5 Steps to Manifest Your Dream Job.

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5 Steps to Manifest Your Dream Job.

“How can I Manifest my Dream Job?” – This is a question I get a lot of in my DMs on Instagram.

In my opinion, it’s important to listen to your Dreams, Passions and Desires. The things that make your eyes light up like a Christmas tree or make you so excited that you can’t wait to get out of bed in the mornings.

Unfortunately, the world has been wired in a very low-vibe way, where people more than often aren’t excited about their job but do it because they need the money. This is an unhealthy approach to life… AND your financial situation… EVERY TIME you do something because of the money – you are listening to your Fear-Based mind and coming from Lack-Mentality… 

It doesn’t matter about how rich you are and how much money that’s in your bank account… if you do something because of the money, you are coming from your Fear-Based Mind and not your Higher Self.

Listen, it’s NOT the money that’s a problem. Money is a neutral exchange-energy that is created to ensure the balance between the Giver and Receiver.
It’s people’s behaviour and attitude toward money that’s totally whacked!

If you want to Manifest your Dream Job, you should Focus more on your Passion and what you Truly Enjoy doing and then have faith that the Financial matter will work out along the way. Manifesting a Job and Manifesting Money are two independent Manifestations.

To show you how to Manifest your Dream Job, I will use the Bøglund Manifestation Equation and give you some ideas of what you can do. 


But remember: Each Manifestation is different, and each person is different, so what works for me won’t necessarily work for you, and vice versa. That’s why it’s important to learn how to use the Bøglund Manifestation Equation, so it fits you and your needs.

DT: Most Dominant Thoughts: Problem Solver, Childhood Dreams, Brainstorming.

The two most common ways to Manifest a Dream Job are finding a Job that fulfils your Life Purpose or following your Childhood Dreams. You know, when someone asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up. While you may not become an astronaut or a princess, they still hold important clues.

For Lightworkers, our Dream Job is often a combination between our Childhood Dreams and Life Purpose. 

Like I have always known that I was supposed to be a Spiritual Teacher and Guide for people all over the world.

Some artists have known since they were little that they should use their art or music to make a difference or bring awareness to important causes.

There are also important clues in being aware of what triggers your inner Problem Solver or what you can spend hours brainstorming new ways. 

DE: Most Dominant Emotions: Passion, Excitement, Drive, Joyful.

The Universe, the Divine, the Source (red. God), and the Angels don’t speak English, or any other language for that matter. It speaks of Energy! And the best way to translate Energy into human language is through Emotions

We can manipulate Thoughts and Actions, but Emotions are always the real deal. We can suppress them, ignore them, and pretend that we’re fine when we are not. But deep down, we always know the truth because our Emotions will come through the second turn our minds chatter off. Sometimes Emotions use our thoughts to communicate with us, which is reflected in our Self-Talk. This is why many people don’t like to be alone with their own thoughts or use alcohol, drugs or social media to numb their thoughts and emotions so they don’t have to deal with them. Which always ends with a Mental Break-Down, Stress, and Depression.

So to Manifest your Dream Job, look into what makes you Passionate, Excited, Fuels your Inner Drive, and Makes you Truly Happy.

If Money wasn’t an Issue… What would that Job be?

EF: Energy Frequency: Align Your Energy with Your Dream Job’s Energy Frequency.

Your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions = your Energy Frequency!

Your Energy Frequency is what you’re broadcasting out to the Universe, the Divine, the Angels, the Source (red. God), etc. Remember, the Non-physical world speaks Energy, not human language.

By focusing on the things you’re most Passionate about, and your Ideas on how to make a Difference or help other people to solve a problem, help the animals or nature, you will begin to bring your Energy Frequency in Alignment with your Dream Job.

Keep in mind that your Energy Frequency is created by Your MOST DOMINANT Thoughts and Emotions! Not the random thoughts and emotions that run through you throughout the day.

You must be patient with yourself while you change your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions to be in alignment with your Dream Job. It does take a while before the new neurological pathways are established. Meanwhile, you should spend your time working on your Self-Talk and gaining confidence that you have what it takes to do your Dream Job.

DAS: Most Dominant Action Step: Helping, Charity, Studying//Researching.

Your Energy Frequency will attract different opportunities for you to Manifest your Dream Job, but You are the ONE who needs to act on it!

This means that while the Universe will offer you different opportunities to get your Dream Job, activate specific people who can help you get your Dream Job, and in other ways bring options into your life, it’s up to you to act on it.

You need to update your resume.

You need to apply for the job.

You need to go to the interview and be prepared.

You also need to be looking for ways to get your Dream Job. The Universe can’t send you an email with the time and place for your Job Interview.

Other action steps are:

  • Studying
  • Researching
  • Attend Relevant Events
  • Research out to Relevant Communities.
  • Etc.

The Universe, the Divine, the Angels, the Source (red. God) OFTEN works through other people.

M: Manifestation: Don’t Get in Your Own Way.

Manifestation in itself is very neutral. Everything around you and in your life is Manifested because of your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions and Actions. The Universe, the Divine, the Angels, and the Source (red. God) don’t have any other choice than give you what matches your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions and Actions!

More than often, people tend to get in their own way right before their Desired Outcome is about to Manifest and thereby unintentionally block the Manifestation.

Another common block is when people unintentionally sabotage their Manifestation because they deep down don’t feel deserving or worthy of their Desired Outcome. So when the opportunity to get your Dream Job shows up, you don’t act on it because you don’t think you’re good enough or that you can do it. Eventually, the opportunity will then be offered to someone else.

The third common block is if you have mapped the entire Manifestation out and you’re expecting the Universe to follow your playbook. Control, Manipulation and Force will block the Manifestation instantly.

The Manifestation part is very simple the result of your Most Dominant Thought, Emotions and Actions! 

But it’s also taking responsibility for your part in creating your current situation and how you react to setbacks.

Sure, there are things in this world that are outside our responsibility, like the Worldly consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the world economy, climate changes, etc. It’s also not your fault if your workplace needs to make a mass firing because of an economic crisis…

However, it is your responsibility how you choose to react to it and what actions you take to solve the issue. Do you complain and blame others for what happened to you, or do you take charge of the situation and start looking for ways to fix it?

The answer to that question does also affect your Manifestation.
Are you playing the Victim Card or the Winner//Success-Card?

The choice is entirely up to you!

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5 Steps to Manifest Your Dream Job.

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