You are a Lightworker, but You are Not That Special!

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You are a Lightworker, but You are Not That Special!

I get it… You have spent a lifetime feeling like an alien, an outcast, a loner. You know way too well how it is not to feel you fit in anywhere. So when you discovered Lightworkers and recognised yourself as one, you finally found a sense of belonging.

What often happens when people discover Lightworkers and recognise themselves is they start reading everything they possibly can find. And hey! Why not take a test or quiz to see how much a Lightworker you really are? There are countless lists online with the personality traits of a Lightworker.

It’s Human Nature.

It’s only natural that you’re searching and researching to gain new information and knowledge. It’s human nature to want to belong and be a part of something. However, it would help you if you take your ego out of the equation. 

All your questions about whether or not you’re an Earth Angel… or an Incarnated Angel… or a Fairy… or another mystical being, are coming from your ego. It’s the search of belonging that has turned into being a quest of your ego to find justice and purpose behind all your years of struggles and not fitting in.

Not That Special.

Let’s use me as an example so that you can put it into context.

I revealed years ago that I’m in fact an Incarnated Seraph Angel, and this is my first (and hopefully only) incarnation on Earth and human lifetime. I had known that my entire time on Earth – even before I knew there is something called religion and belief systems. 

I know my angel name – it’s Seraph Seraphiel. 

I know when the Source created my spirit. 

I remember my life before my incarnation. 

I remember what happened when I was assigned to this incarnation. 

I remember my work in the Angelic Kingdom.

But this doesn’t make me any more special than anyone else. 

My spirit just originates from a different place than yours, and my energy-DNA has other components than yours. It’s very much like how origin and DNA establish your skin colour and heritage. 

I still have my angelic abilities, but some of them are very difficult to use while I’m incarnated into human form. The energy waves on Earth are very slow and on a much lower frequency than in the Angelic Kingdom. Like my wings – they are there, but humans can’t see them because the wings exist on a Seraph frequency. It’s also for the better. The Seraph frequency is so strong and intense that it can blind angels from other realms and turn humans into dust. Anything on such a high frequency is way too dangerous for humans and Earthly beings. The angels’ job is to keep you safe, not expose you to celestial danger. Second, because a physical body responds to the law of gravity makes it is impossible to fly. However, if you’re psychic and an empath you can feel or sense them.  I won’t lie; the angel wings situation is one of the limitations that frustrates me the most. Sometimes I feel a bit like ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ because I can’t show any visual proof.

Angel Work.

I still conduct my angelic work and travel back and forth to the Angelic Kingdom. This happens at the same time as I have the same duties and responsibilities as ordinary mortals—bills to pay, grocery shopping, family and friends, etc. My life is in many ways like anyone else’s! Except for the fact I have my angel work too. 

My angel work is often very lonely because I can’t tell anyone about what I’m doing, and when I’m doing it. 

I can’t share my powers and abilities with others because it will mess with their heads. 

I’m also not sharing everything I know about the celestial world because I’m avoiding turning people’s brains into a mousse. 

It’s my responsibility never to reveal or do something that could put Earthly beings in danger. 

It’s my responsibility to keep you all safe from your own curious selves. 

But it’s not my job to fix anyone or anything. It’s not my job to serve as a guardian angel. 

Seraphim angels are not guardian angels! 

We are the protectors and guardians of the Source of Love’s (God) Throne. The Throne is my main responsibility, not humans.

I’m Not Special, Nor are You!

But again. I’m not special! – and I feel uncomfortable when people are worshipping me or talking to me like they are talking in prayer-style. Threat me like a normal person, and with respect.

The chances that you’re a Seraph, or an Incarnated Angel, or even just an Earth Angel is very slim – and I want you to get that thought out of your head right now. It’s most likely a Shiny Object you’ve been seduced by. The ego uses this seduction to keep your mind busy finding answers and navel-gazing, so you don’t have time to do your Light Work. Soul searching is fine, as long it doesn’t take you away from your Light Work.

Everyone has the potential to be a Lightworker!

A Lightworker is someone who has a burning desire or a strong passion for making a change in the world – to make the world a better place. Your Light Work! Usually, it’s helping people, animals, or nature – but it can be anything, as long the help comes from a place of love and caring. 

It’s also important to emphasise that Lightworker has nothing to do with religion or living like a saint. Lightworkers are leading by example, but they’re still human.

Make yourself the favour to get your ego out of the game, and stop seeing yourself as God’s gift to humanity. None of us is, regardless of our Life Purpose, Life Mission, Karmic Lessons, Karmic Debt, and how we’re called to help the world. We all matter, and we all are important! 

Remember; As Above so Below, as Below, so Above. As Within so Without, as Without so Within.

Now I want to hear from you;

How do you stay grounded while embracing being a Lightworker?  – Let me know in the comment field under this Insta post.


You are a Lightworker, but You are Not That Special!

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