5 Mindset Concepts Only True Lightworkers Understand.

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5 Mindset Concepts Only True Lightworkers Understand.

The first article in 2022!

I will start 2022 by dedicating all the articles in January to focus on Mental Health & Well-Being. We need to stop being afraid to dig into our own mental health and well-being and pretend that “there is nothing wrong with us”. As a matter of fact is, stress, depression, and anxieties are challenges that the majority of the world’s population face at least once in their life… most often, stress, depression, and anxiety is returning events in our lives. I don’t believe it’s healthy to suppress stress, depression, and anxiety – no matter how busy we are – because it will just make matters worse when we eventually hit the wall.

As Lightworkers, we are highly sensitive and strongly connected with our emotional life. We need our emotions and sensitivity to navigate us through our life purposes and our Light WORK. When we hit stress, depression, and anxiety, it’s because we listen more to the demands of the world and our own Ego’s Fear-Based thoughts than we listen to the Source of Love and our own heart. 

No matter what goals, dreams, desires and plans we have for ourselves, our careers and the world we live in – your own Mental Health & Well-Being must have the first priority! If our Mental Health & Well-Being suffers, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G else will also suffer.

Let’s dive in and look at some Mindset Concepts only True Lightworkers Understand.

Concept #1 – The Power of Positive Thinking.

Positive Thinking is not the same as running around like a frisky moron, not taking anything seriously and thinking everything is rainbows and sunshine all the time. Those people are clearly trying to escape from something dark inside of them.

No, Positive Thinking is the kind of optimism where you have faith that everything will work out eventually. 

Positive Thinking is looking at life as the glass half-full.

When life throws shit at you, you look after the gemstones in the dirt. The lessons. The potential for growth and development. The guidance to send you on a new and better path. The opportunity to meet new people who can help you recover from whatever you’re going through and make a significant change in your life.

Everything happens for a reason; it becomes an opportunity to get to know new people, experience new things, and explore areas of life you had never thought about before. 

As a Spiritual Teacher and Mentor, people usually find me and my work in the middle of a crisis or something painful they are going through. While people often come to me when they are in a lot of emotional and spiritual pain, they still have hope for a better future and a desire to recover from their pain so they can invite genuine happiness into their life. 

That is Positive Thinking! 

Their life is super painful, but they are still willing to reach out to someone who can help them recover. 

Positive Thinking is not only important in the matter of recovery and self-growth. 

It’s also an extremely important ingredient for your Manifestation progress. Remember, everything you experience in your life is a Manifestation of your most dominant thoughts, emotions and actions. The higher your energy frequency is the better your manifestations. 

Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations

That’s maybe why some people choose to live in la-la-land and walk around with blinkers to block out anything that doesn’t fit into their picture-perfect fantasy world with rainbow-pooping, sparkle-farting Unicorns singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” with a fairy wand as a microphone? 🤔  

Wait… what did I just write?!?! 🤣🤣 You dare to accuse me of having a boring language 😅

La-la-land won’t increase anyone’s energy frequency – it’s just an escape route for not dealing with the problems because they’re too afraid of looking at it.

Lightworkers don’t escape from reality, and they don’t engage in wishful thinking. Lightworkers choose to see the positive side of every situation – looking for the blessings, the potential for growth, and having faith everything would work out eventually. On top of that, we prioritise our time and energy on what makes us genuinely happy, making sure to authentically laugh every day and spend time with those we truly love. 

THAT, my friend, is what increases your energy frequency!

Concept #2 – The Zen Zone.

The Zen Zone is where you retire when you need to recharge!

I’m not an advocate for meditation because I don’t practice it myself. I find it extremely boring… and I don’t do boring! Life is too short for boring!

Don’t restrict yourself to living according to others’ rules.

My Zen Zones – I have a few – are being alone near the ocean, watching Netflix (because then I don’t need to use my brain), dancing, sleeping, or travelling back to the realm of Seraphim.

Some people like to go for a walk in nature. Some want to go for a swim. Some like to take a long bath and make a little home spa in their bathroom. (I would do that too if I had a bathtub and my bathroom was bigger) Some like reading a book, writing, and journaling… some like gaming or spending hours in front of the computer.

Whatever you like to do to recharge your batteries on a day-to-day basis, that’s your Zen Zone!

If you are a nerdy-geek, then look into your nerdy-geek hobbies – you may find that engaging in your nerdy-geek is exactly what gives you more energy and help you recharge for the world outside of your home’s four walls.

Many Lightworkers are sssssssssuper nerdy-geeky within something! – and it doesn’t have to be stones, runes, herbs, astrology, or tarot cards 🤣

Concept #3 – The Hermit.

Lightworkers are often either introverts or ambiverts. I don’t think I ever had met or heard about an extrovert Lightworker. That, however, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I just don’t know any. 

Lightworkers need their alone-time. Both to recharge (Zen Zone), but also get a break from all the impulses of the world. You see, as Lightworkers, we have, in addition to our Personal Life Purposes (which every single person on this planet has), also Global Life Purposes or Light WORK as I call it. 

Our Global Life Purposes//Light WORK is why we are Lightworkers. We have a job to do – and that job always, in one way or another, involves healing, teaching, and helping the world, people, nature, and/or animals in the air, on land, and in the sea) Some even have Light WORK that includes space.

A Simple Plan to Find the Purpose in Your Life

Our sensors are picking up information all the time, which we need in order to fulfil our Global Life Purposes. So when we need alone-time, it’s because our mind needs to structure and organise the latest 759 billion data and information our sensors had picked up that day. That is why Lightworkers are introverted or ambivert. We need our alone time, so we don’t get too overwhelmed with the world.

