7 Secrets to Make a Huge Change in This World Right Now

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7 Secrets to Make a Huge Change in This World Right Now

Making a huge change in the world is actually not as complicated as one may think. Sure, you can’t save the entire world within a day, but you can do one small change every day. 

Like in any other project, taking time to break down your big goal into a number of small goals makes it easier to accomplish. For example, if you want to remove homelessness, focus on helping one homeless person every day rather than the entire homeless situation in your local community. When you focus on the person rather than the situation, you’ll get much better results because the solution now has a personal touch.

Secret #1 – Commit to Your Own Development.

Your Call in life – Your Globale Life Purposes – Your Light WORK is very often directly linked to your own personal development. The more you grow and develop, the more you have to give to the world. 

You should also be careful not to use your desire to help everyone else as an excuse for not working on your own healing.

Secret #2 – Listen to Your Heart… and Your Call.

I have lost count of how many times someone had asked me, “Sabrina, what is my purpose in life?” The answer is simple, but executing it might be a bit more challenging.

You have multiple Life Purposes divided into Personal Life Purposes, Global Life Purposes and Divine Life Purpose. 

The Personal Life Purposes is pretty much your personal and spiritual development. 

The Divine Life Purpose is something I’m only teaching my students. 

Your Global Life Purposes are Your Light WORK. Your Light WORK is the call in your Heart – the passion and desire to do something for a chosen group of people, nature, situation, circumstance, space, etc. For example, suppose you’ve been passionate about space and planets since you were a toddler. In that case, a part of your Global Life Purpose is exploring and studying space and maybe even getting to NASA. 

A Simple Plan to Find the Purpose in Your Life

Suppose you are passionate about teaching history to school kids. In that case, a part of your Global Life Purpose is to be a history teacher.

Global Life Purposes are always connected to your passions and how you can share your passion with others or using your passions to heal, improve, or solve issues, not only in this world but maybe in the entire galaxy. 

So ask yourself; 

What are you the most passionate about? 

What can you go completely nerdy-geek about?

Secret #3 – The Difference between Empathy and Enabling.

You do know you can be empathic while not enabling bad behaviour and habits to continue, right?

Most Lightworkers hate conflicts and rather take the safe approach than stand up for what’s right. For example, if your call is to help alcoholics become sober, you can’t just talk them out of drinking. No matter how sweet, loving, and kind you are, they could have a relapse. Be empathic to the alcoholic, not to the situation. Be supportive to the alcoholic, not to the situation. Your kindness won’t make them stop drinking, and it’s not your job to save them.

You’re not their saviour!

You must be very up-front about this; otherwise, they will put you on a pedestal and get sober for you. They must get sober for their own sake and become strong on their own; otherwise, they are most likely to relapse when you’re gone. It’s your responsibility to make sure they don’t replace the addiction to alcohol with the addiction to you. Codependency is also an addiction!

If you want to help someone with an addiction, you would need to take the alcohol away, flush the drugs out in the toilet, or remove any other substance they may be addicted to. Yes, they will get angry at you and use bad language. Yet, until they have grown enough to control their urge, you’ll need to help them control it by persistently removing the substance. 

The same goes for anything else. If you are trying to help anyone, you need to have the courage to remove the root of the problem.

It’s just like with weed; if you want to get rid of the weed in your garden, you would need to pull it up by the root. Yes, it’s gonna be messy, but the results would be worth it. 

Secret #4 – Be Assertive about Your Time, Boundaries, and Balance.

Most people are mostly concerned about themselves and what’s going on right in front of them. So if you don’t set boundaries to maintain a healthy balance and learn to say “no!” you will burn out. 

Being Assertive is about standing up for yourself and your health. It’s about protecting yourself and your sanity from other people’s drama. Because let’s be honest, there will always be a new drama someone will try to drag you into. If you don’t say stop or put down boundaries, no one will.

One of the reasons I recommend Lightworkers to find a way to fulfil their Global Life Purposes/Light WORK through their professional job are:

  1. To be able to make a living doing your passion so that you can do it full time.
  2. To be able to take time off. If someone needs your help, they can book a session or buy your products. If it’s outside of office hours, it’s easier to ask them to wait until your office is open.

A Simple Plan to Find the Purpose in Your Life

Secret #5 – Inspire and Motivate Others.

The absolute best way to make a change in the world is to walk your talk. Instead of talking about what needs to be done, do it! 

You can make a big change in two ways. One way is to do all the work alone, or you can motivate and inspire other people to join you.

You can only do so much yourself with the hours available in your life and your abilities and skills. If you inspire and motivate you to join you on your quest, you will become a leader… maybe even a role model… which gives you influence. The people you inspire will be motivated to do something too and contribute with their skills and abilities. The more people you can get in your tribe, the more hands, skills, and abilities will you have to support your mission.

Secret #6 – Find Ways to Add Fun to the Projects.

Making changes in the world is not always a cup full of rainbows and unicorns… sometimes it can be really dull… and other times you would need to face some bad things or people. 

Like the abusers to abused children or animals, that is facing evil straight up. You would need to be able to turn those evil things around and use them in a way that actually makes a difference. This is called mental alchemy! There is absolutely no fun in cases about abused children or animals (I was an abused child myself) – but teaching others about serious issues can be done in an entertaining way. People learn best when they have fun doing it. So turn the teaching and awareness about the issues into a game. 

Secret #7 – Have Faith.

Having faith is the most important part in any manifestation… actually in anything in life.

Having faith means that you trust the process and that eventually, everything will work out for the best outcome for anyone involved.

Being incarnated into a human body, we are limited in how much we understand, know, see, hear and feel. It has nothing to do with how spiritually evolved we are or what realm our soul is from. The limitation comes down to one thing only… our brain. 

Our brain is not capable of knowing, understanding, seeing, hearing or feeling everything. Our soul may pick up on information, but our brain can not translate the information into anything constructive. 

Another reason why it’s important to have faith in everything eventually will work out is the fact that no one knows the future! The future is not written in stones. It twists and turns, go up and down and changes all the time. We only have right here, right now, and the past. When we do forecasts readings or predicting the future, we can only read the energies as to how they are in this present moment and how the likely outcome would be if nothing changes.

Faith also helps us stay patient, even when it’s hard, and keep going when we meet adversity. When we have faith, it’s easier to surrender, let go and move on because we know everything is taking care of. We have faith that everything will eventually work out! Even though it might look dark and impossible right now.

A Simple Plan to Find the Purpose in Your Life

When we have faith, it’s easier to hear the Divine Guidance we receive, thereby guided to the right people, right place, right circumstances, right opportunities – in the right time and place. If we also have faith in ourselves and our mission, it would be easy-peasy to talk to those people, show up at the place, benefit from the circumstances and grab the opportunities without being apologetic about it.

7 Secrets to Make a Huge Change in This World Right Now

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