The Universal Law of Attraction: What You Should Know About the Law of Attraction & Manifestation.

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Manifestation has always been a topic very close to my heart! It’s real-life’s magic – and we all need some magic in our lives.

However, manifestation is not some woo-woo mumbo-jumbo.

Manifestation is very real – so real that you’ve been manifesting your entire life.

You just haven’t been aware of it! 

In this article, I will share 7 things I think you should know about the Law of Attraction & Manifestation.

What You Should Know About the Law of Attraction & Manifestation Article Instagram Post

#1 – Law of Attraction is NOT the Same as Manifestation.

The Law of Attraction became super popular when Rhonda Byrne published a book and DVD called The Secret in 2006. Over the last 1½ decade, The Secret has turned into a franchise that I’m grateful for being a tiny-tiny part of by my contribution to Rhonda’s book How The Secret Changed My Life from 2016.

Through The Secret, the Law of Attraction was introduced to the masses, opening their eyes to a whole new world. You can get what you want if you:

  1. ASK for what you want.
  2. BELIEVE you can have it.
  3. RECEIVE it when it comes into your life.

The Law of Attraction doesn't give you what you want - it gives you more of what you already are

The only problem is that the Law of Attraction is not the same as manifestation. 

The Law of Attraction doesn’t give you what you want – it gives you more of what you already are. You’re attracting more into your life which is on the same Energy Frequency as yourself.

Let’s take an everyday situation everyone can relate to:

You wake up in the morning feeling a bit off. 

You get out of bed, you bang your toe into a chair leg, for then walk straight into a wall. 

While you’re getting dresses, you rip a hole in your pants. 

You’re brushing your teeth and then spill toothpaste on your shirt. 

You’re changing your shirt.

You’re getting down to get your morning coffee or tea, and before you know it, you have spilt coffee or tea on your shirt.

You’re changing the shirt again.

You’re leaving your house, but forgot your keys, phone and wallet.

Back in to get them.

Now you’re late for work.

The morning traffic is awful, and you’re stuck in a tailback because of an accident that happened further up the road, which you would have avoided if you had left home 5 minutes earlier.

We all have shitty days like this that just continue getting worse and worse. This little scenario is an example of the Law of Attraction in action when we aren’t aware of our consciousness. Could this hell of morning be changed by being aware of your consciousness?

Yes, it could!

By taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly.

Centring yourself.

And shift your Energy Frequency (EF) by focusing on the good things you’re looking forward to today.

Also, hurting the toe, ripping your clothes, and spilling toothpaste and coffee on yourself is most likely because you’re in a hurry – so, slow down! 

Take a deep breath and exhale slowly!

I get up between 4:00-5:30 every morning, even though I’m working from home most of the time. I’m not working at home because of the lockdown or COVID-19. It’s because I have designed my job and career in such a way that I can work from wherever I am in the world, as long I have my computer and laptop. To me, that is freedom! 

I’m not a morning person at all! Not even close! But I love peace and easy flow around me. Getting up super early provides me with enough time to be morning lazy, wake up slowly and still be on time with my appointments, meetings and deadlines.

Because I start my mornings in peace and with enough time to take things slowly, the Law of Attraction responds by attracting other peaceful things into my day and letting things run smoothly. The entire day has an easy flow. My day can be totally packed, and my calendar be booked out, and yet, everything is peaceful and easy flowing. That’s also the Law of Attraction in action. 

The Law of Attraction simply responds to the energy you’re sending out in the Universe and reflect it back to you.

#2 – Manifestation is a Part of Quantum Physics.

Manifestation is science! Thankfully, you don’t need a degree in quantum physics or go all nerdy-geek about quantum physics to understand how manifestation works.

Manifestation is very simple to understand! That, however, doesn’t mean it is easy to practice in real life. It’s not the scientific part of manifestation that makes it difficult to practice… it’s your mind! We’ll get back to that in a moment.

Here is the Bøglund Manifestation Equation I have developed and taught to my students.


Your most Dominant Emotions (DE) and your most Dominant Thoughts (DT) create your Energy Frequency (EF). 

Your Energy Frequency is what you’re broadcasting out in the world and what the Universe is reflecting back to you.

This happens 100% subconsciously! 

Your Energy Frequency has been communicating with the Universe since the beginning of time. You just don’t know it. 

Your Energy Frequency is also what psychics pick up on when they meet you. The Energy Frequency is so strong that a psychic doesn’t need to be in the same room as you. They can pick up on your Energy Frequency across the globe. All they need is a picture of you, the sound of your voice, a letter from you, or anything that comes from you. 

