I’m Leaving Social Media!

Hi Everybody,

I have decided to leave Social Media by the 1st of January 2023 due to my own Mental Health and Well-Being!
I want to provide the best possible service and help for my clients and students as I possibly can. That is only possible if I’m taking care of my own Health first, which is why I have decided to leave Social Media altogether.

If you want to stay in touch, I will recommend you join my email list below and become a part of my Tribe.
You’re always welcome to email me to chat.

I will focus my time and energy on my Clients, Students, Email List, and my Website.

It had been fun as long it lasted, but for the sake of my Mental Health, I am tapping out now.

Angel Blessings,
Sabrina Seraphiel Bøglund.
Mindset Life Coach, Psychic, Spiritual Master Teacher, and Writer.


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