Why Parasocial Relationships Will DESTROY Your Manifestation of a Specific Person!

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Why Parasocial Relationships Will DESTROY Your Manifestation of a Specific Person!

You may ask why this article is placed under Mental Health & Well-Being and not under the Manifesting a Specific Person tab in the Lightworker category. 

It’s very simple! 

A Parasocial Relationship is something that can happen when Manifesting a Specific Person, but it is a Mental Health issue and has nothing to do with Manifestation per se. Manifestation doesn’t really have anything to do with Parasocial Relationships.

I have a Lesson about Parasocial Relationships and how to avoid them in How to Manifest a Specific Person – Digital Training Program, so I won’t go deeper into it here.

In this article, I will give you 5 Reasons why Parasocial Relationships will DESTROY your Manifestation… not just of a Specific Person, but any type of Manifestation that involve another person.

#1 – A Parasocial Relationship is a Delusion Appearing Real.

A Parasocial Relationship is a ONE-SIDED relationship where you show emotional feelings, interest, time, and energy toward someone who doesn’t know you exist or have very little knowledge of who you are. This kind of relationship is often showcased when a fan thinks they are dating a celebrity, either because they live more in a fantasy world than the real world or they are being scammed by a catfish. But it can also easily happen with someone you “know” from your workplace, school, or somewhere you like to hang out.

Basically, a Parasocial Relationship is dating your Specific Person in your mind, but where you live more in the fantasy than in the real world.

Social Media feeds the mind of a Parasocial person because it’s so easy to get a peek into your Specific Person’s life. With the small glimpse you see on your Specific Person’s Social Media accounts, you can puzzle things together to make them fit into the story you tell yourself in your fantasy.

#2 – A Parasocial Relationship Happens When You No Longer Can Distinguish Reality from Fantasy.

I’m always VERY careful when it comes to Affirmation and Visualisation work, ESPECIALLY when it comes to clients or students who want to Manifest a Specific Person!

Developing a Parasocial Relationship is something that happens in your mind. 

It’s a fantasy… 

… a daydream…

… a fairy tale…

When I study people with a Parasocial Relationship, two versions keep repeating themselves…

The Teenager-Obsession.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a teenager. I have seen adults do this too. 

Some teenagers fall in love with a celebrity to the extent that they think they are getting married to the person and starting to plan their future wedding. Most teenagers grow out of it as they enter adulthood. 

However, some adults still have this kind of Parasocial Relationship with a Specific Person. Again, it doesn’t have to be a celebrity. They honestly believe that they’re dating the person, and they’re about to get married. 

These people have very low self-esteem (and some want to be famous if their Specific Person is a celeb), and they believe that being with this person will show the rest of the world that they are superstars.

Knight in Shiny Armour – Syndrome

This version of Parasocial Relationship is often based on extremely low self-esteem, often in a difficult place in their life (illness, newly divorced, pain, etc.), lonely, and suffering from, what I call, Self-Learned Helplessness.

They are simply looking for a Knight in Shiny Armour that will come and save them from their misery. 

In both versions and any other versions, the person creates an illusion of their Specific Person based on what they see and read online and on social media and how they see their Specific Person engage with other people. Then they fill in the gaps with whatever fits their perfect version of their Specific Person.

If you spend too much time in Visualisations or using Affirmations that sound like “[INSERT PERSON’S NAME] Loves Me Unconditionally!” or “[INSERT PERSON’S NAME] and I are Happily Married!”, you will eventually brainwash yourself into believing those things are true. 

On top of that, you’re trying to impose your Will and Desires on your Specific Person, which is breaking The Law of Free Will.

You have to remember that you’re the only one who is aware of what’s going on in your mind. You’re the only one who knows about your fantasies and daydreams. 

It’s not real life! – and getting stuck in a fantasy and expecting the real world to form itself around you and your fantasy, so your imaginary relationship with your Specific Person becomes a reality, is not only unrealistic, but it’s also very selfish!