Your Energy Frequency travels through time and space. It introduces you to the people, opportunities, situations, etc., that can help you along your journey. 

The last step in the equation is taking action. For your desired outcome to Manifest (M), you MUST align your Most Dominant Action Steps (DAS) with what you want to achieve. That usually means acting upon the opportunities that show up, contacting the people you’re guided to, and utilising the situation.

Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations

#3 – There is No Fairy Godmother and Bibbidibabbidiboo!

The reason why most manifestations fail is that people don’t apply the last step, Action Steps (DAS). They rather want to wait for an imaginary fairy Godmother to show up with her magical wand and bibbidibabbidiboo to make all their problems disappear and replace them with all their dreams come true. 


T.H.A.T. I.S. N.O.T. T.H.E. W.A.Y. I.T. W.O.R.K.S!!! 

Life is not a Disney movie!

You need to act upon the opportunities given to you, and you need to reach out to the people you’re guided to. If you don’t take action, the Manifestation (M) will be on hold until you take action. It’s not that the manifestation is cancelled or won’t happen. You haven’t succeeded because you’re blocking the manifestation by sitting on your hands.

#4 – The Law of Giving and Receiving.

The Law of Giving and Receiving, aka The Law of Balancing Energies, is often overlooked in manifestation work.

People are so seduced by getting their Shiny Objects that they forget that they need to balance their energies first. In the aftermath of The Secret, people learn about the Law of Attraction because they want something…


Purpose of Life.

Better Health.


Land their Dream Job.

Reach a Larger Platform.


A Specific Person.

Have Family.

New Friends.

Move to a New Place/Country.

Making a Living from their Creative Expression. 

Get their Dream Car

Dream House.

Dream Vacation.

Stress-Free Life.

… and so forth…

Especially right after The Secret was published in 2006, many people turned to the Law of Attraction to fix their financial struggles due to the financial crisis in 2008.

The Universe is always in perfect balance. Maintaining that balance of the Universe also requires you to contribute to that balance.

Lightworkers often burn out because they give, and give, and give, and are terrible at asking for anything in return. So they will eventually run empty, causing them severe health issues.

In manifestation work, people often want and take and offer very little in return. People want something but won’t necessarily give anything in return. If you take, and take, and take, and never give anything in return, you’ll push those away from you who supply you with what you want. No one wants to have anything to do with freeloaders. Freeloaders are egocentric and jerks. Sorry, not sorry!

The Universe doesn’t get annoyed with freeloaders the same way as we do… the Universe just cuts the streams of supply to that person until the person has balanced out the energy.

The EASIEST WAY to keep a healthy balance of energies is by paying for the services and products you receive and charging money for the services and products you provide others. Money is not evil… Money is 100% neutral. It’s bad people with money who use the money for evil purposes. But of course, if you think money is evil, then the flow of money will be blocked from coming into your life. The Universe won’t send something to you that you consider evil.

#5 – Your Self-Esteem Influence Your Manifestations.

As mentioned above, Your Most Dominant Emotions (DE) and Most Dominant Thoughts (DT) create your Energy Frequency (EF). This happens on a subconscious level, so most people aren’t aware of why certain things keep continuing to happen in their lives. The Law of Attraction respond to your Energy Frequency (EF), and that is what you’ll attract into your world!

Your state of mind influences your Most Dominant Emotions (DE) and Most Dominant Thoughts (DT). Trying to figure out if it’s our thoughts that create our emotions or our emotions that create our thoughts are like the decision about the chicken and the egg. So don’t waste your time trying to figure that one out. Sometimes it’s our emotions that control our thoughts, and sometimes it’s our thoughts that control our emotions. 

Even though we don’t really know which one comes first, we have control over our minds and thoughts, so when our emotions run wild, we can use our minds to get the emotions back in line. It’s just important to never suppress your emotions over a longer time if you don’t want mental issues and problems.

In Bøglund Lightworkers, we spend a lot of time working on Self-Esteem, Self-Love, and Self-Worth. Our Self-Worth can literally be seen in numbers on our financial bottom line. Your Self-Worth is equal to your net worth! Did you know that?

Our Self-Love shows itself in our relationships with other people. The type of people you have in your life is a crystal-clear sign of how you appreciate yourself and your time.

Our Self-Esteem shows itself in how we present ourselves to the world, what we achieve, and what we accept and do not accept.

