The Law of Attraction states Like attracts Like! Nothing more, nothing less. Think about it like a boomerang.

6 Law of Attraction Tips to Speed Up Your Manifestation Up. 

The Law of Attraction… This famous Universal Laws has been associated with Manifestation for over a decade now after it was made popular by The Secret.

The biggest mistake Newbies make is believing that the Universal Law of Attraction is 1:1 with Manifestation. Let’s just make it very clear right now before we get started with the tips. 

The Law of Attraction is NOT the same as Manifestation!

The Law of Attraction is just one of Many Thousands of Universal Laws that work together to make your Manifestation happen.

When you start your Manifestation journey, you will soon experience that your Manifestations may take longer to happen than you expected. You’ll get impatient and maybe even start doubting if it works.

Instant Manifestation takes years to learn, and even then, it’s not something you can take for granted.

So, I will give you some tips on how to Speed your Manifestation Up by using the Law of Attraction, but please don’t expect Instant Manifestations.

Tip #1 – Don’t Rely Your Entire Manifestation on the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction states Like attracts Like! 

Nothing more, nothing less.

Think about it like a boomerang. 

You ATTRACT what you’re sending out!

In other words, the Universe doesn’t give you what you want. It simply gives you more of what you already are! – and in the eyes of the Universe, the Divine, the Angels, the Source (ed. God), You are your ENERGY FREQUENCY!

Just as you need to open Netflix to stream Lucifer (I loooove that show!) – you also need to “turn on” your Energy Frequency so you can “stream” your Desired Outcome.

Your Energy Frequency is working with the Law of Attraction, day in and day out without a break. So everything around you, and everything that ever had happened to you or for you, are something you ATTRACTED into your life through the Law of Attraction. 

The Law of Attraction is simply just ATTRACTING people, things, situations, events, opportunities, challenges, and so forth into your life. What you do with the people, things, situations, events, opportunities, challenges, etc., is completely up to you. – which is why you’re 100% responsible for whether you have a Successful Manifestation or not.

HOWEVER, the Law of Attraction can ONLY Attract what into your life which matches your Energy Frequency

This is why it’s very difficult to Manifest a Joyful and Happy Marriage if you’re suffering from Depression. Or Manifesting becoming a Millionaire if you get uncomfortable about checking your Bank Account.

In those cases, your Energy Frequency is led by Depression and Anxiety. – And I hope we both can agree that Depression and Anxiety are the complete opposite of Joy, Happy, Freedom and Peace of Mind, right?

So don’t rely on the Universal Law of Attraction alone! – You need to get some more players on the field!

The remaining tips are:

Tip #2 – Learn About Other Universal Laws as well!

Tip #3 – Bring Your Energy Frequency in Alignment with Your Desired Outcome.

Tip #4 – Stop Waiting for a Miracle… The Magic Wand is YOU!

Tip #5 – Take Responsibility for Your Current Situation.

If you want to learn more about those tips and how to use them to Speed Up Your Manifestation, then click the Link Below.

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