5 Problems Everyone Has With Divine Timing – How To Solve Them.

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5 Problems Everyone Has With Divine Timing – How To Solve Them.

First, you might wonder why I’m putting an article about Divine Timing in the Mental Health & Well-Being – content pillar. I understand if it confuses you! If it were just a few years ago, I would have put it under Manifestation. I later realised that Divine Timing really is a matter of Mental Well-Being.

We have all heard about Divine Timing, and it can, for some people, be a perfect excuse for not really making an effort on their goals and dreams. “If it’s meant to happen, it will happen!” – kind of mindset. Divine Timing can also be used as comfort in difficult times and grief-process.

Regarding Manifestation and making an active effort to get the outcome we desire, Divine Timing can sometimes upset the applecart, especially because Divine Timing is outside our hands.

Divine Timing is all about maintaining a healthy balance and synergy in the Universe. There is a Divine Order to things because everything is linked together with tiny-tiny energetic cogwheels. If changes happen in the Universal mechanism, the Universe needs time to restructure the necessary events, situations, people, and opportunities in order for your new desired outcome to Manifest.

Let’s dive in and look at some of the most common problems people have with Divine Timing.

Problem #1 – Trying to Control When Something Should Happen.

Trying to control when something should happen is the #1 problem! 

No doubt about it!

From a broad perspective, this approach is very spoiled and brat-ish. It’s very selfish, and “I’m the centre of the Universe!”.

I know it’s not how you feel, and you might be a bit offended.

One thing I have noticed over my time on Earth is that people rarely are aware of how their approach toward things looks from a broad perspective. Most people are barely aware of how their behaviour and vibe come off on other people.
However, it is easier to blame everybody and everything else for one’s own misery than to take responsibility and make the necessary changes to become a better person and be more pleasant to be around.

When we are trying to control when something should happen, it’s always because somewhere back in our mind, we fear that it won’t happen. The fear subconsciously makes us try to map everything out within a certain time frame.

The problem is that no human can know every twist and turns on the journey, and no human knows what the broad perspective looks like. We are narrow-sighted because the human mind is not capable of comprehending so much perspective.


Cut yourself some slack!

Try to enjoy the ride and be open to the new opportunities that will present themselves. Maybe, just maybe, something will come along you had never thought of, which will help you achieve your desired outcome even faster.

Remember; every time you try to make something happen within a certain time frame, you’re in your Ego’s fear-based mind. It’s a sign that deep down, back in your mind, you don’t really believe it will happen, so you’re trying to force it to happen.

Acknowledge this fear, and use it as a sign to look into the root of that fear. You will see so many miracles happen all over your life if you can heal that root.

Problem #2 – Trying to Control the Outcome of a Situation.

Not only is it a problem to try to put a deadline on your manifestations, but it’s also a problem to try to control the outcome. 

The whole idea of trying to map everything out and expecting the Universe to follow your manuscript doesn’t work in the long run. You’ll create soooo many unnecessary blocks for yourself! 

If you’re expecting the Universe to follow your manuscript, you’ll walk through life with blinkers… not able to see when new opportunities arise or grab a chance when it presents itself. Once again, your narrow-sightedness will prevent you from achieving your goal or desired outcome.

Just like when you try to control WHEN something should happen, controlling the outcome is also an act from your Fear-Based mind. 

Think about it, if you had faith that everything would work out for the highest good of everyone, would you then try to control the time frame and the outcome? 


I’m someone who needs structure, and everything is organised in order for my brain to work properly, so I, too, have a tendency to try to control the outcome. But I have also learned over the years that it doesn’t work in the long run.

We need to come to a level of humbleness and acknowledge that we are limited from seeing the whole picture – and that is okay! It’s beyond what the human mind is capable of.

What you need to do instead is to loosen up a bit and see it as a journey. Just as the best road trips are the ones where you take it as it comes and sees what shows up on the way, the manifestation of your desired outcome should be the same. The more pressure you add to it, the more you will block the manifestation from happening.

Problem #3 – Trying to Micro-Managing EVERYTHING.

Micro-Managing is one of the worst things you can do… not only when it comes to manifestation or achieving your goals but also in life in general!

I LOVE when someone is a goal-getter and super passionate about something! – I think you know that already if you have followed my work and my Insta account for a while.

But micro-managing is not only an obsessive behaviour, and SUUUUPER annoying for everybody around you. Especially those who are directly involved with the achievement of your desired outcome or goal.

But it’s also a MASSIVE, massive act of doubt and fear that you won’t receive your desired outcome.

Remember, much of this happens on a subconscious level, so you might not be aware of what’s happening. However, I also hope this article gives you a feeling of understanding of what’s happening.

I also hope you now begin to see how Divine Timing has more to do with Mental Well-Being than manifestation and spirituality. It’s a mental process of releasing the mental blocks our unconscious fears are creating to have a sense of control instead of letting things flow more naturally and be open to opportunities you never could dream about.


One thing is to be a control freak, and another thing is to take it a step further and start micro-managing everything. Then it had gone from being a subconscious fear to being an obsession.