However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t have healthy marriages and family life. Of course, we can! 

It just requires that we find a Life Partner who understands and respects our needs for alone time and needs to retire to our Zen Zone – as well as respect our Life Partner’s need for the same.

If a Lightworker wants a healthy and happy family life, I would recommend that you marry another Lightworker. When it comes to kids and pets, the recipe is crystal clear boundaries and rules for when and when it’s not allowed to interrupt. 

When I was a child, we knew that when my dad was playing shooting games on his computer, it was a sign that we should leave him alone unless it were an emergency. It was just the way it was, and there were no problems. I think my dad bought his first computer in 1990, and I was born in October 1989, so I can’t remember not having a computer in the house. I’m still traumatised by the sound of the computer connecting to the modem 😖😖 That is an evil sound!

Concept #4 – Not Letting Anyone Dull Our Sparkles!


The sooner we can accept that, the easier our lives will become!

Some of us are raised by the words “If you don’t have anything nice or constructive to say, you shouldn’t speak at all!” while others are raised to yell out their opinions about anything and everything. – You know, the types who are vomiting all their bullshit all over their keyboard and posting it on Facebook… or online forums. Some people really don’t seem to have any filter.

If you are on the receiving end of the negativity, it can be difficult not to get hurt by it. It takes years to learn to ignore it, and even then, it’s hurtful because we can sense the negative energy behind it. It’s not just the words and what’s said. It is the energetic vibration that follows it.

I have been on the receiving end of a lot of negativity, judgments and strangers on the internet who had opinions about how I should live my life and what I should talk about and not talk about since I was 17-18 years old. There have even been people telling me how I should do my work. There still are… now they just sent it in a DM to me instead of sharing it where anyone else can see it. The issue people have with me is, most of the time, that I’m very open about my spirituality and philosophies – I’m a Spiritual Teacher and Mentor, after all… it’s part of the job – and because I refuse to be muzzled. I take great pride in my confidentiality, no way I’m letting myself get muzzled by anyone. 

The other thing people have an issue with is how I have been sharing my story of domestic violence and why I don’t have any relationship with my mother. I’m at that place now, where I’m tired of sharing stories of how my mother abused me. It’s like ripping up old wounds and letting them bleed again. My mental health is now better off, not sharing specific stories from that time but being open about the situation. Domestic violence and child abuse are part of my childhood story, and I don’t want to hide it or be ashamed of it! To my big surprise, some people believe my mother is the victim here and that I’m an evil person because I’m talking like that about my own mother. The thing is, SHE abused me! SHE beat the shit out of me! SHE hunted me through the entire house with a sharp kitchen knife in her hand! She tried to suffocate me in a bean bag! SHE made me raise my 7 years younger sister because she was more interested in watching American soap operas… and I am suddenly the bad guy here? If you didn’t know, my mother is a narcissist and a psychopath.

I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to say anything that is remotely as painful as making the decision to leave my mother at the age of 15 because I couldn’t stay under the same roof as her anymore. I would not be alive today if I didn’t leave her back then. I wouldn’t even have made it to 16. That is the truth, and there is no reason to hide it.

When I’m asked why I always seem so strong and like nothing can break me, I am always telling them the same thing.

People judge you from their own perception of how things should and should not be. As soon something falls out of their box of comfort, they are soon to judge. It’s all a matter of making themselves feel comfortable in a situation that is out of their control… and, in most cases, none of their business.

The more people point fingers at others, and the more they talk bullshit about others, the more likely it is that the same people feel miserable in their own life. If a person is truly happy, they don’t feel any need to take jabs at others or talk shit about others. In-person, online, on social media, or DMs.

I know that every time someone judges me or takes jabs at me, it’s because I represent something different from their own perception of what they are comfortable with. Their words can be truly hurtful, but in the core essence of it all, it’s never about me – it’s about them and their Ego. It makes it easier to shake it off and walk away.

Concept #5 – Surrender and Let Go!

Being able to surrender and let go is one of the most effective ways to gain peace of mind. If you can do this, then you hold a magic wand in your hand.

There are so many things every day that we need to surrender and let go of. One, because, no matter how much we hate to admit it, it’s out of our control.
Two, because the time hasn’t arrived for it to manifest
– and Three because we would drive ourselves nutcake if we didn’t let it go.

I believe it’s human nature to want to be in control all the time and have a perfect time schedule over how things can come from A to B. I don’t think it’s healthy if we are beating ourselves up about being a control freak! But we need to address if the need for control comes from the need to have structure and perspective over a situation? Or if it comes from a place of fear and needs to manipulate the narrative?

I have a slight OCD; that’s no secret either. So I can be a control freak because I need structure and need things to be organised in order to have peace of mind. Because of the childhood trauma with my mother, I don’t like big surprises and significant changes that suddenly happen. Is that fear? Well, the fear is in the trauma of getting hurt, but not in the changes themselves.

Structure and perspective are not negative controlling because it gives us a direction and a plan for moving forward with our plans. 

The problem arises if we try to force and manipulate the narrative to give us the exact outcome we desire. That’s fear-based action, and it’s led by the Ego.

Structure, planning, perspective, and organisation can work as a way to make it easier to surrender and let go… or Let go and Let God! <- Despite not being religious, I really love that saying “Let Go and Let God!” It is probably because it refers to the most powerful element in any manifestation and happy life… HAVE FAITH THAT EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT EVENTUALLY! 

Let Go and Let God is just a shorter and more simple way to say the same thing.

The magic of surrendering is to free your mind from worries and trains of thought. It’s a wonderful way to get peace in your head – and if you can top it with having faith and positive thinking, then miracles will soon start to unfold.


Let me know under this post on Instagram. What is your most important mindset concept?

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