You’ll Block the Manifestation If You Make These 7 Manifestation Mistakes

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So, you have tried to manifest something into your life for a while…

… maybe you watch or read The Secret (or one of the other many books about Law of Attraction) and realized that you wanted to try it out for yourself…

… maybe you had concluded that something better must be waiting for you somewhere out there…

… maybe you looked at your life, and realized that something needed to be fixed in order for you to feel fulfilled…

… maybe you were looking at other people and their lives, and thought to yourself “I want that too!”

or maybe all above…

Whatever that started your manifestation journey had led you to this page because you feel stuck and want to move forward, but keep hitting the wall.

I’m here to help – I have over two decades of experience with manifestation techniques and metaphysics.

This One Little Detail About Manifestation May Annoys You.

You’re not denied your manifestation.

The Universe wants you to have your desired outcome more than anything else.


Yup, I know – This was not the answer you were seeking… but don’t get upset. It’s pretty simple to fix if you are aware of the cause of the problem.

Let’s look at 7 of the things you might unconsciously do that block your manifestation from happening.

Mistake #1 – You depend Your Happiness on the Outcome.

I get it; you want to be happy! That is the goal for most people on the planet, and everyone come up with their solutions to more happiness.

But here is the case; there is nothing or no one in this world who can make you happy if you’re not satisfied from the very beginning. In other words; You, yourself, should be the source of your happiness, not something or someone else.

It’s is way too risky and vulnerable to depend your happiness on something or someone else. Nothing in this world is forever, and that day was your external source of happiness is gone, you’ll hit bottom HARD!

Your happiness is way too big of a responsibility to put on someone else’s shoulders… they’re busy enough being their source of happiness.

Mistake #2 – Not Knowing What You Exactly Want.

More money… Being healthy… Be successful… Be happy… Have the perfect love relationship (hey Valentine’s Day is today?)… etc. is not near specific enough.

You much narrow it down and be super-crystal-clear-specific on WHAT YOU EXACTLY WANT!

I like to ask my clients to use the SMART-Goal Model:


It’s okay to know what you don’t want, but if you’re focusing on all the stuff you don’t want, you’ll just attract more of that into your life. So the trick is to sit down, open your journal and write the list of all the things you don’t want, and next to each thing, what you want instead of… and then make that your goals.

Mistake #3 – Someone Should Do Something About It.

Well… that person is you!

Every time you got that nagging feeling, that “someone should do something about it,” then it is the Universe tapping on your shoulder and handing you a mission. No matter if it is for the society, global causes, or your own personal stuff.

If eg., your finances are a challenge, and you wish you would earn more money or receive more money, then it is not your boss or the local authorities or the government who should do something about it… it’s you!

You have the power to change the situation… You might not know how to do it, but it’s your responsibility to fix it! Lucky enough, you have access to the internet, and with a fast Google search, you’ll find experts in almost anything you probably can think of. It had NEVER been so easy to get help from experts as it is today!

The chances that Heaven just appear itself and gain your wishes out of nowhere is relatively small. So, it’s time to get to work, reach out to the experts, and get the guidance you need to succeed. The help is right in front of your fingertips

Mistake #4 – Not Investing in Your Outcome.

That is a biggie!

If you aren’t willing, ready or able to invest time, energy, money and other resources in getting your desired outcome, how in the world can you then expect others to invest their time, energy, money and other resources in helping you?

I receive a LOT of emails from people who want my help for free! Two years ago, I would just give it to them. But not anymore… I give a lot of stuff away for free… Just check my Resource Library that gets updated every month with new content, Daily Angel Readings on Facebook and Instagram, and articles on my blog. I’m fine with this because it’s my choice and I’m a very, very generous person!

But when people show up in my inbox asking for free advice or help, and excuse themselves with “I can’t afford it!” when I refer them to one of my books, my  Resource Library, one of my online programs, or ask them to sign up for my waiting list for 1:1 session. It tells me that they aren’t willing to invest in themselves or willing to do what it takes to get to the next level.

No More Excuses.

