My (Secret) Tip to Speed Up Manifestation.

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My (Secret) Tip to Speed Up Manifestation

One of the most asked questions I have received about manifestation is about the delivery process of our dreams and desires.

Patience is one of the things most people need to work on in this lifetime. We’re generally not very patient. The impatience is getting boosted by so many things around us that are now working on demand. In everyday life, it’s so easy to get what we want! It’s just pushing a button on our smartphones, iPads or computers. 

It has never been easier to get what we want and achieve our dreams and goals. I think this is the reason why the limits for what we want keep increasing. 

In theory, there are no limits to what you can achieve in life. If you can see it, then you can do it. If you can dream it, you can do it. If you believe it, you can do it. Maybe I should be a little careful with referring to R.Kelly’s 90’s hit song I Believe I Can Fly. But dang, that song is cheesy and catchy at the same time 🤮🤣😂😆

But really, the only limitation is your imagination!

That said, the bigger dreams, desires, and goals you have, the bigger journey you have ahead of you. If it were easy, you would already have it! The manifestation process is an opportunity to grow and learn more about yourself. 

A manifestation can ONLY happen when you’re a frequency match for your desired outcome. The outcome won’t adjust its frequency to match yours, so you must be the one who is adjusting yours.

How to Speed Up Your Manifestation Process.

The absolute fastest way to manifest anything is to forget all about it.

Yes, you read that right.

Let me explain!

The more we want something, the more attached we become to it.

The more attached we become, the more impatient and desperate we get.

The more impatient and desperate we get, the more inclined we are to force, control and manipulate things to happen for our benefit.

The more we force, control and manipulate things, the more we’re getting in our own ways.

The more we get in our own ways, the more we block the manifestation from happening.

You know this to be true! 

I know for sure that you have personal experience with how this is working.


You can be searching the entire house for your keys, looking everywhere, in every pocket, surface, handbag, the laundry basket, checking to see if they have fallen into a shoe, looking in the dog’s bed, everywhere – you just can’t find them. You’re in a rush and already late, which makes the whole situation more stressful and desperate…

But, the second you stop looking and take your mind off finding the keys – that is the moment you realise they had been right in front of your eyes all the time. The moment we stop looking for lost items is when we find them. 

In this case, you’re trying to manifest your keys!

Step #1 – Make Sure Your Desire/Dream/Goal is SMART.

I always recommend you write down your dreams, desires and goals. For some reason, handwritten goals, dreams, and desires work faster.

You need to turn your dreams and desires into goals. Dreams and desires are too fluffy-up-in-the-air to manifest properly.

When you write your goals down, make sure they are SMART.





Time-Based (Every day, 1-year goals, 5 years goals, 10 years goals)

Let’s say you want to become a millionaire.

Becoming a millionaire is very lofty! So to change becoming a millionaire from being a dream to a SMART goal, the sentience can sound something like:

By 2024, I want to make $1,500,000/year by helping children of divorced parents to cope with their new reality so they still can have a happy childhood. I will help the kids by offering weekly sessions and publishing a children’s book for children of divorced parents. 

Can you see how it suddenly becomes reachable?

Let’s take another example

Manifesting a Specific Person!

Manifesting a specific person does work a little different than manifesting dead objects or experiences. We must take the other person’s life journey and free will into consideration; otherwise, we will mess with karma and eventually push the other person away. That’s another article.

To make a specific person SMART, we could rephrase it something like.

Every day, I will focus on practising self-love and having fun, so I become a vibrational match for [insert your specific person’s name]. I will follow my passions every day, which eventually will lead me to [insert your specific person’s name].

In this way, you detach yourself from the person and don’t encourage yourself to be obsessive and stalking.

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How to Manifest a Specific Person


Step #2 – Surrender and Let Go.

Take your piece of paper or notebook and close it or fold it with the written side on the inside. As you close the notebook or fold the paper, then imagine you push the send button on an email, sending your SMART goals out in the Universe.

Just like with an email, when you’ve sent the messages, you move on with your life.

Step #3 – Move On With Your Life.

This step is the key!

You must stay busy with living your life to keep your mind occupied with the stuff that actually is in your charge. In your SMART goals, you wrote what you wanted to do to achieve the goal. Like offering weekly sessions for children of divorce, writing a children’s book for children of divorce, practising self-love and having fun, and following your passions. 

Now it’s time to make room in your schedule to take clients.

Write on the book every day (I’ll recommend you to have a daily writing goal of 1,000 words.)

Getting a daily self-love routine.

Make sure to have fun every day.

Find a way to follow your passion every day.

Do something every day that brings you closer to your desired outcome. The key is to focus on the daily action steps that support your SMART goal without thinking about its goal.

What can you do today?

It’s the daily actions that count – not the big wishy-washy dreams.

When I was a dancer, I wanted to be the best dancer I possibly could be. It was the many, many, many hours in the dance studio, on the dancefloor in my room at home, and any given opportunity to dance throughout the day, that made me a great dancer. The stage performance, competition dance, shows, and end of season dance were the events I was preparing for – they were the end-goals! But I wasn’t really thinking about it. I knew they were coming, and I knew I needed to perform my best, but my focus was always on the present moment – what can I do right here, right now.

Another example; is when I want to write a new book, I don’t focus on the book every single day. I map out the outline of the book and write the book proposal. 

Then I set a daily writing goal for myself. Let’s say 1000 words á day. I use about 75 minutes to write a 1,000-words article + proofreading and editing. So about 150 minutes per article. A book on 265 pages is approx. 70,000 words, so you do the maths of how long it takes to write a book.

Then I get my butt in the seat and start writing. 

Every day. 

One chapter of the time.

Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations

The Trigger.

When you keep your mind occupied with the daily activities, you’ll open an abundance of new opportunities and ways your final outcome can manifest. You’ll never know when a new opportunity presents itself, but you can be sure that it will happen when you least expect it.

By keeping your mind occupied with the daily activities, you get out of the way so the Universe can start working on your behalf. Things will also happen faster because you’re in a co-creation mood with the Universe. The Universe will start to send you ideas, and inspiration and lead you to people who can help you. Especially with social media, it’s very easy for the Universe to have certain profiles or posts popping up on your screen from people you don’t even follow. You’re not getting bored by waiting for something to happen. You’re keeping yourself in movement and acting on your ideas and inspirations.

Last, the MOST important factor in any successful manifestation is…


Have faith that anything will work out!

The daily actions are also important because you can re-ensure your mind by telling yourself that you have done anything you possibly can to achieve your desired outcome when the doubt pops in. 

Faith is just easier to have when you see daily progress, even if it’s small. 

Every day you’re checking the 1,000-word goal off your to-do list, you have a small win, and are now one step closer to finishing writing the book.

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My (Secret) Tip to Speed Up Manifestation

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