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Michelle, New York

“Sabrina really goes into deep detail explaining the techniques and why each step is important for any manifestation. By using the DSSM method, I have been able to manifest a promotion in my law firm, a wonderful girlfriend, and a romantic getaway to Bora Bora.”

J., Canada

Hi Sabrina, WOW! The reading & channelling you did was so thorough, wonderfully illuminating on many levels, incredibly accurate, and wrapped with care and compassion. It’s like a buffet of enlightenment from the angels. The angelic love and guidance are so reassuring, and I’m so grateful for this beyond words! Heaven is very kind, and …

Kira Poutanen

Thank you so much, Sabrina, for a wonderful reading! It really made me see my situation more clearly, gave hope and has already helped me to make some wonderful changes in my life. Kira

Lexy Love

Sabrina very kindly did a reading for me. The reading was spot on. Confirmed everything I had been thinking and that gives lovely confidence. The guidance was accurate and loving and wise. It is a great benefit to have things confirmed and make your next steps clear to accomplish. Many Thanks Sabrina for lovingly taking …


Hi Sabrina! Fantastic reading, I love your intuition, yes I am a healer, and know this is my life’s path! All of what you said resonates! Thank you , god bless xx

Ana Granados

Sabrina radiates a pure energy of love and it reflects in her accurate angel card readings. She is very intuitive and I loved her message. She is great in providing angelic guidance. She is awesome!