The first step is to admit it! The second is to dive into your past and find out WHY you need to micro-managing. I’m quite sure that if you’re micro-managing in this, you’re also micro-managing in every other area of your life.

Micro-management is something you need to take seriously, and it is something you need to work on. It’s also something you would have patience with because it is not going to go away overnight. It can take years, depending on how much a habit it is for you.

I would recommend that you use this mantra below every time you take yourself in micro-managing… or just trying to control the time frame and how something should happen.


I’m going to post this mantra on my insta one of the following days, and I will also share the Mantra as a Screen Saver for your phone as an extra bonus 🎁🎁 in today’s Weekly Email.

Problem #4 – Don’t Have Enough Faith in the Universe.

This is the core issue of the problems people have with Divine Timing. Lack of trust in the Universe. 

Here is the challenge… No one knows exactly how it all comes together. It’s beyond the human brain’s capacity to understand all the links and cords of energy that are linking everything together. 

But what we do know is that the future isn’t set in stone. Quite the opposite, actually.

The future is the outcome of the most dominant thoughts, emotions and actions.

YOUR future is the outcome of YOUR most dominant thoughts, emotions and actions. But the World’s future is the outcome of the Global, Collective, most dominant thoughts, emotions and actions. This is why Lightworkers are so important for the health and survival of this planet and for humanity.

Everything is in motion and can change until the moment it manifests in physical form… and even then, it is still moving and changing because energy never rests.

Since your future is the outcome of your most dominant thoughts, emotions and actions, then if you want something different from what you have now, you must first change your most dominant thoughts, emotions and actions. 

The second step, and this is where Divine Timing gets into the picture, are the adjustments the Universe has to make as a domino response to your change of thoughts, emotions and actions. The Universe needs to restructure the events lined up in front of you so it now matches your new desired outcome. Think about it as a GPS. The only difference is that manifesting your desired outcome or achieving a goal has A LOT more moving pieces than what route has less traffic.

If I shared a little secret with you, which you probably don’t want to hear, it would be; that the reason why it takes such a long time for your manifestation to happen or achieve what you desire is not due to Divine Timing. The real reason why it takes time is that YOU are not in an energetic alignment with your desired outcome… in other words, your most dominant thoughts, emotions, and actions are not in alignment with what you want to achieve.


I really learned to trust the Universe when I learned how my Rain Magic worked. Yeah, in all humbleness, I can control the weather a little bit… or, at least, I can stop the rain when I’m outside. While Rain Magic doesn’t really have anything to do with Divine Timing, it still holds a valuable point. The more I’m trying to force the rain to stop and the more I focus on it to stop, the less chance there is for it to work. But when I know in my heart that it would work and doesn’t really put much energy into it, it works 85% of the time.

You see, by taking away the pressure for the rain to stop and having faith in the Universe, I leave room for the Universe to do her thing and work her magic. 

If you can approach your goals and desired outcomes with the same inner peace and faith, you’ll very soon experience things that suddenly move very fast.

Problem #5 – Getting Too Much in Your Head.

One thing all these problems above have in common is messing with your head. They will all keep you in your head and make you try to overanalyse anything to get you what you want faster. It’s just not gonna work since you’re overlooking one very important thing, which inevitable will block the manifestation…

You’re getting in your own way!

Every time you’re trying to control when something should happen…

Every time you’re trying to control the outcome of a situation…

Every time you’re trying to micro-managing something…

You are getting in your own way!

… and you aren’t even aware of it because you’ve blindfolded yourself!

Another thing all the problems above have in common is that they are all rooted in some unconscious fear of not achieving what you want… that you deep down don’t really believe in it.

If you have the “I need to see it before I can believe it!”-mindset, your life will become very difficult because you’re driven by your Ego’s Fear-Based thoughts, emotions and actions.

If you need to SEE something before you can believe it, then it’s because you don’t have faith it’s there and on its way to you.

Because you don’t have faith in it, you will get in your head to come up with all kinds of ideas of how to make it happen… which, of course, prevents the Universe from doing her magic.


The solution is to develop an “I believe it, and therefore I can see it!”-mindset. 

One of the reasons why I’m always so calm when I want to achieve something is because I KNOW it will happen eventually. I don’t know how or when, but I know it will! Remember, I have an OCD brain, and I need structure and have things organised in order for me to function properly!

I have learned that overanalysing things won’t make things go faster, but it will slow everything down! I have also learned that we can create all sorts of sceneries in our minds, which never was an issue in the first place.

I’m simply handing my desired outcome or what I want to achieve over to the Universe and have faith that everything will work out eventually. Sure, I have days when I get impatient and get too much in my head, but I’m also aware that this is just my Ego and fear of talking. The Ego can sometimes behave like an overtired toddler.

The VERY best way to get out of your head is to keep your mind busy with something else. It’s when your mind is bored it comes up with all sorts of “what if…”-sceneries. I keep my mind busy by focusing on what’s right in front of me and what I can do right here and right now. I also follow my intuition and inner guidance. It’s so important to listen rather than command.

Now I want to hear from you… Can you recognise any of these problems in your life?

Let me know in the comment field of the insta post below.


5 Problems Everyone Has With Divine Timing – How To Solve Them.

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