Why Bøglund Lightworker Institute is in English, and Not Danish

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Why Bøglund Lightworker Institute is in English, and Not Danish

I want to take a moment to address this, just to keep the records straight so I don’t have to answer the same question repeatedly.

The Beginning.

For over a decade ago, I launched my first spiritual-based business. I was only 18 (2008) and came up with the idea to do psychic readings, tarot readings and angel readings as a side-hustle while I was at business college. It was a brilliant way to put theories into real-life practice. 

Over the years, I have published 6 books in Danish, published online courses, and had written thousands of articles about personal and spiritual development. 

For the first many years, everything was in Danish. Around 2014 I started to create content in English because I realised that Denmark is too small to do the kind of work I wanted to do. It was stressful, and creating content in two languages took up so much time that I didn’t have any spare time. I was constantly working, having 16 hours workdays all 7 days of the week, and my business barely made a profit.

The massive workload and almost no profit were the primary reasons I hit the wall with stress and anxiety back in 2016. I was on sick leave until the beginning of 2019. When I became severely ill in October 2019 – March 2020, I knew I had to change my work methods. I don’t really have any other choice than to prioritising my own health above helping as many people as possible. 

I Was Dying!

I’m still in the recovery process, and I think I’ll be recovering for a while. The question is IF I ever will recover 100% from the illness. I have decided to don’t worry too much about if and when I will recover fully. I’m just trying to make the best of every single day. I continue to do the very best I can to have a good and happy life within my illness’s limitations.

I still don’t want to talk about the details of the illness. I am a very private person when it comes to my personal life, and I, honestly, don’t think it’s of anyone’s business. Those who were by my side when I was fighting for my life are the only ones who know exactly what’s going on.

Near-Death Experience.

I have had near-death experiences in my life than I can count… most of them was because of domestic violence in my childhood. But the ones that had the biggest “impact” on me are the ones that happened out of the blue without any warnings. There is a difference between almost getting beat to death, and then suddenly, out of the blue stop breathing. 

I stopped breathing during my sleep when I was 11 years old!

No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t breathe. I was panicking! Then I heard a voice, sounding like my dad, who told me to relax, count slowly to ten, and then try to breathe again… I could breathe again! I opened my eyes, and no one was in the room. I was completely alone. 

I was afraid of going back to sleep, so I went down to my parent’s bedroom to seek comfort. I told my dad what happened and if it was him who called me back to life. He said no, he had been sleeping in the bedroom the entire time. 

My dad stayed awake with me the rest of that night because I was terrified of going to sleep. In the morning, my dad took me to the doctor to find out what happened. The results came back negative. There was nothing medically wrong. This was the first time where I got afraid of near-death experiences.

NB:  I will just mention, I still don’t know who that male voice that brought me back to life when I was 11 belongs to. It sounded like my dad, but he was sleeping in the bedroom on the opposite side of the house. What I do know is angels, and the Source can alter their voice to sound however they like. My guess is it’s most likely they alter the voice, so it sounded like my dad to bring me comfort in the middle of the panicking.

I have never been afraid of death. I know there is nothing to be afraid of. So usually, when I have near-death experiences, I don’t freak out or panicking… my body does because it is getting into a survival mood, but my mind and soul are usually at peace. 


One of the things I have learned from my near-death experiences is there often is some enlightenment on the other side. Every time I had got back to life and had a moment to centre myself, I start to see things from a different perspective. 

Sometimes the curtains are removed, and I see something clearly. 

Sometimes it’s new knowledge and wisdom that finds its way.

Sometimes I hear the answers to my questions much clearer.

I have always had a deep connection to my psychic abilities and my Seraph powers. I have never hovered in my superpowers and what I’m capable of doing. I know who I am, and I’m an extremely powerful celestial angel. It has never been a question. Everyone who knows me not only know this to be true – they have witnessed it with their own eyes multiple times.

The thing with near-death experiences is they somehow bring you closer to the Source (God). Most people with near-death experiences experience a spiritual awakening and getting very dedicated to their Light Work. Those experiences change you forever, and you can’t go back to your old ways of living.

The Change.

When I survived the illness from 2019-2020, I was changed too. The change was me becoming more assertive and calling out bullshit. I’m not so naive anymore, seeing everything through rose-coloured glasses, and my people-pleasing behaviour is almost gone. I don’t pull up with peoples’ shit anymore, and I’m walking away from unhealthy situations and relationships as soon my bullshit radar start bipping. I’m like a walking bullshit-detector 😂🤣 

I no longer give a flying efff about what other people think or say about me and what I’m doing. If someone doesn’t treat me with respect and integrity, I’m not going to spend a second on them – no matter what.

I know there are others who are way more qualified to deal with those people than I am. I have complete confidence that those more qualified would help those people. I’m not here to fight with anyone, so I clean my hands and walk away.

Now, I’m solely focused on training the Lightworkers who come to me and seek my help and guidance. I’m not actively seeking Lightworkers out and ask them to join me. I let Lightworkers comes to me. 

Because Denmark is so little, and what I’m doing is a tiny-tiny niche that isn’t even close to being profitable, I have decided only to do my work in English.

That said, I have FULL confidence in the Danish Lightworkers who feel called to work with me and have me as their Spiritual Teacher would know enough English to benefit from work anyway. Otherwise, there are plenty of evening English classes all over the country. So no excuses.

We live in a world today where everything is getting more and more international. If someone can’t speak English, it’s most likely a conscious decision… at least in this part of the world. 

I won’t work extra hours to hold someone in the excuse of not learning English WHEN I know learning English would help them tremendously in many other areas of their lives.

If that makes me a bitch, then be it.

I’m done enabling others’ excuses, and limiting believes.

With Bøglund Lightworker Institute, I want to be able to help as many Lightworkers who genuinely want my help, guidance and teaching… and we all know there are waaaaaaay more people speaking English than Danish. I rather want to spend time creating more and better content in English than translating everything into Danish, too… to me, it feels like double work… and I HATE double work… sorry, not sorry! Working smarter, not harder!

I will only teach in Danish when I’m giving a workshop or talk in Denmark for a live Danish audience. That would make sense… but anything else would be in English.

After my illness, I need to put my own health first and then my work second. Also, I’m running a business, so of course, I’m looking at what’s profitable and what’s not. The more profit I make, the better can I help more Lightworkers.

No more bullshit…

No more people-pleasing…

No more enabling…

No more selling myself short…

No more jeopardising my own health and well-being to make things easier for others…

And so it is!

Why Bøglund Lightworker Institute is in English, and Not Danish

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