Arkiver: Testimonials

Michelle, New York

“Sabrina really goes into deep detail explaining the techniques and why each step is important for any manifestation. By using the DSSM method, I have been able to manifest a

Lucy, Brazil

“I had no idea manifestation was this simple! I got results after 4 weeks! DSSM is a total life-saver!”

J., Canada

Hi Sabrina, WOW! The reading & channelling you did was so thorough, wonderfully illuminating on many levels, incredibly accurate, and wrapped with care and compassion. It’s like a buffet of

Kira Poutanen

Thank you so much, Sabrina, for a wonderful reading! It really made me see my situation more clearly, gave hope and has already helped me to make some wonderful changes

Lexy Love

Sabrina very kindly did a reading for me. The reading was spot on. Confirmed everything I had been thinking and that gives lovely confidence. The guidance was accurate and loving


Hi Sabrina! Fantastic reading, I love your intuition, yes I am a healer, and know this is my life’s path! All of what you said resonates! Thank you , god

Ana Granados

Sabrina radiates a pure energy of love and it reflects in her accurate angel card readings. She is very intuitive and I loved her message. She is great in providing


Sabrinas reading was dead on!! She is very gifted and a sweet soul.


Sabrina´s sensitive reading had given me clarity and validation to my life purpose.