The Universal Law of Giving & Receiving: What You Should Know About The Law of Giving & Receiving.

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Talking about the Universal Law of Giving & Receiving has somehow become my pet peeve. Not necessarily on purpose, but merely because of the egoism and even narcissism I sometimes see in people. 

Just to clarify, you can be spiritual and be a part of the new age community and still have some egocentric tendencies. We all sometimes pop into our Ego, or as I prefer to call it, our Fear-Based Mind.

A Little Note about the Ego.

For some reason, I don’t really like to use the word Ego in my teaching. Maybe because it’s too fluffy and up in the air. Every spiritual teacher has received the question “… but what is an Ego?” Just the fact that so many people feel the need to ask “what an Ego is” tells me that the term isn’t specific enough.

The Ego has also got a terrible reputation, like something some people think they should avoid at all costs. Even people within the spiritual and new age communities claim they don’t have an Ego anymore because they have been working so much on themselves. I hate being the one breaking it to you, but that is simply not true! The very fact that you’re alive in a human body walking the Earth means that you do, in fact, have an Ego! 

Let me put it this way… without an Ego, we wouldn’t be able to survive on Earth. It’s the Ego that tells us…

  •  When something is dangerous, toxic or bad.
  • That it’s extremely stupid to dance around in the middle of a busy highway.
  • To pay our bills, so we still have a roof over our heads.
  • When to eat.
  • Remember to drinking water.
  • Who we can trust and who we can’t.
  • To make sure we have enough money to pay for our chosen lifestyle.
  • … and so forth…

Basically, the Ego’s job is to keep us safe and sound!

How can that be a bad thing? – or even the root of all evil?

Instead of blaming all the bad things on the Ego, I prefer to kick the ball on the field where it actually belongs. 

Your Fear-Based Mind!

Your Fear-Based Mind is the cause of most of all the problems we all face on an everyday scale. Egocentric and Narcissistic behaviour is ALWAYS rooted in someone’s Fear-Based Mind.

The term Fear-Based Mind is something most people can grasp and understand. 

We all know what fear is… 

We all know what anxiety is…

We all know what pain feels…

Fear, Pain and Anxiety are the causes behind every bad decision and why someone chooses to hurt someone else. We become egocentric and narcissistic when our fear, pain, and anxiety are so intense that we go into defence mechanisms and do whatever we can to protect ourselves from further pain.

The Law of Giving & Receiving.

This Universal Law says in order to live a balancing life, you must make sure that you give to others as much you receive from them, and you receive from others as much as you give to them. It’s two ways effort!

Still, we can’t control what other people are doing or saying – what we can control is our reaction to it and how we allow others to treat us.

The Law of Giving & Receiving is Universal because whether we choose to follow it or not, at some point, something happens and forces us to get our energies in balance again. 

You Can Call it Karma if You Want. 

Karma is, btw, its own Universal Law, so not 100% the same. Nevertheless, the more you learn about the different Universal Laws, you’ll notice how they often overlap each other.

There is an infinite number of Universal Laws, so of course, there will be some overlaps. It can be confusing for sure.

The Law of Karma overlaps the Law of Giving & Receiving when the debts need to be balanced out. We all know that Karma can be a bitch… but she is only a bitch if you are. So to avoid any unpleasant Karmic outbalancing, I will recommend you make an effort to keep the balance between your giving and receiving in check.

What is The Law of Giving & Receiving?

The best way to describe this law is by looking at it like an old pharmacy scale – to live a balanced life, there must be equality between the scale pans. What you give must be equal to what you receive.

If you give, and give, and give, and never receive, the scale will tip, and you’ll run empty.

If you receive, and receive, and receive, and never give, the scale will tip, and you’ll be abandoned as a result of your own greediness. No one wants to be around someone who only takes but never gives back.

It’s really that simple!

The more you give to others, the more should you allow yourself to receive.

The more you receive from others, the more should you make sure to give back to others.

What’re the Consequences of Ignoring the Law of Giving & Receiving?

You won’t experience any consequences immediately. Like anything else, it takes time for your actions to manifest into reality. As mentioned in other articles, your most dominant thoughts, emotions, and actions create your reality.

Every time you do something different or make a change in your thoughts, emotions and actions, your lifeline gets changed a little bit. The Universe would need some time to adjust everything to fit into the new lifeline you’ve created for yourself.

But eventually, the consequences will start to kick in.

If You Give More than You Receive.

If you have been giving more than you’ve received, you’ll feel unhappy, depressed, taken advantage of, and used. 

You have taught people that they can always come to you for help, and you would never ask anything in return.

You will experience that people disappear from your life as soon they don’t need you anymore.

You will turn into people-pleasing behaviour.

You’ll measure Self-Love and Self-Esteem on how much you can do for everybody else.

And you will run empty of energy, time, resources, and money…

The inclination to give, give, give, and never receive anything in return is one of the main reasons why Lightworkers burn out and suffer from depressions, stress, and heartbreak!

If You Receive More than You Give.

Suppose you have been receiving more than you’ve given. In that case, you’ll feel alone, unhappy, unsatisfied, and have a bad taste in your mouth. 

The act of continually receiving more than you give yells and screams of fear, pain and anxiety. It’s like a squirrel collecting its winter supply. 

It’s the ultimate act of Lack-Mentality.

Continually receiving without giving anything in return is so egocentric and sometimes even narcissistic that people are going to leave you. No one wants to be around someone who is greedy and using others.

Yes, you might get what you want right now, but what does that matter if everyone is leaving you because you’re a selfish jerk?

I will share some easy ways to make sure you keep the balance between giving and receiving in check two Thursdays from today.

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