Everyone Have This Superpower! – You’ll Never Guess What It Is!

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Everyone Have This Superpower! - You'll Never Guess What It Is!

Superpowers… I admit that using the word ‘Superpowers’ in my content is 100% intentional because I know the word ‘Superpowers’ will trigger you as a Shiny Object. Sorry, not sorry!

We’re all growing up with superheroes or magical beings with some sort of superpower. I’m not just talking about Superman, the Hulk, Jessica Jones, the Iron Fist, etc. I’m also talking about the Barbie movies (my guilty pleasure!), Winx, H2O – Just Add Water, It’s so Raven, Sabrina the Teenager Witch, etc. 

Superpowers are not something that just has a place in books or movies. Lightworkers also have Superpowers! Our Superpowers are just coming across in a slightly different way than what you see on the screen or reading about in the books.

No, you won’t be able to fly around with a red cape.

No, you won’t gain super-strength and lift heavy objects.

No, you won’t be able to shoot laser with your eyes.

No, you won’t suddenly have wings popping out of your back.

No, you won’t be bullet-proof.

Those kinds of superpowers belong in the fiction world. 

Lightworker Superpowers is More Subtle!

I’m teaching my students many different kinds of Superpowers. However, most of the Superpowers are not suited to be taught in an article on the internet. 

This article will focus on a Superpower everyone has, whether they are a Lightworker or not. 

Staying Calm!

Yeah! It was not what you expected, huh?

Let me explain!

Staying calm is one of the most challenging things to do when everything is heated up or in the middle of a storm. It takes strength and willpower to stay calm when it’s needed the most! 

The Good News is that Everyone Can Do It. 

Being calm is always possible when you’re focusing on taking deep breaths and exhaling slowly. Focus on centre yourself and staying grounded, no matter what happens around you.

I’m not talking about getting yourself into a mediative state of mind or ignoring what happens around you. No one is supposed to go through life with blinkers. 

Staying calm, no matter what’s going on, is the ability to think straight and move forward at peace. As it is with many Superpowers, this Superpower is all about controlling your mental state of mind. Staying calm is also very beneficial when it comes to using the other Lightworker Superpowers. Having a clear mind and keeping a sense of perspective helps us be more focused and excel our Superpowers in the right way. With powers comes responsibility, so does being a Lightworker!

How to Use the Staying Calm Superpower.

I’m one of the few Spiritual Teachers who doesn’t preach meditation since I don’t meditate myself. It’s too boring! 

If mediation works for you, perfect! Go with that! 

If you’re like me, who thinks mediation is a snore, then try this:

Step #1 – Take a Deep Breath and Exhale.

It’s always a good idea to practice your breathing exercises. 

Take a deep breath in through your nose. 

Hold it while counting to 5.

And exhale out through your mouth. 

Do that 3 times.

Step #2 – Take a Step Back and Get a Perceptive of the Situation.

In a heated or stromful situation, it’s easy to get carried away. It’s important to stay grounded so you can consider how you’re going to handle this. Remember, with powers comes responsibility! The trick is not to interfere or get involved from the get-go. 

Spend a second or two to observe the situation.

Step #3 – Trust Your Gut Feeling about the Situation.

Lightworkers are natural helpers, and we are inclined to view anyone and anything as our fix-up project. While I’m always teaching my students to heal the need to fix anything and anyone, I want to encourage you to channel the “I need to fix this” energy in the direction of calming the waters down a bit. 

Listen to what your gut tells you about the situation. However, just because you get something on your radar or getting a feeling about something DOES NOT mean you should tell everybody about it. It’s not the right time or place. Use the guide for yourself and how you’re going to help.

Step #4 – Ask for Divine Intervention.

Heated or stormful situations are ALWAYS created by someones fear-based thoughts, emotions, and actions. So when the waves are standing high, it would be challenging to talk any common sense to those involved. Therefore, the most powerful thing to do is to say a silent prayer, like

“Archangel Michael, please take care of this situation! Thank you!”

Step #5 – Surrender the Situation to the Universe/the Angels/God and Let it Go.

After the prayer, take another deep breath and exhale slowly while surrendering the whole thing to the Universe, Angels, God, or whatever you believe in. Hand it over, and let go of it. 

Like when you’re sending an email or a text to someone, asking them to take care of something. 

When you can feel a sense of relief or something is lifted from your shoulder, you have your 👍

Step #6 – Take Guided Action 

The Universe, God, or whatever you believe in often works through people. This means you most likely feel called to do something. Maybe call 911, get people in safety, or maybe even break up a fight. 

Follow your gut instinct. The urge to do something would often be so strong that it speaks much louder than your fear. People had somehow shown incredible strength out of the blue to get something done they normally never would have any idea how to do.

Step #7 – Don’t Fix Anything, Just Help Others to Say calm.

Again, you must hold down the Lightworker-turning-everything-and-everyone-into-a-fix-up-project tendency down. 


You are here to help, not to fix! 

Step #8 – When Everyone is Safe and Sound, Have Faith in the Divine Will Take Care about the Rest.

The most important thing is to get the heat stopped and get everyone safe. Our job is to take care of the situation right here and now and move it back into peace. The only way we can do that is by staying at peace ourselves. 

Like when you’re riding a horse, the rule of thumb is never to show the horse if you get afraid or scared because the horse will pick up on that fear and freak out. People in a heated moment is not much different. They will also pick up on your fear, and it will add fuel to the bonfire.

I hand stuff over to the Universe, God and the Angels all the time, not just conflicts and heated situations. I humbly know I don’t know all the answers, and I don’t know all the aspects of the situation. So instead of getting invested in something that’s out of my hands (we only freak out when we feel we’re losing control), I just hand it over to the Divine and have full faith that everything will have an outcome for everyone involved’s highest good. I have faith that justice will happen, and everything would be fine in the end. If I’m guided to do something, I will; otherwise, I’m gonna stay out of it and let the Divine handle the situation.

Faith is the keyword in using the Superpower of Staying Calm. If you have faith that everything is taken care of, it’s so much easier to stay calm and help others to reach a state of peace.

Everyone Have This Superpower! - You'll Never Guess What It Is!

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