How to Turn Your Manifestation Into a Game.

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How to Turn Your Manifestation Into a Game.

Manifestation is something that is near-dear to my heart. Manifestation is such a powerful ability we all have. Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of their native Superpowers, like the ability to manifest whatever you want into your life.

If you’re looking for a magic wand you can use in real life, mastering your manifestation abilities would be the answer to that prayer. In other words, you don’t need a magic wand to create magic and miracles.

I started teaching manifestation and the Law of Attraction over a decade ago. Manifestation has always been an integrated part of my business. I even published a book called Manifestation 101. So writing about manifestation comes very easy, and of course, will manifestation also be a part of Bøglund Lightworker Institute. In all honesty, I think manifestation should be taught in school.

How to Turn Your Manifestation into a Game.

In Bøglund Lightworker Institute, we don’t do boring! I believe laugher and having fun are important ingredients of learning. We are more open and receptive when having fun, making it easier to learn, remember, and store information in our subconscious mind.

Manifestation became widely popular after Rhona Byrne published The Secret as a book and DVD. The Secret is about the Universal Law of Attraction. 

Like attracts like. 

What you send out will come back to you.

However, the Law of Attraction is not the same thing as manifestation. Manifestation is the result of the Law of Attraction, whether you’re aware that you’re using it or not.

Here is the Bøglund Manifestation Equation I have developed and taught to my students.


Your most Dominant Emotions (DE) and your most Dominant Thoughts (DT) create your Energy Frequency (EF)

Your Energy Frequency is what you’re broadcasting out in the world and what the Universe is reflecting back to you. 

This happens 100% subconsciously! 

Your Energy Frequency has been communicating with the Universe since the beginning of time. You just don’t know it. Your Energy Frequency is also what psychics pick up on when they meet you. The Energy Frequency is so strong that a psychic doesn’t need to be in the same room as you. They can pick up on your Energy Frequency across the globe. All they need is a picture of you, the sound of your voice, a letter from you, or anything that comes from you. 

Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations

Your Energy Frequency travels through time and space. It introduces you to the people, opportunities, situations, etc., that can help you along your journey. 

The last step in the equation is taking action. For your desired outcome to manifest (M), you MUST align your Most Dominant Action Steps (DAS) with what you want to achieve. That usually means acting upon the opportunities that show up, contacting the people you’re guided to, and utilising the situation.

The reason why most manifestations fail is that people don’t apply the last step. They rather want to wait for an imaginary fairy Godmother to show up with her magical wand and bibbidibabbidiboo to make all their problems disappear and replace them with all their dreams come true. 


T.H.A.T. I.S. N.O.T. T.H.E. W.A.Y. I.T. W.O.R.K.S!!! 

Life is not a Disney movie!

You need to act upon the opportunities given to you, and you need to reach out to the people you’re guided to. If you don’t take action, the manifestation (M) will be on hold until you take action. It’s not that the manifestation is cancelled or won’t happen. You haven’t succeeded because you’re blocking the manifestation by sitting on your hands.

It is really that simple!

The Universe doesn't speak English. It speaks Energy.

The Law of Attraction is what attracts opportunities and people into your awareness that matches your Energy Frequency. 

The Universe doesn’t speak English. It speaks Energy. Therefore, your main focus should be on keeping your Energy Frequency as high as possible and then taking action when opportunities appear.

This was the science part. Now let’s talk about having fun with manifestation.

Step #1 – Create a List of What You Desire in Your Life. 

Start each sentence with “I Want…” or “I Desire…”

This list is not about what you want for everyone else or the world. It’s all about you and your desires.

I think “I Want…” is more powerful than “I Desire…” but it’s totally up to you. 

I don’t necessarily believe you should go with “I am…” because your ego and mind will call bullshit right away if it feels like a lie. Like “I am a billionaire! Money comes to me in unlimited streams!” Unless you truly believe it, then don’t use that kind of affirmation. Your ego would say, “Yeah, right! When was the last time you checked your bank account? Your Lair!”

“I want…” or “I desire…” is easier for your ego and mind to comprehend.

Write anything down you want or desire. Look at the Universe as one gigantic catalogue that can give you anything you want.

Step #2 – Scrip Your Desired Life.

When you have created the list, I want you to use that list as an outline for scripting your desired life.

How would your life look like if you already had all the things on your list? 

Write it like you’re telling about it to a friend. 

Write the same way as you speak.

How would your desired outcome look like if you could design it exactly the way you want?

Put yourself in the presence of already having it.

You can also use this as visualisation. 

I just find it more powerful to write it down! It’s easier to focus your attention on words. Written words do really have some magical force over them that accelerate the manifestation tremendously.

Step #3 – Build Your Manifestation Confidence.

When you’re done scripting, put your journal or Word Document away. DO NOT TOUCH those pages again!

To keep your mind occupied while your dreams and desires manifest, you’re going to get busy with some other practices. From now on, it’s all about building your Manifestation Confidence. 

