detail about speeding up manifestations. In this article will I share a few insights to help you speed up your manifestation by using the Law of Attraction.

Instant Manifestation

While everything would be a lot easier, if our desired outcome manifested with the blink of the eye, you must be prepared for delivery time. Instant manifestation is a thing, but to get instant manifestation every time, takes a lot of training and experience. Instant Manifestation isn’t something you can learn by reading a book or taking an online course. I’ll go so far to argue that Instant Manifestations isn’t something you can be taught to do, but is a skill you develop over time and with help from someone who knows the Secrets of the Universe. How to perform Instant Manifestations is very much a Secret of the Universe, and therefore only accessible for the initiated.

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Detach From the Outcome.

One of the secrets to manifest is, to let go of attachment to the outcome. I’ve received a lot of emails from my fabulous readers, asking how to let go of attachment.

When there is something we really want, it can be difficult just to let it go. Also, if you’ve been reading some of the many books or articles published about the Law of Attraction and manifestation, you’ll have learned that visualization is an essential tool. Well, the way I use visualization is to imagine how my goal would look like, when it’s manifested and how it feels to be in the energy of that goal, and then I let it go. If we get too caught up in how we think it “should” be and trying to figure out the exact way for something to manifest, then we’re blocking our manifestation. The energy behind a “should” mentality is controlling and manipulating, and as far from the Power of Love as it can be.

Humans have only a limit viewpoint, and it’s impossible for anyone (no matter how psychic they are) to predict how the exact outcome would manifest. The Universe has limitless ways to manifest our desired outcome, and it often comes in ways we can’t imagine.

If you want to speed up your manifestation, you must learn to trust the Universe and be open to its guidance. You must let go of any attachment to the outcome, and focus your intention on doing something every day, that will create the energy that matches your desired outcome.

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Be Present in the Now.

Most people live either in the past, clinging on to what had happened in the past, or they tried to live in the future. Living in the future is trying to predict what happens next, “test-drive” as many situations as possible, almost that extent where they had been written an invisible manuscript for everyone else to follow. While it can be fine to use visualization to get clarity over your desired outcome, you must be careful not to be too caught up in the “how,” for not to mention other people’s influence and behavior. That is controlling and manipulating!

Humans have a linear thought pattern. We love to compare past, present, and future in almost everything we do. Most of the Angel Tarot Card Readings and Psychic Readings I had done over the last two decades have also been about insight in the future. I’m also an astrologer and a numerologist, and both practices have a lot of popularity in predicting the future, too.

But why can’t we enjoy this present moment? I mean, today is yesterday’s future, right? Maybe, in our quest to find out what our future brings, we’ve overlooked the manifestation of something we put out in the Universe last month.

On the other hand, if you’re holding on to your past and how you were treated in the past, you’re bringing that fearful and painful energy into your present, and your future will shape from that. As a survivor of domestic violence and really hardcore bullying, I KNOW how painful life can be! But it is in the past now, so WHY keep torturing yourself by holding on to that energy? It’s time to let it go, and become the person you always had dreamed about to be!

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