6 Really Bad Things That Happen When You Don’t Get Clear About What You Want!

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6 Really Bad Things That Happen When You Don't Get Clear About What You Want!

Manifestation is not a Magic Wand you can use to make your Dreams Come True! That is a very ignorant and, to be honest, selfish way to perceive Manifestation. 

Sure, you can Manifest your Desired Outcomes. That’s, after all, what I’m teaching you to do in all my Manifestation articles and in Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations!

Manifestation is bringing something into physical form or making something happen. The undeniable fact is, the Universe, God, the Angels, you name it, don’t really care if what you’re Manifesting is something you want or don’t want. They are just giving you what Matches your Energy Frequency.

Your Energy Frequency is the Sum of your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions! When Your Most Dominant Action Steps support your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions, you will Manifest whatever that is in Alignment with that. You can Learn More about how to bring your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions, and Action Steps in Alignment with Your Dreams in my Digital Training Program, Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations.

When I have 1:1 clients, I always ask them to be as Specific as they possibly can, whether it’s a question for a Reading or if it’s something they need my help with as a Manifestation Expert or Spiritual Master Teacher.

Fluffy questions give fluffy Readings.

Fluffy goals/desires/requests give fluffy outcomes.

The more Specific you can be, the better the Reading or Outcome will be.

You must be crystal clear on what you Want to Manifest if you want to get your Desired Outcome! If you aren’t, you will Manifest random stuff or half-solutions.

It’s not enough to want to be a millionaire, or want to be happily married, or want to be successful. To get a Satisfying and Successful Outcome, you have to be WAAAY more Specific!

Here are some of the misfortunes that can hit you if you don’t get clear about what you want.

Misfortune #1 – Your Manifestations are All Over the Place!

NOTE: Talking about being Specific, I will use Money as an example to make it easier to follow along in this article. I haven’t met a person who didn’t want more Money! 😉 But remember, Money is just an example. You can replace Money with whatever you want to manifest.

It’s not enough to want more Money or become a Millionaire. It’s waaaay too fluffy!

What is More Money or be a Millionaire? When will you know you have achieved your goal?

More Money can be anything from finding a penny on the street to winning the big Jackpot.

Being a Millionaire can be anything from just hitting a million by luck in a lottery or closing a big sale to living a life where the millions keep ticking in your bank account while you’re living the life of your dreams.

What I love about Money Manifestation is how easy it is to track the success rate. You can open your bank account on your phone right now and see how well you’re doing in your Manifestation process. Other types of Manifestations don’t always have the same opportunity to track the success rate.

If you want to manifest More Money but don’t get Specific on a figure, you have no way of knowing when the Manifestation is a Success, AND More Money will come higgledy-piggledy into your life.

Remember, finding 1 penny on the street IS a Manifestation of More Money! It’s just not a Manifestation you’ll be satisfied with, right?
We are most likely to think that the 1 penny is a sign that the Manifestation of More Money is on its way, while the Universe might already have delivered the final outcome.

More Money can also be Manifested as a little there, a little here, and a little over there…  It’s confusing! – and you won’t have any idea when you have succeeded!

Misfortune #2 – You will Manifest a Lot of Random Stuff that You Don’t Really Want!

Most people are Manifesting Random Stuff on Autopilot because they are unaware of how their Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions are creating and forming the life they’re experiencing. 

EVERYTHING you see around you, past, present, future – and EVERY experience or circumstance you have been in, past, present, future – are the Manifestations of your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions at that time.

Your Life, and anything and anyone in it, is a Manifestation of your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions. That’s simple quantum physics and neuroscience!

So if you’re living your life on auto-pilot and letting outside circumstances and other people influence (or even control) your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions, your present life and future will unfold as a Manifestation of that.

You may Manifest a job, but it’s not really the job you want.

You may Manifest more Money, but it’s not really a figure that will make any difference in your life.

You may Manifest a Romantic Partner, but it’s not a good match or healthy relationship.

You may Manifest better Health, but you may only feel better for a week.

Wanting to Manifest Happiness is one of the BIGGEST mistakes you can ever make. Not because it’s wrong to Manifest Happiness… I mean, we all want to be happy, right? The mistake is that Happiness is waaaaay too wide! You need to narrow it down to something more Specific. 

Happiness is an Energy Frequency, not a Manifestation goal!

So if we go back to our example of Manifesting More Money, we first have to keep in mind that Money can’t buy Happiness, and having More Money doesn’t mean all your problems are gone. Money opens up new opportunities and can make your life easier in some areas, where other areas of your life need to be reviewed. 

You can use Happiness as a compass when you’re changing your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions to match the Money Goal you want to Manifest.

Misfortune #3 – You will Get Frustrated with the Universe!

One of the most Important Keys to a Successful Manifestation is to have Complete Faith in the Universe. Our Faith will be tested many times during a Manifestation Process because impatience is a part of normal human behaviour.

But if you’re unclear about what you EXACTLY want to Manifest, and it’s something fluffy like More Money, your Faith will be tested even further! It’s completely unnecessary and all the result of your lack of determination!

You will get more and more Frustrated with the Universe because you don’t see the (satisfying) results you desire. The problem is NOT the Universe! The problem is that More Money isn’t specific enough for anyone to know when the desire is achieved with satisfaction.