Visualisations should end when the practice ends and not continue the rest of your day. And Affirmations should be held on your own half the playground. In other words, keep your Specific Person OUT of your affirmations!

#3 – Your Energy Frequency will Drop Very Far Down into Desperation, Obsession, Frustration, and Jealousy.

Parasocial Relationships are often created because you feel powerless and don’t know how to develop a relationship with your Specific Person in real life. 

Instead of following the proven steps and methods that are given to you by Manifestation Teachers in either 1:1 Sessions or in Programs like How to Manifest a Specific Person, you decide to do it your way. And since you don’t know what to do, you let your Ego come up with an action plan.

When you go to the extent of creating imaginary relationships with someone and keep yourself in the fantasy, things get weird. Your fantasy world and the real world will inevitably collide, and the real world always wins. 

All you will get out of it is heartbreak, frustration, and pain.

Creating an imaginary relationship with someone is an act of the Fear-Based Mind. You may think it would help the manifestation to have this daydream, but actually, it has the complete opposite effect.

Your imaginary/parasocial relationship ONLY exists inside of your head. So when you look around in the real world, you are constantly met with evidence that’s not in alignment with your Desired Outcome. Your reaction to the world’s lack of proof turns into frustration, desperation, obsession and jealousy. ESPECIALLY if your Specific Person is someone you’re in love with. 

In your mind, the two of you are dating and have a life together, but every time you open Instagram, you see your Specific Person with someone who isn’t you.

You’re having a NORMAL reaction to something that isn’t real. You react in the same way as if your Specific Person actually was cheating on you… except for the very fact that your Specific Person has NO IDEA what’s going on with you.

Then your mind spins a billion excuses for why your Specific Person does what they do and why they can’t show their real love to you. Suddenly the both of you become “victims” of the evil world.

All this caused your Energy Frequency to drop lower, and lower, and lower… AND if your Specific Person learns about your imaginary relationship with them, they will run as fast away from you as they possibly can.


#4 – Parasocial Relationships can Make You Mentally Ill!

A Parasocial Relationship is an unhealthy obsession that has gone way too far! You’re making yourself mentally unstable and eventually mentally ill if you’re engaging too long in Parasocial Relationships. 

You will lose all sense of what’s real and what’s fantasy.

When we create something imaginary and keep reliving this fantasy, it’s a sign that we don’t really believe the outer world will provide us with our Desired Outcome. The fantasy world becomes more attractive than the real world because it has what we want, and if we wish for something new, we can just get it with the blink of an eye.

The real world doesn’t work that way!

In the real world, when we want something, we need to bring our Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions and Actions in alignment with our Desired Outcome and keep our Energy Frequency a match for as long as it takes to Manifest. 

On top of that, we must honour the Universal Laws and other people’s Free Will. Parasocial Relationships are imposing your Will upon someone who barely knows you exist… if they know it at all.

Some people with Parasocial Relationships go as far as to become real-life stalkers… one thing is to stalk someone on Social Media… Another thing is showing up on their doorstep, tracking everything they do all day, and trying to “accidentally” bump into them on the street. 

I was once told about a woman who kept an excel sheet on not only a man’s whereabouts, addresses, places to go, etc., but also his parents, siblings, and work associates, to know exactly what this guy was doing every day. On top of that, she photoshopped his picture into hers, so it looked like they were spending time together, and she posted it on Instagram. Everyone who questioned the relationship and called her out for being a liar was blocked from her account. She only wanted people around who affirmed her in her delusion. 

Another danger is catfish. If a catfish finds out that you have an imaginary relationship with someone, they can simply open a social media account and pretend to be your Specific Person. Catfishes have scammed desperate (and naive) people for ridiculous amounts of money. But the desire to have the Specific Person in your life can be enough to believe the catfish because the chat feeds into the illusion… and catfishes are masters in saying all the right things.

Parasocial Relationships are an evil spiral that keeps going until you stop it!

