Sensitivity, Empathy, and being Intense are Superpowers, not weaknesses.

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Sensitivity, Empathy, and Being Intense

Some of Lightworkers’ most common traits are our Sensitivity, Empathy, and sometimes being a bit intense, depending on who we are. The outer world does the very best to use our sensitivity and empathy against us by telling us that we are week and sometimes call us crybabies.

But that is not true!

Note: Something weird happened last night. Right now, I’m in a process of creating content for Bøglund Lightworker Institute. Most of my time goes with working on a very special product, which I’m excited to share with you. However, neither the product nor Bøglund Lightworker Institute is ready to launch yet, so I was very confused when I was asked by the Divine to post an article today.
I went into my Editorial Content Calendar to see which of my pre-written articles the Divine was speaking about. My eyes landed on this article. I still don’t really know why the Divine wants me to post the article now, and why it couldn’t wait until we ready to launch the Bøglund Lightworker Institute. I know one day it would all make sense! So for now, I will just trust my intuition and the Divine guidance, and post this article.
Please let me know in the comment feed if you feel this article is meant for you!
Angel Blessings,
Sabrina Bøglund, 10th of May 2021


Being Sensitive and Empathic is Your Strengths! 

It means that you’re tuned in on the universal flow of energies, and you can feel or sense the world around you. You’re picking up on other peoples energies and instantly have a very good sense of how this person feels, how the person is, and what the person is up to. You might even pick up on smells, light, and sounds that all give you information about the situation, the place, or people.

Many Lightworkers have allergies to all sorts of things. 

Food allergy and allergy to scents are among the most common. Also, be sensitive to bright light are also very common. The allergies and sensitivity to products, food, beverage, fabrics, scents, chemicals, etc., don’t necessarily have anything to do with your family and what’s in your DNA. 

You’ve allergies because your bodily system is finetuned to read and understand what’s going on at a quantum physical level. No, it doesn’t mean you have to study quantum physics. There is no reason to make things more complicated and complex than they already are. You can get a long way by just listen to what impulses you are picking up. Usually, they tell you everything you need to know… your challenges is to not overanalysing it, which is the most difficult part. 😉

As a Lightworker, you need all the information your sensitivity and empathy are picking upon. 

It’s helping you know how to help the best way you can, and it enables you to get a better understanding of what’s going on between the lines.

Let’s Talk About Being Intense.

Added to the mix, some of us is very intense in the way we come across. 

We feel everything so intensely.

We hear almost every sound around us. 

We see almost everything.

We’re sending out an energy that is so strong that our very presence can be very overwhelming for others.

Crowded places are too noisy. 

There are too many things going on at once. Our entire system is bombarded with noises, other peoples emotions, colours, shapes, smells, etc. We just want to run and hide because it’s too overwhelming. It can even trigger a panic attack, even if there is no medical reason for anxiety. The intensity of all the stuff going on around us and in the world can easily lead to a life as a hermit and be super lonesome. On the other hand, we’re seeking adventure and wants to experience new things to grow and learn. It’s too boring to don’t do anything. 

So the challenge is to balance it, so you can have a life full of joy and happiness while not getting paralysed by energies when you’re out and about.

The Intensity of Seraphim.

Personally, I am very sensitive and empathic, and I’m also very intense – to the borderline of too intense. I am aware that not everyone can be around me or be in my company for a long time before my energy becomes too much for them. I accept that, and I don’t force anyone to hang out with me. This is because of my Seraph soul. No one ever has met a real Seraph Angel, in our true form, because our energy is created by Unconditional Love and Passion for what you know as God. Our energy is so strong and intense that if an Angel from other Angels realms is looking directly at us, they will get blinded. And if we appear in our true form in front of a human – the human will turn into dust! This is why Seraphim means ‘The Burning Ones.’

My human body does the very best to maintain my Seraph energy, slowing the wavelength down enough to be on Earth, doing my work, having relationships with others, and having happiness without hurting anyone with my Light and Energy. 

It has been a huge help to be very clear about why I am here and what I am here to do. I’m a Teacher! I’m here to TEACH Lightworkers to be channels of Light and Love while having their human and Earthly needs met.

I’m not here to heal anyone or fix anyone’s problems. 

Angels are not Fairy Godmothers.😉 We are messengers between the Source of Love (God) and humans.

I think I also come across as a bit too intense because Seraphim doesn’t usually have anything to do with humans. I’m not created to join peoples pity parties and ego trips. I care too much for humans, and I know joining someone’s pity party, and ego trips are doing the person an enormous disservice. 

Your Sensitivity and Empathy are Your Superpowers!

I hope this article helped you to see how your sensitivity and empathy are your superpowers. You just have to move your focus from being overwhelmed to appreciating your gift of getting information on a quantum level.

You always have a choice!

You choose whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing.

You choose how to use those superpowers.

And, you choose whether to embrace them, suffer from them, or shutting them down altogether.

It’s your choice!

… when it comes to being intense… Don’t dim your Light just because others can’t match it. The people who can handle your Light will come along if you want to find them.

Sensitivity, Empathy, and Being Intense

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