7 Blocks for Manifesting a Relationship.

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7 Blocks for Manifesting a Relationship

Some people wish to Manifest a Specific Person, while others simply just want to Manifest a Relationship.

By now, I think I have covered everything about Manifesting a Specific Person, either in FREE Articles here in the Resource Hub or in my Digital Training Program, How to Manifest a Specific Person. Of course, along with the FREE VIP Bonuses I had sent out to my Email List every Week when I published a new article about Manifesting a Specific Person.

Now it’s time to move on and focus on Manifesting a Relationship in general. 

When I’m teaching how to Manifest a Relationship (specific person or not), I’m talking about any kind of relationship. Friendships, work-related relationships, travel buddies, romance, family, mentors, teachers, clients, customers… you name it. 

In other words, Manifesting a Relationship really just means Manifesting a person or a group of people into your life whom you wish to spend x amount of time with for a certain purpose.

Manifesting Relationships, no matter what kind, can be tricky, for there are often feelings involved, and we tend to add a lot of pressure on the relationship.

In this Article, I will address some of the most Common Mistakes I see that cause Blocks in Relationship Manifestations.

Block #1 – You Ignoring the Others’ Free Will!

While you definitely need to watch more out for interfering with someone’s Free Will when you’re trying to Manifest a Specific Person, you still need to keep Free Will in mind in any relationship.

Manifesting a Relationship leaves the room open for anyone who fits your Energy Frequency to enter your life. 

Now, remember, you don’t Manifest what you want – you Manifest the outcome of your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions!

So sometimes we think we’re Manifesting a Relationship, but what we actually Manifest is someone who can help us learn and grow from an important life lesson.

If you believe that when a person shows up in your life, who matches your description of who you want to have a relationship with, automatically also wants to have a relationship with you, you need to take a step back!

Just like with Specific Person, the person you attract has Free Will and may not be interested or ready to have the same relationship with you as you want to have with them. You need to be careful not to step over any boundaries.

Let’s shift the perception to where it suppose to be: You never really know when, where, and how you meet the person. This is why I always treat anyone with kindness. I see strangers as friends I haven’t met. No matter how terrible a day I have, I’m always kind to others. Always!

Other people, including the person you’re going to have a Relationship with when the Manifestation is fulfilled, are looking at how you’re treating others before they decide to talk to you. 

If someone doesn’t want to talk to you, you must respect that without asking for any reason. They are Free to do whatever they want… no matter how well they fit what you want to Manifest.

When it comes to Free Will, it’s ALWAYS a good idea to flip the mirror from time to time.
Don’t you observe the people in the room before you approach them?
Don’t you take notice of someone’s behaviour if they catch your attention?
Don’t you avoid talking with someone because they are rude or assholes to someone else?

People do the exact same thing to you!

ESPECIALLY if that person is a part of the Universe equation for making the Manifestation of your Desired Relationship come true. The catch is that neither you nor the person knows that you’re part of the same Manifestation Equation.

Block #2 – You are TOO Specific on What You Want!

One of the most dangerous things to do when it comes to any type of Manifestation is to be so specific that you have mapped the entire process out, step by step, and have a rock-solid picture of how you want the outcome to be. It doesn’t matter what you are trying to Manifest – this approach will block it immediately!

In Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations, I teach you how to use the SMART model in your Manifestation. 

The SMART model is:

Within the Realistic part is leaving room for things to unfold for the Highest Good for everyone, including others’ Free Will, Life Circumstances, Global Events, Karmic Influences, Soul Contracts, Universal Laws, and anything in between.

No human has the full picture and never will have the full picture. It will turn our brains into pudding.

Also, when you feel the need to map out any detail and focus on getting exactly the outcome you see in your mind, you’re radiating a Vibration of Fear and Control. It shows that you don’t trust the Universe, and you are imposing your Will and Desire upon anything and anyone else! 

This behaviour will repel everyone and everything that may be important for actually Manifest the Relationship you Desire.

Block #3 – You are too Vague in What You Want!

When I did Angel Tarot Card Readings and Psychic Readings, I always told my clients to be as Specific with their questions as possible since the more Specific the question was, the more Specific the answer would be. 

If you ask Fluffy questions, you get Fluffy answers!

The same goes for Manifestations! – You don’t want to be too vague in what you are trying to Manifest!

You need to find the line between being Specific and not too Specific. 👈🏻 This is the key to solving this problem.

I’m teaching you how to do this in Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations and How to Manifest a Specific Person

If your Desired Outcome is too Vague, like I want to have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend!”

Wanting a Boyfriend/Girlfriend doesn’t say anything about what type of person you want to have a Relationship with. It doesn’t say anything about how Healthy the Relationship should be. So you might Manifest a Boyfriend/Girlfriend, but the person might be an Energy Vampire or drag you into a lot of mess… or the person might be the right fit for you… in other words, you don’t know what you get.

Another classic example is “I want to have new Friendships”, but you forgot to narrow in on what kind of Friends you want.

Block #4 – You are Looking for Prince Charming // Knight in Shiny Armour.

This block is a bad one!

If you’re looking for Prince Charming or a Knight in Shiny Armour, you’re suffering from something I call Self-Learned Helplessness! 

Self-Learned Helplessness is one of the worst states you can be in because it keeps you locked up in your Fear, Pain, Anxiety, and Suffering… and you hold the keys to your own prison. The problem is, instead of opening the lock yourself, you’re waiting for someone to come and save you from your misery.

When people try to help you, you have 999,999,999,999,999 excuses, reasons, and explanations for why you CAN’T do something.

