Avoid social media's sabotage of your manifestations. Get tangible steps to stop comparison, reclaim time, and protect yur energy
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5 Things I Do Every Day to Have Successful Manifestations Quickly.

We’re living in a world where social media has taken a central place in our lives. We share, like, and comment on everything from our food to the big events in our lives. But did you know that these social media habits can have a profound impact on your manifestations? In this post, we’ll look at how social media can sabotage your manifestations and give you some tangible steps to avoid it.

#1 – The Comparison Trap

One of the most common ways social media can sabotage your manifestations is by creating a constant feeling of comparison. When you scroll through your news feed and see other people’s seemingly perfect lives, it can easily make you doubt your own manifestations. You might start to think, “Why is this happening for them and not for me?”

Let’s Stop the Comparison Game

To avoid this trap, first, remember that people only share the best moments of their lives on social media. Behind the beautiful pictures and happy updates, there are also challenges and setbacks. So, the next time you feel overwhelmed by comparisons, remind yourself that you’re only seeing a fraction of reality.

#2 – Time Waster and Distractions

Social media is known for being time-suckers. You may have experienced checking your profiles for a few minutes, but before you know it, hours have passed. The time you spend on social media could have been spent focusing on your manifestations and actions.

Take Back the Time for Your Dreams

To avoid this time-wasting, set a strict time limit for your social media use. This will allow you to spend more time focusing on your manifestations and the actions that bring you closer to your goals. Set an alarm or use apps that limit your screen time so you can restore balance in your life.

#3 – Negative Energy and Addiction

Social media can also pull you down into a spiral of negativity. Reading comments or participating in online discussions can trigger stress and anxiety. Additionally, you can develop an addiction to likes and comments to validate your own worth.

Set Boundaries and Protect Your Energy

To avoid negative energy and addiction, it’s important to set clear boundaries. Consider unfollowing negative groups and avoiding participating in conflict-ridden discussions. Use your time on social media to inspire and encourage yourself instead of letting it drain your energy.

How to Avoid the Trap

To avoid social media sabotaging your manifestations, it’s important to be mindful of your online behaviour. Think about how you use your time on social media, and whether it’s strengthening or weakening your manifestations. Once you’ve identified the areas where you can improve your online presence, you can start taking action.

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Social media can be a great source of inspiration and connection, but it can also be a potential source of distraction and doubt. By being mindful of how you use it, and by following some simple steps to avoid the traps, you can take control of your manifestations and achieve your dreams faster than ever before. Remember, it’s your time and your life, so make sure you use them wisely and focus on what really matters to you.

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Sabrina Seraphiel Bøglund

Sabrina Seraphiel Bøglund is a Danish Mindset Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Manifestation Expert and Writer, who Specialises in the Universal Laws and Helping People who Wants Reclaim Their Life after Emotional and Narcissistic Abuse. With over 16 Certifications, over 1½ Decades of experience as a Professional Spiritual Teacher, author of 6 books, including "Manifestation 101" and "Åndelig Kommunikation" (Spiritual Communication), and Growing Up with an Abusive Narcissistic Mother with Psychopathic Traits, Sabrina Knows First-Hand the Power of Mindset and Manifestation. Join her Community Today at https://boglund.com and Start Creating the Life You Deserve.

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