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Manifest a Specific Person - covid-19

How to Manifest a Specific Person (Even If You Can’t Leave the House)

COVID-19 Lockdown has inspired this article. While the world slowly opens again, some people are still stuck at home. 

I know I’m a little late with this article since we’re slowly getting vaccinated, and the restrictions are getting lifted. Bøglund Lightworkers has just launched. 

While COVID was at its highest, I was fighting for my life with a different illness. That said, I’m pretty sure the article will be relevant sooner or later. If nothing else, it will serve as a reminder that there are no limitations on how and when it’s possible to manifest anything.

Most people ask for help with how to manifest a specific person, so I thought it could be fun to mix the two of them together and give you some tricks on how to manifest a specific person when you can’t leave the house.

Step #1 – Make a List of All the Things You Find Attractive About Your Specific Person.

Step #2 – Circle Out All the Things Your Missing.

Step #3 – Have Faith.

Step #4 – Surrender and Let Go.

Step #5 – Keep Your Mind Occupied With Working on Your Self-Esteem and Self-Love.

Want to go more in-depth? Download the full guide below.


Manifest a Specific Person - covid-19
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