Look, I totally understand that you can be low on energy, finances, time, health, etc. but ALL the successful people I know started from bottom zero… They invested in themselves, even when they had nothing. It’s not about making money… it’s about making a firm commitment to success – and the more you invest, the more have you in it – the higher are the chances for you to succeed.

How many books do you have on your bookshelf or your Kindle library to $9,99? How many of those books had you ever read?

If you invest, let’s say $1,000/month on Life Coaching – I BET, you’ll not only show up the sessions, but you’ll also do your assignments, and really do the work in between sessions to get the outcome you desire… am I right?

Even when I was low on finances ($1,300/month) and was sick, I ALWAYS managed away to pay for the help I needed… and I’m very picky with whom I work with! I’d always worked with experts in their field.

Ask for a payment plan, and most experts are happy to offer you one or offer you are a cheaper solution that fits your budget. You can always start with the stack of self-help books on your shelves.

No more excuses!

Mistake #5 – Engaging in Negativity.

You’ll always get more of what you put out into the world! That’s just a quantum physics fact. We’re living in a world that keeps feeding us with negative stuff, and we’re almost like junkies; craving the latest scandal, drama, or updates of war and terror in the world. The more we engage in that stuff, the more do we feed it with energy – the more it will survive and continue.

Most people who are on a spiritual journey gets more and more sensitive to the News. Many, including myself, haven’t watched the news or opened a newspaper for years – simply to shield ourselves from the negative stuff happening in the world. It’s not like I’m missing out on important events… somehow it always manages to find its way to my ears?

Negativity Detox

#1 Spend the weekend, detoxing your social media news feeds from all negative stuff… every time someone posts something negative, unfollow the person – on Facebook can you unfollow a person, and still be friends with them. On Instagram, you will have to unfollow them completely.

#2 Make a commitment to yourself not to watch the news or to read the newspaper (nor the news site) for the next 30 days.

Mistake #6 – Being Judgmental and Gossiping.

This is just nasty behavior! Please do what you can to stop it, when you recognize you doing it!

We all judge, so we have to be aware of it, and stop ourselves in doing it. No one likes to be judged, and really… everyone is perfect as they are! That’s the universal and spiritual truth. We have no right to judge others!

Judging and gossiping is a clear indicator of extremely low self-esteem and self-love. It’s the unconscious behavior of pointing fingers of others in order to feel better ourselves.

Most often, is what you see and know about another person, just very few percent of the truth… and sometimes people are “wearing” a mask to cover the real truth because it’s too painful to show the world. We don’t know the whole story of that person, nor the reason why the person chooses to do what she/he does, and that is totally fine.

What other people do, say or think is none of your business, so let it go! Click To Tweet

Mistake #7 – Getting Too Attached to the Outcome.

This is probably the biggest block of them all! For me, it’s also one of the most difficult to overcome.

When we start studying Manifestation and the Law of Attraction, we learn the most basic:

#1 Ask

#2 Believe

#3 Receive

Then we learn all the powerful tools like affirmations and visualization, etc. which by the way, are tools you should remember to use daily.

We are visualizing and affirming that our desired outcome had become a reality, and we start to see our lives like we already had our desired outcome… our desired outcome starts to become a part of us.

In order to receive our desired outcome, we have to hand it completely over to the Angels, the Universe, the Power of Love, God, or whomever you believe in, and just let it go.

Trust the Universe will provide our desired outcome in Divine Time. That sometimes requires patience, cause the Universe doesn’t hand us a deadline for when and how it will manifest. We have to give up the control, just let it go, and let go of any attachment to the desire. – and just moving on with our lives, taking inspired actions and seeing ourselves live the life that we want for ourselves.

If we have just the slightest bit of attachment to how and when it manifest, control the outcome, or are attached to a specific person or outcome, then we stand in our own way. The challenges are to find a balance between being crystal clear of what you desire and not being attached to which form the manifestation will manifest in.

It is super difficult for most people to give up that control – we are little control freaks, right? When we reach this part of the manifestation process – we are super into it. We really, really want it to happen, because the visualizations and affirmations had made us realize how super amazing our goal is.

But the secret is: Just hand it over the Universe, and Let it Go.

Let me know in the comment below, which mistake you most relate to?

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