Unlock Your Manifestation Superpowers: Level up with the Ultimate Guide! Discover the game-changing steps to manifest your dreams.
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How to Turn Your Manifestation Into a Game.

Hey there, fellow manifestors and seekers of magic!

Today, I want to share with you a sneak peek into the world of manifestation and how you can turn this incredible power into a game that brings your dreams to life.

It’s time to awaken the superhero within you and claim your native Superpowers!

The Bøglund Manifestation Equation: Cracking the Code

Manifestation is not just a fairytale; it’s a science. I’ve spent years researching and sharpening the art of manifestation, and I’ve filtered it down to the Bøglund Manifestation Equation: M=DAS+EF(DE+DT). Sounds fancy, right? But fear not, I promise it’s not as complicated as it looks.

Your Dominant Emotions (DE) and Dominant Thoughts (DT) create your Energy Frequency (EF), which is your unique broadcast to the Universe. This Energy Frequency interacts with the cosmic forces, drawing back to you what you put out. But here’s the secret sauce: it all happens subconsciously!

The Power of Taking Action

Manifestation isn’t about wishful thinking or waiting for miracles to happen.

No, no, my friend. You are an active player in this cosmic dance. The last step in the equation is taking Massive Action Steps (DAS) aligned with your desires.

You need to be ready to jump on those opportunities that come knocking and boldly embrace the path the Universe lays out for you.

The Fun and Games of Manifestation

I believe in infusing fun and laughter into learning. Manifestation should never be a duty; it should be a joyous journey. So, let’s talk about how to make manifestation a playful game that yields incredible results.

Step #1 – Create Your Desire List

Start by crafting a list of what you want in your life. Use “I want…” or “I desire…” statements to focus on your dreams. This list is all about YOU and your heart’s desires. You’re building your cosmic wishlist here!

Step #2 – Script Your Dream Life

Take your desire list and start scripting your desired life. Write about it as if you’re talking to a friend, and let your imagination run wild. Visualise and put yourself in the presence of already having everything you desire. Remember, written words have a magical force that accelerates manifestation!

Step #3 – Build Your Manifestation Confidence

Now, this is where the game gets interesting. Pick something random and choose a sign, something completely out of your control. This exercise will help you build confidence in your manifesting abilities and teach you to let go of outcomes.

Step #4 – Pick Something Random

It’s time to have some fun! Pick something random and let the Universe show you its magic. For example, if you pick butterflies, watch as they appear in unexpected places, affirming your manifesting prowess.

Step #5 – Pick a Sign

Choose a unique sign that you wouldn’t normally see every day, something like a specific number, a wild animal, or a fictional character. Mine is a Unicorn 🦄 This sign will validate that your manifestation is on its way.

Step #6 – Don’t Tell Anyone

Keep your manifestations close to your heart. Avoid telling others about them before they fully materialise.

This protects your manifesting energy from interference and keeps the magic flowing.

Step #7 – Surrender and Let Go

Like releasing a balloon into the sky, surrender your desires to the Universe. Send out your wishes with trust and gratitude, and then let go. Forget about it, and let the Universe handle the rest.

Step #8 – Keep a Gratitude List

Stay in the flow of positivity and abundance by keeping a daily gratitude list. Note down the things you’re grateful for, especially when you see your sign or experience a random manifestation. Gratitude amplifies the magic!

Step #9 – Have Fun!

Above all else, remember that manifestation is a game meant to be enjoyed. If it ever feels forced or stressful, take a break and come back to it with a playful heart. The more fun you have, the more potent your manifesting energy becomes!

Ready to Level Up?

If you’re hungry for more and eager to dive deeper into the art of manifestation, I’ve got a treat for you!

I’ve put together a comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide that will empower you to become a manifesting master.

This guide is packed with tips, tricks, and actionable steps to level up your manifestation game and unlock the full potential of your native Superpowers.

So, what are you waiting for? The world of magic and miracles awaits you. Embrace your power, take inspired action, and let’s turn your manifestation journey into the most exciting, empowering, and life-changing game you’ve ever played!

Click the link below to get your hands on the How to Turn Your Manifestation Into a Game Guide and let the adventure begin!

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Let’s manifest a world of dreams and possibilities together! Happy manifesting, my fellow Lightworker! 🌟✨

Unlock Your Manifestation Superpowers: Level up with the Ultimate Guide! Discover the game-changing steps to manifest your dreams.

Sabrina Seraphiel Bøglund

Sabrina Seraphiel Bøglund is a Danish Mindset Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Manifestation Expert and Writer, who Specialises in Helping Independent People to Break Free from the Cycle of Narcissistic Abuse and Toxic Relationships so that They can Manifest Their Dream Life. With over 16 Certifications, over 1½ Decades of experience as a Professional Spiritual Teacher, author of 6 books, including "Manifestation 101" and "Åndelig Kommunikation" (Spiritual Communication), and Growing Up with an Abusive Narcissistic Mother with Psychopathic Traits, Sabrina Knows First-Hand the Power of Mindset and Manifestation. Join her Community Today at https://boglund.com and Start Creating the Life You Deserve.

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