Not only do you push people away with this attitude and victim-mentality, but you’re also attracting more stuff into your life that keeps you in the position of needing rescuing.

– And you eventually become so used to being a victim that getting out of it makes you uncomfortable, and you start sabotaging any opportunities for a better life, including relationships with good people.

I have left people behind because I got tired of listening to their never-ending complaints, and when I tried to help them, I got a billion excuses why they couldn’t do it. I have enough stuff to deal with in my own life. I don’t need to be dragged into someone else’s mess if they aren’t even interested in doing their part in healing their situation and getting a better life.

I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. We want to help, but at some point, we realise that it’s impossible to help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves… and then we leave.

Looking for a Prince Charming or Knight in Shiny Armour (no matter Gender) is A LOT of pressure to put not only on another person but also the entire Manifestation. 

Not only will this attract some very questionable people into your life, but it will also keep you in a position where you’ll need Rescuing.

Victim-Mentality and Self-Learned Helplessness are just not very attractive. They are so incredibly low on the Energy Frequency scale that they will immediately block any Positive Manifestation from happening. If you’re looking for Prince Charming in your Relationship Manifestations, you’re also looking for him to fix any other problems in your life.

On top of that, people who are suffering from Self-Learned Helplessness and Victim-Mentality are often Energy Vampires themselves, which makes them an Unhealthy Relationship with others!

Block #5 – You are Still Attached to Your Ex or Stuck in the Past.

This is a very common block. If you aren’t over your Ex or are Stuck in the Past, it’s very difficult to attract a New Partner into your Life.

You’re simply not ready yet!

You need to give yourself time to Heal and Recover before you push yourself out into new Relationships.

I’m sure you already know this, and you also know that Relationships made while you still are attached to your Ex won’t last.

I recommend focusing on Healing the past and Healing your Broken Heart BEFORE you start Manifesting a New Relationship. If you still want to give it a go with Manifesting Relationships, I will recommend that you focus on Manifesting Friendships instead of Love!

Block #6 – You are Trying to Control, Force, or/and Manipulate the Outcome.

A Golden Thumb Rule for Manifestation is: The More We Want Something, the More Likely we are to Block It!

The WANT tends to make us get in our own way!

Controlling, Forcing and Manipulating behaviour often gets us in the habit of mapping out every detail, ignoring others’ Free Will, and breaking countless Universal Laws.

Controlling, Manipulative and Forcing people are also EXTREMELY toxic to be around and can be very selfish and narcissistic.

THIS WILL, without any doubt, BLOCK any Manifestation of Good People. You’re simply scaring them away!

What you may Manifest are Pushovers, People-Pleasers and Naive People who feel comfortable with being associated with people who Control, Manipulate, and Force! 👈🏻 These are very Unhealthy Relationships!

Block #7 – You Have Karmic Lessons or Karmic Debt from Previous Life-Times. 

All of the above blocks are something you have created in this lifetime – which means they can easily be fixed. – And by easy, I mean it’s easier to find the cause and thereby know where to make the necessary changes to remove the block.

On the other hand, if you have Karmic Lessons or Karmic Debts that block your Relationship Manifestations, the work suddenly becomes a little more difficult! 

In order to remove a block, you would need to know what caused it and then figure out how to solve it.

If the block is Karmic, the Cause happened in a Previous Lifetime and now turned into a Karmic Lesson or Karmic Debt.

Karmic Lessons are often a part of your Life Purposes, so by fulfilling your Life Purposes, you will learn whatever you need to learn in order to fulfil the Karmic Lesson.

Karmic Debt is often caused by:

  • Breaking the Universal Law of Giving & Receiving 
  • Being a Killer
  • Sentenced an Innocent Person to Death
  • Took any active part in the Witch-Hunt and Witch Persecution, and something like it. 
  • Abuse and Violence against Others
  • Narcissist, Psychopathic, Sociopathic and Paedophilia Behaviour that have Hurt Others
  • Racism and Slavery
  • Homophobia turning physically and violent
  • … and so forth… I think you get the picture…

Remember, this is something that happened in a Previous Lifetime!

If you’re doing something like those things in this Lifetime, and you don’t stop doing it and healing whatever INSIDE of yourself that causes you this type of behaviour, you’re creating Karmic Debt for your future Lifetimes.

Solving Karmic Debt requires that you balance your debt out with the EXACT soul you hurt in a Previous Lifetime. But most people don’t remember anything about their Past Lifetimes. So the only way to access that information (if you don’t remember yourself) is by Past-Life Regression, reading your Book in the Akashic Records, or reading your Soul Contract. That is usually something you would have to pay a professional to help you with.

It is important to keep in mind that anything Karmic is NOT Fate or Destiny! It’s your opportunity to clean up the mess you made in the past. If you don’t clean it up in this Lifetime, it will just follow you into the next.

The GOOD News is, you WILL cross paths with anyone you have Karmic Debt with in this Lifetime, which gives you the opportunity to solve it. These relationships are called Karmic Relationships – and those are the WORST kind of relationships to have. They are no fun! But they are necessary in order to heal the cause.

If you have Karmic Debt with someone, you will most likely be very attracted to them, but they will be very repelled by you because their Soul remembers what you did to them in Previous Lifetimes, which equals a block.

Karmic Lessons can block your Relationship Manifestation until you have learned what you needed to learn for the Karmic to dissolve.

Karmic Lessons, Karmic Debt, and Karmic Relationships is a topic for itself, which we will have to wait to dive into at a later time.

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7 Blocks for Manifesting a Relationship

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