Always remember that finding 1 penny on the street IS a Manifestation of More Money whether or not you are satisfied with it.

Frustration is also a major block to Manifesting anything good into your life – and the more you lack Faith in the Universe, the more likely you are to sabotage all your Manifestations.

Frustration is a VERY, VERY low ranking Energy Frequency.

Misfortune #4 – You will Blame the Wrong People for the Lack of Your Manifestation! 

Along with Random Manifestations you aren’t aware of because you’re living on auto-pilot, unsatisfying halfway results, and slowly increasing Frustration with the Universe, you will also be prone to blame others for the lack of your Manifestation. This is a nasty rabbit hole to fall into.

It’s often politicians, the government, world leaders, successful businesses (owners) – or anyone else who is in a position of power and influence who gets blamed for others’ misfortune.

It’s so important to remember that the life you experience is a Manifestation of your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions. So if anyone is to blame for the lack of your Desired Outcome in your life, then it’s yourself!
It’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions and Actions are in alignment with having the Money you desire! 

This is another reason why More Money is too fluffy. It’s close to impossible to adjust your Energy Frequency and actions to More Money!

If you, however, change the goal to receive $10K into your bank account every month, then it’s way easier to adjust your Energy Frequency to be in alignment with that goal and change your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions to support it. It won’t happen overnight, but you will see far better results.

This will also change your perception of the world, and you’ll no longer feel the need to blame others for your misfortune. The more you take responsibility for everything that occurs in your life, the more you realise that what happens outside in the world only influences you as much as you let it influence you. You also realise that you must stand up for yourself and be the change you wish to see in the world.

Instead of blaming others for what doesn’t work in your life or the world, it’s much more effective to take responsibility and stand up for what you believe in. That includes making an effort to make the world a better place… It is your job, after all, Lightworker!

Misfortune #5 – You Can’t Bring Your Energy Frequency in Alignment with Your Dreams!

Your Energy Frequency is the Sum of your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions and Actions. As mentioned above, it’s a lot easier to Manifest $10K every month than it is to Manifest More Money

Manifesting 10K every month follows the SMART model.
It’s Specific.
It’s Measurable.
It’s Actionable.
It’s Realistic.
It’s Time-Based.

When you open your bank account, you will know exactly whether or not you have Manifested $10K that month.

I won’t recommend starting your Money Manifestation journey by trying to Manifest a million dollars.
1. It’s not realistic if your current monthly income is under $30K.
2. Your Trust and Faith in the Universe aren’t Strong Enough.
3. Your Money Mindset isn’t strong enough.
4. There is a big risk that you end up in more debt than you already have.

$10K per month is a safe starting point. You can go lower if you feel 10K is a bit too unrealistic.

Now is your job to align your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions with a monthly income of $10K, thereby adjusting your Energy Frequency. I’m teaching you how in Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations.

Since More Money isn’t any near close to being SMART, then it is very difficult to bring your Energy Frequency in alignment. Fluffy goal, fluffy outcome, remember!

Misfortune #6 – It’s Impossible for You to Do What It Takes to Bring Your Dream into Your Life!

Manifestation is not a Magic Wand that bidibidobidiboo makes all your dreams come true! Whatever your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions are, is what is Manifesting as your Reality, Experiences, and Circumstances.

This means if you want to Manifest More Money, you must take guided actions that will bring More Money into your life. The most common “guided actions” for getting More Money are playing the lottery and hoping to win the big Jackpot or/and working more hours.

Since More Money is so indefinable and fluffy, it’s very difficult to take the RIGHT guided actions.

Playing the lottery is, in my opinion, a waste of money since the chances of losing money is way higher than winning them. Also, studies show that Jackpot winners are more likely to end up in extremely deep debt within a couple of years after winning the Jackpot.

Working more hours isn’t the right way to make More Money since it will jeopardise your Physical and Mental Health.

When you instead focus on Manifesting $10K every month, it becomes a lot easier to map out an action plan with ways to achieve those 10K every month. It’s all about working smarter, not harder. 

You can look into what your salary should be and then ask for a raise if you’re being paid less than you’re worth. – This, of course, could mean you should work on your Assertiveness and Self-Esteem. This also will benefit you later on as your bank account starts to grow.

You can look into what other income streams you can add. I recommend having 7 independent income streams. If one income stream runs slow or ends (e.g. losing your day job), then you still have 6 other income streams to support you until you get the 7th back in place again.

Guided Actions are not Divine messages that tell you exactly what you should do to get your Desired Outcome.

Guided Actions are the Action Plan you create to achieve your Desired Outcome while making sure Your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions are in alignment.

Happiness is, as mentioned earlier, an Energy Frequency. Your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions determine if you have sincere Happiness in your Life. So if you want to Manifest $1oK every month, you must make sure that every step in your Action Plan contributes to and supports sincere Happiness.

I will also add Good Health (physically, mentally, and emotionally) to the list of what your Action Plan should contribute and support.

Well, this article became quite long, but I feel the topic’s importance justifies how long the article is.

… and remember, these examples apply to anything you want to manifest, not just money!

Which one of the misfortunes have you experienced in your life? Let me know in the comments below.


6 Really Bad Things That Happen When You Don't Get Clear About What You Want!

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