Social Media Detox: How Quitting Social Media Changed My Life.

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How Quitting Social Media Changed My Life.

Followers on my personal social media account know I sometimes pull the plug and go radio silent for months. It’s not always the easiest thing to do since I’m running an online business in its early start-up process. Social media is an important tool to create awareness around my work.

I ditched Facebook years ago. I have never really liked Facebook and the energy frequency it’s vibrating at. I have tried Twitter, but somehow I never really got into it. To me, Twitter works as the way I get updates about what happens in the world and traffic reports from the police. Better safe than sorry!

My jam is 100% Instagram!

I love Instagram! 

Social media can, however, be extremely time-consuming, and it’s easy to end up in a rabbit hole. The algorithm is designed to keep you online as long as possible. That’s the way social media companies are earning their money! The algorithms and social media platforms’ blueprints are designed the same way as the casinos in Las Vegas. With that in mind, it’s easy to understand why we can get so addicted to checking social media every 5 minutes. With social media, it’s not money we “win”… it’s likes, comments, followers and DMs… which basically are small ego boosts.

I love Instagram because the energy is often more pleasant. You’re not bombarded with negative opinions and political propaganda so much as on other platforms. I also think, because everything is visual, it’s more difficult to hide behind vomiting bullshit all over your keyboard.

I have two Insta accounts @boglund_lightworkers for my spiritual work and @sabrinaboglund as my personal account. My personal account do I upload to on the go, but with Bøglund’s account, have I pre-scheduled a week’s content through Later. I’m checking in throughout the day to see if there are any DMs to answer or something going on in the comments field. When I get a little more time on my hand, I will add more engagement to the Bøglund account.

My head goes nuts if I’m spending too much time on social media, so I thought, why not share some of the lessons I have learned by quitting social media.

Lesson #1 – Peace of Mind.

One of the first signs to take a social media detox is when you can’t focus on anything, and you always need to check what’s happening on social media. I won’t necessarily call it FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), but more curiosity and an easy way to procrastinate. 

When you’re taking a social media detox, the first couple of days will be very difficult… like any other detox! The more addicted you are to social media, the more difficult it becomes to stay off.

But after a week, it starts to be easier and soon, you’ll enjoy your newfound freedom. You’ll have much more peace of mind because you are not always stressing about replying or what to post. 

Lesson #2 – The Important Information Will Find Its Way Anyway.

I think this is one of the big reasons why people don’t like to be off social media for too long.

We are afraid that we will miss something important… which we rarely do, but it could happen. Or that is at least our Egos way to convince us to stay online.

Every time I take a social media detox, I experience that the important stuff still finds its way to me anyway. I have never missed anything important! It’s also my opinion that if something is truly important and someone really wants me to know something, they can send an SMS or email.

Lesson #3 – More Productive.

As mentioned in the beginning, social media is super time-consuming, and it’s so easy to be dragged down in a rabbit hole. On top of that, scrolling through social media after you’ve gone to bed is very bad for your nightly sleep. Not only does it prevent you from getting the sleep you need could function the next day, but it also messes with your mental health.

When I’m not on a social media detox, I need to keep my iPhone in another room or in my handbag when I’m working or must focus on something important. Out of sight, out of mind! If I don’t, I’m inclined to pick up my iPhone every 5 minutes to check Insta. I rarely check any social media from my computer. It annoys me so much that I have to do it, but I guess that’s the price of recovering from social media addiction.

I’m a writer and content creator, so I can’t afford to let my inclinations disturb my work by any means. When I’m home, my iPhone is in another room, and when I’m out, it’s in my handbag.

When I can’t see it, I don’t feel any need to check anything unless it’s the clock (I’m not wearing any watch).

When I am on a social media detox, I keep hiding my iPhone while working or social in real life. But the urge to check is less significant! Over time the urge disappears, and it’s so much easier to be super productive and get a lot of work done.

The time-consuming part is part spending time on social media and part fighting the urge to check social media. Both take focus away from doing what we are supposed to do.

Lesson #4 – More Present in the Now.

