6 Law of Attraction Tips to Speed Up Your Manifestation Up. 

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6 Law of Attraction Tips to Speed Up Your Manifestation Up. 

The Universal Law of Attraction… This famous Universal Laws has been associated with Manifestation for over a decade now after it was made popular by The Secret.

The biggest mistake Newbies make is believing that the Universal Law of Attraction is 1:1 with Manifestation. Let’s just make it very clear right now before we get started with the tips. 

The Law of Attraction is NOT the same as Manifestation!

The Law of Attraction is just one of Many Thousands of Universal Laws that work together to make your Manifestation happen.

When you start your Manifestation journey, you will soon experience that your Manifestations may take longer to happen than you expected. You’ll get impatient and maybe even start doubting if it works.

Instant Manifestation takes years to learn, and even then, it’s not something you can take for granted.

So, I will give you some tips on how to Speed your Manifestation Up by using the Law of Attraction, but please don’t expect Instant Manifestations.

Tip #1 – Don’t Rely Your Entire Manifestation on the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction states Like attracts Like! 

Nothing more, nothing less.

Think about it like a boomerang. 

You ATTRACT what you’re sending out!

In other words, the Universe doesn’t give you what you want. It simply gives you more of what you already are! – and in the eyes of the Universe, the Divine, the Angels, the Source (red. God), You are your ENERGY FREQUENCY!

Just as you need to open Netflix to stream Lucifer (I loooove that show!) – you also need to “turn on” your Energy Frequency so you can “stream” your Desired Outcome.

Your Energy Frequency is working with the Law of Attraction, day in and day out, without a break. So everything around you, and everything that ever had happened to you or for you, are something you ATTRACTED into your life through the Law of Attraction. 

The Law of Attraction is simply just ATTRACTING people, things, situations, events, opportunities, challenges, and so forth into your life. What you do with the people, things, situations, events, opportunities, challenges, etc., is completely up to you. – which is why you’re 100% responsible for whether you have a Successful Manifestation or not.

HOWEVER, the Law of Attraction can ONLY Attract what into your life which matches your Energy Frequency

This is why it’s very difficult to Manifest a Joyful and Happy Marriage if you’re suffering from a Depression. Or Manifesting becoming a Millionaire if you get uncomfortable about checking your Bank Account.

In those cases, your Energy Frequency is led by Depression and Anxiety. – And I hope we both can agree upon that Depression and Anxiety are the complete opposite of Joyful, Happy, Freedom and Peace of Mind, right?

So don’t rely on the Universal Law of Attraction alone! – You need to get some more players on the field!

Tip #2 – Learn About Other Universal Laws too!

There are thousands of billions of Universal Laws, so it’s impossible to know all of them. I have created a section here in the Resource Hub where I’m sharing a “new” Universal Law each month to help you get started.

If we just take the Law of Attraction: The Law of Attraction is one out of 8 Sub Laws of the Law of Magnetism. These 9 Universal Laws look very much alike but operate on different parameters. Yet, one can’t exist without the others.

If you rely your entire Manifestation on one Law and forget the other Laws’ influence, it’s very easy to block the Desired Outcome.

I will recommend you to Dive into the Universal Laws that are already published in the Resource Hub and then sign up for my email list, so you can receive a “How to Use the Law of [INSERT LAW]” guide when I’m publishing a new Law.

Tip #3 – Bring Your Energy Frequency in Alignment with Your Desired Outcome.

As mentioned, your Energy Frequency communicates with the Universe, not your words!

Your Energy Frequency is the Sum of your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions.

The Law of Attraction only listens to your Energy Frequency, and your Energy Frequency only! 

If you want to Master the art of Instant Manifestation, then you must Master the art of bringing Your Energy Frequency in Alignment with Your Desired Outcome! It takes years to master Instant Manifestations; even then, it can be difficult.

Because what is our Desired Outcome’s Energy Frequency? – and how is it possible to match our own Energy Frequency with something we don’t know?

Over time, you’ll learn the Energy Frequencies of different things, but a great starting point is keeping your Energy Frequency as High Vibe as possible. Focus on creating sincere Happiness, Joy, Excitement, Freedom, and Peace WITHOUT a physical source. It has to come from within, not from what you have.

Remember, in order to become a Magnet for Amazing things in your life, and have the Law of Attraction bring you Wonders, Your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions must reflect Happiness, Joy, Excitement, Freedom, and Peace naturally! – You must know how to bring yourself back in High Vibe energy on bad days or adversity.