Parasocial Relationships can turn into:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Eating Disorder
  • Self-Harm
  • Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Paranoia and Delusional Disorder
  • Narcissism
  • Sociopathy

Some people with Parasocial Relationships will also lock themselves away from the real world so they can stay in their fantasy world.

Anything that’s done or said in the real world that doesn’t support their illusion is considered evil, and they hide from it. Their fantasy world is the only thing they will accept as real.

#5 – You will Push People Away From You because You are Behaving Like a Nutjob!

It’s not a secret that the Universe, the Angels, God, etc., are working through people. When you want to Manifest something, they activate a number of people who have the abilities and resources to help you achieve your Desired Outcome. It’s then up to you to reach out to those you feel the most pulled toward and ask for their help. 

If it’s someone you don’t know, you’ll probably have to pay for their assistance in one shape or form. 

E.g. I give free advice, Divine Guidance and healing to my sister when she asks, but I will never do that work for free if someone outside of my inner circle asks. Instead, I refer to my products and services… If someone doesn’t want to pay for my help, I don’t have time to help them. That’s that simple! 

It’s all a matter of respect and boundaries.

Since the Universe works through people, the Manifestation of your Specific Person will most likely happen through some sort of interaction with other people. Unless your Specific Person is your GLS delivery guy, the chances for your Specific Person showing up on your doorstep out of the blue is very slim.

Try to go back and read the paragraph about the woman with the Excel sheet…
How did you feel when you read that?
What thoughts went through your mind when you read it?

That is EXACTLY how everybody else will react if you’re imposing an imaginary relationship, not just upon your Specific Person but also on everybody you tell about it! It doesn’t matter if it’s strangers online or if it’s your family and friends. People will think you have lost your marbles.

The more you try to convince people about this imaginary relationship, the more people will think that you have jumped on the Mad-Train to Crazy-Town.

People aren’t stupid. They know bullshit when they see it!

Instead of having people helping you Manifest your Specific Person, you’re pushing them away by behaving like a Nutjob. Furthermore, if your Specific Person learns about your imaginary relationship with them and the extent you had gone to make your delusion become a reality, your Specific Person is long gone.

Think about it…

If you flip the mirror and look at it from your Specific Person’s point of view. Having someone who is so obsessed with you that they create an imaginary relationship with you and try to impose it upon you without even asking about what you want… It’s super creepy!

People with Parasocial Relationships are toxic for themselves and everyone who has been dragged into their delusional reality. I won’t call them Energy Vampires, but they are definitely toxic.

Everything about them is a lie, and everything they do and say is an attempt to manipulate reality and the real world to fit into their fantasy world. Instead of doing the “hard work” and following the natural order of steps of how to get to know someone, they just take their illusion and try to manipulate everyone into that picture.

If there is something people don’t like, then it’s:

  • Being Forced.
  • Being Controlled.
  • Being Manipulated.
  • Being Lied to.
  • No being Heard.
  • Have their Free Will taken away from them.

BONUS: My #1 Recommendation to Manifest a Specific Person.

Keep things casual!

It’s WAY more effective to Manifest a Friendship with a Specific Person than a Romantic Relationship with them.


Because platonic relationships are easier to step into, think about how many platonic relationships you have with all genders throughout your life… and then think about how many romantic relationships you have had. The math is a strong indicator here.

Also, the very best romantic relationships (and healthy marriages) start as friendships that grow closer and closer over time.

No matter who your Specific Person is, if you’re trying to Manifest a Romantic Relationship or Marriage with someone who barely knows who you are, you WILL scare them away.

But entering a platonic relationship with a hidden agenda of turning into something more is also going to scare them away. 

You need to back off with the romantic/marriage stuff and ONLY focus on manifesting the meeting and a potential platonic relationship.

No pressure.

No expected outcome.

Let your Specific Person be FREE to choose whether or not he/she/they wants to be in your life.

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Why Parasocial Relationships Will DESTROY Your Manifestation of a Specific Person!

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