Most people live their life with their Fear-Based Mind (their Ego) as their guide. Lack-mentality, victimhood, self-pity, lack of self-confidence, need for others’ validation, and so forth. If your Fear-Based Mind controls your Most Dominant Emotions (DE) and Dominant Thoughts (DT), causing your Energy Frequency (EF) to be on a very low Frequency. It will automatically activate the Law of Attraction to attract even more stuff into your life that can keep you in a state of lack, victimhood, self-pity, and low self-esteem. You will naturally seek opportunities to act on those emotions and thoughts and thereby create even more painful and unpleasant situations in your life. This is why it can be difficult to get out of poverty or circles of abusive relationships. 

Your Fear-Based Mind would continue to hold you on an Energy Frequency (EF) where you’ll keep manifesting these bad things.

To shift the Energy Frequency (EF), you would have to do a lot of (hard) internal work to get out of your Fear-Based Mind and into your Divine Mind. That work is working on your Self-Esteem, Self-Worth, Self-Love, and Assertiveness!

#6 – There is No Such a Thing as Fate. 

Every time I hear some says, “Oh, it’s just my fate in life! It would never change!” I’m pretty much on my way out of the door again 😆

A statement like that is not only super toxic for anything good in life; it’s also a very clear sign of something I call Self-learned Helplessness! 

Self-learned Helplessness is victim-mentality and self-pity hosting a party with the Fear-Based Mind as the guest of honour.

I’m sorry to tell you this; if you or anyone else a pulling the “It’s my fate in life to suffer, it would never change!”-card, there is NOTHING I (or any other spiritual teacher, life coach, therapist or psychologist) can do to help you. 

Pulling the “Fate”-card is the exact same thing as letting anyone (who cares to listen) that you’ve given up on life. 

Some people suffering from Self-learned Helplessness are just waiting for a white knight in shining armour to save them from that Rapunzel tower of misery they have (unconsciously) built around themselves. Or they are waiting for a Fairy Godmother to bibbidibabbidiboo all their problems away. These people can be helped and gain their power back if they are willing to make the necessary changes.

The “Fate” people have already given up. No matter how much we are trying to help them, they will look up in their massive encyclopedia of “One trillion reasons why it won’t work for them!”.

I, personally, don’t have time or patience for “Fate” people. I will make time to help those who really want my help, but I don’t have patience for people who are so stuck in their own misery. Sorry, not sorry!

There is no such a thing as fate. All the shitty things you’re experiencing in your life are the manifestation of your own Fear-Based Mind. If you want the shitshow to stop, it’s 100% up to you to make the necessary changes in your life so you can get the life you want to live. Starting with working on your Self-Growth and Self-Esteem.

Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations

#7 – You Must Take 100% Responsibility.

People usually hate when I tell them to take 100% responsibility for their own situation. They hate when I tell them that they are 100% responsible for whatever is going on in their lives.

Before you pull the blaming card and come up with excuses for why it’s not your fault that something happened. Then let me just explain.

You can’t control what other people are doing or saying, but you’re 100% responsible for how you choose to react to it. 

You can’t control what goes on in the world, but you’re 100% responsible for how you choose to react to it.

It’s not always your fault shit happens in your life, but you have to own up to your part. If it’s a friendship, partnership, or other relationship, you must look into your part of the mess.

The Fear-Based Mind wants us to blame others. 

Our Divine Mind wants us to acknowledge where we were wrong, apologise, forgive the other person for their mistakes, and transit into peace.

Suppose we take the financial crisis from 2008 as an example (which might be relevant again in the aftermath of COVID-19 and lockdown). It was not your fault that we got a global financial crisis, and if it somehow affected your private finances. But IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to work out a plan to make sure your personal finances suffer as little as possible. Like creating a new budget (and actually following it ), cut some of the items out that you don’t really need, adjusting your lifestyle to get through the crisis… and so forth. 

It’s also your responsibility to take this as a learning lesson and motivation to prevent it from happening again. As said, you can’t control what’s going on in the world, only how you react to it. To avoid getting into financial troubles due to something going wrong on Wall Street, you must prevent it by making yourself less financially vulnerable. 

The advice I give anyone who asks me for guidance to become a millionaire or billionaire is:

Find a way to create at least 7 independent income streams. If one goes away, you still have 6 (passive) other streams of income to keep the wheels going giving you peace to replace number 7. 

The second piece of advice is ALWAYS to save at least 10% of ANY income you have… and I mean, 10% of each transaction! Put the money into a savings account, so you never have to worry again.

I’ve done this since I was in business college and only had $1,350 in monthly income after TAX. I’d been living on my own since I was 19 without my parent’s help. If I could do it in college, you can do it too. No excuses!

What You Should Know About the Law of Attraction & Manifestation Article Instagram Post

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