Social media is bombarding us with notifications all day long, and being on social media can easily become a rabbit hole. Here are 5 lessons I learned from social media detox.
Quitting Social Media & Social Media Detox

Social Media Detox: How Quitting Social Media Changed My Life.

Followers on my Personal Social Media account know I sometimes pull the plug and go radio silent for months. It’s not always the easiest thing to do since I’m running an online business in its early start-up process. Social media is an important tool to create awareness around my work.

I ditched Facebook years ago. I have never really liked Facebook and the energy frequency Facebook vibrates at is horrible. I have tried Twitter, but somehow, I never really got into it. To me, Twitter works as the way I get updates about what happens in the world and traffic reports from the police. Better safe than sorry!

My jam is 100% Instagram!

I love Instagram! 

Social media can, however, be extremely time-consuming, and it’s easy to end up in a rabbit hole. The algorithm is designed to keep you online as long as possible. That’s the way social media companies are earning their money! The algorithms and social media platforms’ blueprints are designed the same way as the casinos in Las Vegas. 

With that in mind, it’s easy to understand why we can get so addicted to checking social media every 5 minutes. With social media, it’s not money we “win” … it’s likes, comments, followers and DMs… which basically are small ego boosts.

I love Instagram because the energy is often more pleasant. You’re not bombarded with negative opinions and political propaganda as much as on other platforms. I also think, because everything is visual, it’s more difficult to hide behind vomiting bullshit all over your keyboard.

My head goes nuts if I’m spending too much time on social media, so I thought, why not share some of the lessons I have learned by quitting social media?

Lesson #1 – Peace of Mind.

One of the first signs to take a social media detox is when you can’t focus on anything, because you always need to check what’s happening on social media. I won’t necessarily call it FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), but more curiosity and an easy way to procrastinate. 


Lesson #2 – The Important Information Will Find Its Way Anyway.

I think this is one of the big reasons why people don’t like to be off social media for too long. We are afraid that we will miss something important… which we rarely do, but it could happen. Or that is at least our Ego’s way to convince us to stay online.


Lesson #3 – More Productive.

As mentioned in the beginning, social media is super time-consuming, and it’s so easy to be dragged down into a rabbit hole. On top of that, scrolling through social media after you’ve gone to bed is very bad for your nightly sleep. Not only does it prevent you from getting the sleep you need could function the next day, but it also messes with your mental health.


Lesson #4 – More Present in the Now.

It seems to me that people today are getting more and more afraid of being alone with their own thoughts. There is always something going on, and our minds are constantly engaged in something. I have talked many times about how dangerous social media is for the brain, but it also keeps us away from hearing the voices of the Divine. It’s difficult for the Divine to communicate with you if you constantly keep your mind busy with nonsense like social media.


Lesson #5 – Closer Relationships.

Social media detox or not, I have always had a rule about not being on my phone when spending time with others.

I find it incredibly rude to be on your phone when you’re together with other people. 



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How Quitting Social Media Changed My Life.

Sabrina Seraphiel Bøglund

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