What Every Lightworkers Gets Wrong About Manifestation and the Law of Attraction

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This article was written for my old website SabrinaJensen.com. All the old articles are of today 17th of September 2021 moved to Boglund.com, and the SabrinaJensen.com website will close down soon!

First and foremost, THANK YOU!!! for the great Support and Love DIVINE SECRETS TO SUCCESSFUL MANIFESTATION has received! I am so grateful, and it’s a great honor to create an Online Course for you, which is so Divinely Guided and without any bullsh!t!

DIVINE SECRETS TO SUCCESSFUL MANIFESTATION has been on my Creation To-Do List for quite a while – it just has to be the right time. And I feel now is the time, because I really feel hurt when I see so much wrong information on the internet and in books about Manifestation and the Law of Attraction. People who are new to Manifestation and the Law of Attraction often get introduced to it, because they have a tremendous desire and they really want it to happen, some are even desperate to have it happen!

I want you to succeed, and I want you to have fun with Manifestation. I want you to claim it as your birthright (which it is btw.) and use it as your Super Power! But I’m not going to sugar coat anything for you, and I am definitely not going to tell you what you want to hear, just to please and flattering you. I believe that is to do you a disservice and it will only slow your process. It’s okay if you think I’m a bitch, just know I say and write what I’d say and write because I want you to succeed! I want you to have whatever you dream off! I want you to be happy; and I want you to have Your Desired Outcome in the quickest, fastest, easiest, most enjoyable, and effortless way! – And if that means I have to give you some tough love and tell you stuff you don’t want to hear… so be it! Your success and happiness are way more important than your ego’s littleness and self-pity.

#1 Manifestation and the Law of Attraction Is NOT the Same Thing.

One of the absolute greatest misconceptions about Manifestation and the Law of Attraction is that it’s the same thing. It is absolutely not!

The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law that works along with countless of other Universal Laws, which only very few are known with a name. I have a library with 700+ Universal Laws I have been able to put a name on. The Law of Attraction can not work without all these other Universal Laws – Thankfully, you don’t have to know all of them. It’s enough with some few overall Laws. You can find 12 Universal Laws by a quick Google Search. However, I like adding the Universal Laws which aren’t that known into my teaching, just to give a better understanding of how it all works together… and why your Manifestations sometimes seems to be blocked. There is always a perfectly reasonable explanation for all the blocks you may experience.

The Law of Attraction says ‘Like Attract Like’ – which means, THE LAW OF ATTRACTION DOES NOT GIVE YOU WHAT YOU WANT – IT GIVES YOU MORE OF WHAT YOU ALREADY ARE! What you are is solely based upon your Energy Frequency, nothing else.

Manifestation, on the other hand, happens all the time. Manifestation means ‘Turning into Reality.’ The blueprint DIVINE SECRETS TO SUCCESSFUL MANIFESTATION is built upon is a scientific equation I discovered is called M=DAS+EF=DE+DT – we get back to that in a minute! Basically, the equation explains how your thoughts, emotions, and actions Manifest as the Reality you experience.

#2 Manifestation is NOT Something that Happens For You – It Happens With You.

It’s so easy to blame the circumstances or other people when shit happens in our life. But the thing is; stuff cannot happen in your life unless you somehow have invited it in, no matter what it is! What happens might not be your fault, but you have 100% responsibility for how you react to it, and what you do with it. 

As a victim for child abuse, it’s not my fault that I was exposed to physical and psychological violence for the first 15 years of my life. However, the recovery process and getting a somewhat normal life is my 100% responsibility. Even though I think normal is BORING, but at least the life that makes me happy and that I love. What I am trying to say is; if shit happens (and it does because it’s apart of being human) you have to own it and transform it into something that will bring you blessings. Unless you are under the age of 10 and not old enough to know what’s right and wrong, you ALWAYS have a choice! You can always say, “No!” You can always walk away. Powerful people are only as powerful as you allow them to be. Their power is your fear, so if you take a leap of faith, being brave, ask for Divine guidance to heal the situation, and are willing to do what it requires, you can set yourself free.

