What You Should Know About Lightworker Burnout
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Lightworker Burnout: What You Should Know About Lightworker Burnout.

One of the main reasons why I created Bøglund Lightworkers’ was to help Lightworkers avoid and heal from Lightworker Burnout. 

Lightworker Burnout is very common amongst Lightworkers because we are natural givers. We give, and give, and give, and are terrible at asking for anything in return. Lightworkers are some of the biggest people-pleasers you’ll ever meet. Eventually, the scale will tip, and the Lightworker will burn out. There isn’t really any other way around it.

Here are the Highlights.

The Universal Law of Giving & Receiving.

You Can Be a Lightworker and Say “No!”

Lightworker Burnout Can Make You Really Sick.


The positive thing is we can avoid the Lightworker Burnout if we make sure we don't burn out in the first place. In other words, make sure you receive something in return to balance out the energies every time you give, learn to say "no" and set healthy boundaries!

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