I’m showing you how in Divine Secrets of Successful Manifestations!

Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations is a 6 weeks Digital Training Program based on the Bøglund Manifestation Equation. M = DAS+EF = DE+DT. You can use this blueprint to Manifest anything you want in life AND remove the blocks you already experiencing.

Tip #4 – Stop Waiting for a Miracle… The Magic Wand is YOU!

There is one place where so many people eff up when using the Law of Attraction for Manifestation, and that’s waiting for a Miracle to Happen!

Remember, the Law of Attraction ATTRACTS what’s in alignment with your Energy Frequency. But it’s up to you to ACT on it and bring it into Manifestation. 

When opportunities appear in your life, you need to make a move!

There is no such thing as a Magical Fairy Godmother who swings her Magic Wand and bibbidibabbidiboo all your Dreams and Desires come true.

If you want to Speed Up your Manifestations, you must get up from your couch and take guided actions! All your Affirmations and Visualisations won’t help if you block the Manifestation by not taking actions that will Support your Desired Outcome.

Tip #5 – Take Responsibility for Your Current Situation.

There can be many reasons why you’re in your current situation. Some may be the consequences of previous actions (or lack of it), and some may be caused by external situations like financial crises, wars, the climate, or someone’s decision-making that, in some shape or form, have an impact on your life. No matter what, you still need to own up to your responsibility in the situation!

In Manifestation, there is no room for playing the Victim-card, no matter how much you can justify it! Seeing yourself as a victim will lower your Energy Frequency by 100%. 

Think about it… have you ever seen any victim be Successful in anything positive or good? 

You need to take Responsibility for your current situation for several reasons. 

The one that should be your primary motivation is if you play the Victim-card and complain about how hard everything is and always talk about why things aren’t going your way, your Energy Frequency will tell the Universe that you want more reasons to feel like a Victim and have something to complain about. That will activate the Law of Attraction to attract more situations and people into your life that will keep you in that mindset… and since you already are so caught up in the pain and frustration, you’ll automatically take actions that make more of these Manifest.

So to change this from happening, you must practise Shifting your Perception from fear, pain, and anxiety to Love, Forgiveness and Go-Getter… the good kind of Go-Getter, of course, where we don’t hurt anyone on our way to Success.

The first step is taking Responsibility by learning and growing from your current situation and what gets you there. 

The second step is taking Responsibility by taking on your Big Girl/Boy pants and going out and fixing the situation. If you don’t like your current situation, what can you do right now to change it? – then do it.

Listen, you may not be Responsible for what happens to you, but you’re 100% Responsible for 1) how you react to the situation and 2) what you’re doing with your life afterwards!

Tip #6 – Have Faith and Be Patience!

As I said in the introduction, DO NOT expect Instant Manifestations! You need to slow down and let the Universe do her Magic.

Putting a Deadline on Manifestations isn’t healthy for your Mental Health, and it turns into some unhealthy habits like Controlling, Manipulation, and Forcing, which will block your Manifestation instantly.

In order for the Law of Attraction to ATTRACT your Desired Outcome, you must wait until your Energy Frequency matches your Desired Outcome. Depending on where you are in life, it can take somewhere from a minute to years. 

There are two major components right here… The Universe, the Divine, the Angels, and the Source (red. God) activate the people, situations, events, etc., that are needed in order for your Desired Outcome to show up in your life. 

And two, Your Personal Journey from where you are right now and to get to a place where you’re ready to receive your Desired Outcome.

The last one is where your Ego needs to take a humble pie because, if you already were ready to receive your Desired Outcome, you’ll already have it. So the fact that you don’t have it means that you aren’t there yet. 

As soon as you accept that, you can surrender it and instead use your Time and Energy to get to a place where you can receive it. 

I’m not necessarily talking about taking more education. 

I’m talking about your Personal Growth… Your Personal Development… When you devote your time to growing as a Person and a Soul, prioritising your Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Health, you’ll soon see how things move quicker.

Most Manifestations are about having Faith that Everything will eventually work out for the Highest Good for Everyone involved.

If you can do that and make sure Your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions and Actions are supporting your Desired Outcome, you’ll soon see your Manifestation Come True.

If you want my help to Manifest your Desired Outcome and get access to all my tools for Manifestation, then check out Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations

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6 Law of Attraction Tips to Speed Up Your Manifestation Up. 

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