We’re starting small and with something that is absolutely out of your control. I want you to pick something random and pick a sign. 

Why random stuff and signs, you ask?

Because all your desires on your list above are something you’re emotionally attached to and want to happen. 

The more you want something, the more you’re trying to get it in the ways you think would be the right fit. Unfortunately, you’ll most likely get in the way of the manifestation happening, thereby blocking it.

The other reason is that the more you want something, the more impatient you’ll be.

When you have confidence in your ability to manifest, it is easy to let go of the outcome and just be patient.

Step #4 – Pick Something Random.

This is my favourite thing to do! 

I love messing around with random manifestations. I am messing around because I know exactly what I’m doing. However, you should probably wait until you get more experienced before you start messing around.

I want you to pick something completely random which is entirely out of your control, like…

  • Butterflies.
  • A specific breed of dogs.
  • A specific car.
  • A character or figure.
  • A celebrity.
  • A specific number.
  • A specific word.
  • and so forth…

Just pick something and then move on with your life.

When my sister told me she got Diva, I was a little bit unsure what a French Bulldog looked like, so I said, “Okay, Universe, show me some French Bulldogs!” then I just let go of it. I pretty much forgot everything about it. Some days passed by, and suddenly I saw French Bulldogs E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E! I met them when I was out and about. Every time I opened the Instagram Explore Page, there were many French Bulldog pics and videos (I had never searched for French Bulldogs on Instagram, Facebook or the internet).

I was curious about French Bulldogs but not attached to a certain outcome because I knew I would meet Diva eventually.



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Step #5 – Pick a Sign.

The next step is for validation that your manifestation is on its way. I want you to pick something you wouldn’t normally see every day and choose that as your sign.

My sign is a Unicorn because I LOOOOVE Unicorns.

I’m in my 30s, and I don’t have kids, so I don’t have any unicorn stuff lying around in my home. If I see unicorns, then it’s because they randomly show up. Like on kids’ clothes in the window of shops, a child is wearing a shirt or a backpack with a unicorn, having a toy that is a Unicorn. It can also be something in a store I’m visiting, somehow showing up in a TV show I’m watching, something on Instagram… 

Just like the Random Manifestation, your chosen sign should be able to appear at random places completely out of your control.

The difference is that your sign is something you use as validation of your manifestation is on its way. I chose a Unicorn because it would never be linked to any of my manifestations. It’s not like I suddenly am going to have my very own unicorn. It would be über cool! But it won’t happen.

I think wild animals, insects, fiction characters or figures, a specific number, or something else you won’t normally come across every day would be great signs.

Gabrielle Bernstein has an Owl as her sign. There are not many owls flying around in New York City.

Step #6 – Don’t Tell Anyone.

This is where many people jump in with both legs. They are so excited that they let their mouth run too fast.

I don’t know exactly what it is, but it’s almost like a manifestation gets jinxed when we tell others about it! It doesn’t really matter if it’s our dreams and desires or just our random manifestations. 

I don’t tell anyone about my manifestations before they are manifested into a physical presence, and no one can deny their existence. 

I can’t tell you why it seems like manifestations get jinxed when we tell other people about them. All I know is what I have seen and experienced. 

Step #7 – Surrender and Let Go.

Just as you did with your list and script of what you want and desire, you also need to surrender your random manifestations and signs.

Put what you want out in the Universe by saying something along with “I want [insert what you want]! Please make sure that I get it!” 

Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. 

Your exhale should feel a bit like pushing the “Send” button in an email or text.

Then move on with your life, and forget all about it.

I want you to think about this as the experience everyone has with missing items. When something is gone missing, you can search the entire house without ever finding it. After a while, it suddenly shows up when you least expected it and differently wasn’t looking for it.

Step #8 – Keep a Gratitude List.

I’m using a 5 Years Journal for this because I love looking back at what I had written in the past. I also type my psychic visions and messages into the 5 Years Journal because they often don’t make sense at all at the moment. Then a year later, when I’m getting back to the same page, reading what I wrote last year, it all makes perfect sense.

I want you to write 3 things down that you’re grateful for that day. Look into what happened during the day. 

Did you see your sign? 

Did you see one of your random manifestations? 

Write it all down so you can keep track of it. 

Again, don’t be on the outlook! Just notice when your sign or random manifestations appear and write it down. 

If you didn’t receive a sign or random manifestation, then just write something else you’re grateful for. 

A gratitude list is a tool that trains your mind to focus on the good thing and highlight them. 

Step #9 – Have Fun.

This one is very important!

You must have fun with all the things I have mentioned in this article. Remember, it’s a game. It is supposed to be fun!

The second something feels forced or doesn’t flow freely, it’s time to back off.

The second you start obsessing, getting impatient, or trying to control things from happening, it’s time to back off.

Don’t end the game!

Just take a step back and take a break.

You will know when you’re ready to continue.

How to Turn Your Manifestation Into a Game.

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