It seems to me that people today are getting more and more afraid of being alone with their own thoughts. There is always something going on, and their minds are constantly engaged in something. In a previous article, I talked about how dangerous social media is for the brain, but it also keeps us away from hearing the voices of the Divine. It’s difficult for the Divine to communicate with you if you constantly keep your mind busy with nonsense like social media.

I know the present moment can be a bit of a bore. It can be boring to go for a walk or run without music or an audiobook in your ears. It can be boring to have a day home alone without watching television or reading a book. Remember how boring it could be to be sick from school when you were little. Even as adults, when we are sick with influenza and feel too sick to watch television, listen to music or read a book. It’s so boring! 

During my migraine days, I’m pretty much forced to not look at my iPhone, my iPad, computer screen or television. It hurts too much in my eyes! The positive note is, it helps me practice to stay present in the now. 

When we put our phones away and allow ourselves to be quiet and just observe what happens around us, miracles start to happen. All the good experiences are happening outside of our tech devices. The conversations we can have face to face are so much more valuable than the ones we have over the phone, text messages or emails. The experiences we are sharing together are true gold that will live within us forever.

We are really robbing ourselves of the beauty life has to offer when we’re sitting on our phones day in and day out, and until 3 am.

My life is weird in many ways because I am who I am. Really weird and random things often happen out of the blue. I talked with my psychotherapist the other day and told her about some odd recent events. She looked at me and said, “that sounds like something that only happens in a fantasy movie?!” my response to that is always “Welcome to my life!” 🤣🤣🤣 I’m used to super weird stuff happening in my life, and my logical mind still has difficulty explaining what the heck just happened. I think one of the reasons why I’m not watching or reading fantasy stuff is because I have plenty of those kinds of things IRL. When I watch television or read, it’s to get a break from all the weird stuff. By getting away from social media, these spiritual and weird experiences happen more frequently. Not because not being online is triggering them, but because being present in the now makes it easier to notice when something happens.

As you might know, I got a baby nephew in April. I honestly forget to take pictures when we are together because I rather want to be with him and give him my complete attention. Typically, my iPhone is either in my handbag or on the table facing down when I’m together with someone. The people I’m together with ALWAYS have my full attention! I even forgot to take pictures at my nephew’s christening because I was too occupied to be present with my family. 

Being in that moment. Being present and fully engaged in the people you’re together with is such a beautiful and powerful thing! You don’t get those moments when you’re sitting with your nose in your phone all the time.

Lesson #5 – Closer Relationships.

Social media detox or not, I have always had a rule about not being on my phone when I’m spending time with other people. I find it incredibly rude to be on your phone when you’re together with other people. 

Nothing beats the conversation and experience when you are fully present with those with whom you’re together. The conversation and experience go beyond just that. It’s also a memory that’s been created. A story you share. A deeper connection.

I’m a psychic, but I’m also an incarnated Seraph, so I’m picking up on energies like a magnet. I know exactly how a person feels, what’s going on in their mind, and where they’re stuck in life. My first language is Energy, my second is Danish, and my third is English. Actually, my English is almost as good as my Danish. Every communication I have present or online is 80% Energy, and the rest is words!

Social media, emails, phone calls, and video calls (like Zoom) can really disrupt the energy frequency and make a lot of quantum physical noise. So I prefer to have conversations in person. It makes the energy cleaner. The same goes for my spiritual work. 

If I’m, on a rare occasion, asked by the Source (God) to do healing work on a person, I prefer to do it in person, so I know the energy is as clean and pure as possible. I was sent to this Earth to be a Spiritual Master Teacher, so healing work is not usually on my to-do list… but it happens that I’m asked to do healing work.

It is not anyone’s job to judge when and how I should do healing work or use my Seraph Powers and who deserves it. I’m just following orders from the Source.

The only way I can hear the calls from the Source is by spending time with my phone, computer, and iPad closed. Actually, sometimes I receive orders from the Source while I’m writing on my computer, but that’s because I’m already tuned in and channelling Divine messages into my writings. 

For humans, doing a social media detox and having their phone turned off when they are together with friends and family also benefit from a deeper connection and closer relationship. It’s so much easier to focus on each other and give each other undivided attention when the phone is in the handbag or in the pocket… or on the table facing down.

How Quitting Social Media Changed My Life.

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