The same thing with the Manifestations you want; Your dreams don’t appear out of thin air, while you’re lying in your bed watching Netflix all day long. You have to do your part of the work too. Manifestation is really CO-CREATION between you and the Universe. Ask ANY person who has to succeed in anything, and they will all tell you that they have been working hard and faced lots of obstacles to get the successful outcome they desired. 

#3 Manifestation is NOT just Making Dreams Come True – You’re Already Manifesting.

For the last decade or so, has there been this fairytale-like idea about Manifestation: That Manifestation is all about making your Dreams Come True, and you only Manifesting if Your Dreams Come True. That statement is actually a low vibe and degrading!

You have been Manifesting since the second your soul was created. You actually manifested your own birth, in co-creation with the Universe and your parents. Your Manifested clean hair and clean body this morning when you went to the shower. Last night you Manifested a nice and tidy kitchen when you took the dishes. You actually Manifested this article, because it contains content you need to know to continue in your Manifestation Process. How? 

You sent out a request to the Universe (either consciously or subconsciously) to get help to have Successful Manifestations. The Universe responded by asking me to write it, so I did and published it. Then the Universe asked you to go online and click the link, and that is how you ended here.  

Your Manifestation of this article was only successful because everyone involved agreed upon the same things and no one’s Free Will interfered. This is why Manifestations happens way faster when you forget about what you want, or get distracted by something else. Your ideas about HOW it should happen and your lookout for a specific outcome will block the Manifestation if you are too attached to it. 

Remember: Manifestation means “Turning into Reality” – How many times throughout today had you turned your thoughts and emotions into Reality? How many times have you done something because you got the idea or the thought that you had to do it? Well, if you do it – You’re Manifesting.

#4 The Law of Attraction and Manifestation is NOT a Magic Wand or An Quick Fix-it Solution.

It’s not the Law of Attraction or Manifestation that is a Magic Wand or a Quick Fix-it Solution. Remember; the Universe responds to Your Energy Frequency, nothing else – so the Law of Attraction gives you more of what you already are, and via Manifestation, you are turning what you are into Reality. Very simple right?

I don’t believe in Magic Wands or Quick Fix-it Solutions because it’s often wishful thinking created in a lazy person’s mind. And I do not encourage laziness or taking the easy way out; which also why you NEVER will see me encouraging you to use the lottery as a pathway to becoming a millionaire. It’s not because it can’t happen since everything is possible and it’s only our own limited believes that creates the limit. I just don’t want to see you doing more harm than good to yourself or others. 

Yes you can manifest winning the lottery, but you cannot manipulate with the numbers; however winning the big jackpot in the lottery, or any money game for that matter, is just a really rough way to go. Sure you can get money fast, but what comes fast goes fast, and usually, you will end up in an incredibly deep debt that will cause stress, depression, frustration, anxiety, and lots of other painful things. Simply because you haven’t built a stable foundation and streams for your Manifestation to continue. Like money; if you don’t create for multiple income streams independent of each other; no matter how many money you have now, they will run out.

#5 Manifestation is NOT Some New Age Woo-Woo – It is actually Science.

The scientific equation to Manifestation is: M=DAS+EF=DE+DT

M: Manifestation
DAS: Most Dominant Action Steps
EF: Energy Frequency
DE: Most Dominant Emotions
DT: Most Dominant Thoughts.

This is the equation: The Sum of your DT: Most Dominant Thoughts + your DE: Most Dominant Emotion creates your EF: Energy Frequency, which activates the Universe and the Universal Laws to send you more from the same EF: Energy Frequency. Like when you are tuning in your radio on a specific frequency to catch a specific radio station. When you apply your DAS: Most Dominant Action Steps to your EF: Energy Frequency, a M: Manifestation will occur.

This is the Blueprint from which I have created DIVINE SECRETS TO SUCCESSFUL MANIFESTATION – it is bulletproof, and it’s impossible to fail. When you are mastering this Blueprint, you’ll not only get Successful, Fast, and Effortless Manifestations; you will also learn to discover the blocks and how to remove them.

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