10 Things You Only Know If You’re a REAL Lightworker

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Being a Lightworker is much more than a term used to describe a specific type of people in the spiritual and new age communities. Lightworker is both a choice but also a personality trait. 

Lightworkers are someone who continually chooses Light over darkness.

Love over hate. 

Forgiveness over holding a grudge.

This article is on the lighter end and as entertainment and #SoRelatable.

Are You a REAL Lightworker?

#1 – What Matter is What is In Your Heart – Not the Way You Look!

Skin Colour.


Net Worth.






It’s all external parts of you that make you, you! 

But the Divine (God, the Angels, [insert what you believe in]] doesn’t see that. They see your soul and only your soul! They’re seeing the vibrations from which energy you’re radiating.

#2 – You Don’t Have to Be Religious to Be a Lightworker!

I might get in trouble for saying this, but religion is human-made. Historically speaking, religion is the cause of death which has the largest amount of deads on its consciousness. 

I believe anyone should believe in precisely what they chose. I’m a supporter of religious liberty! As long as you are advocating Love instead of fear and hate.

Personally, I’m not religious. I’m spiritual; I believe in Love and Light!

#3 – Spirituality and Religion is NOT the Same Thing!

You CAN be religious and spiritual at the same time.

You CAN be religious without being spiritual.

You CAN be spiritual without being religious.

Those two things do not hand in hand together.

Do what makes the most sense for you, and bring you closer to the Source of Love (which most people call God).

#4 – Lightworkers and Earth Angels are NOT the Same Things!

You can be a Lightworker without being an Earth Angel (which is most likely is the case). However, Earth Angels will always be a Lightworker because Light Work is a part of their mission and why they are incarnated.

Note about Earth Angels: Earth Angels ARE NOT real celestial angels! Earth Angels are souls from other solar systems, planets, realms, etc., that’s not the Soul Realm most earthly souls originate.

#5 – Being a Lightworker is a Choice!

At some point in your life, you decided you want to change the world. You want to make a difference!

Maybe it happened when you were a child, or perhaps it happened in your adulthood. Actually, many people with a criminal record have turned their lives around and now helping those in need.

#6 – You Know You Have (Light) Work To Do!

You can not be a Lightworker without doing Light Work. It is in the word itself. I have seen countless cases where people pronounce themselves to be Lightworkers while doing absolutely nothing to make a difference in the world. 

It’s not enough to bicker about something that needs to happen. Or “someone” needs to do something about it. 

Suppose you’re sitting with the feeling that “someone” needs to do something – that “someone” is you! It’s the Divine trying to give you your assignment.

It is not enough to post about it on Facebook (or other social media) or forums. And vomiting your anger and despise all over the internet is not Light Work! It comes from fear, hate, anger, and pain – which is the opposite of Love and Light!

#7 – You Have a Deep Passion for Your Light Work!

It’s that call inside you! You know, that burning desire to do something for someone else or something else!

You can see where your help is needed, and you have ideas to put into action.

You’re actively working on your Light Work every day!

A Simple Plan to Find the Purpose in Your Life

#8 – The Easiest Way to Do Your Light Work is Letting It Be a Part of Your Professional Work.

We all have only 24 hours in the day!

8 hours of sleeping.

8 hours of working.

8 hours of free time.

That’s the recipe for a healthy and balanced life.

I’d always advise my clients and students to incorporate their Light Work into their professional work. Nurses and doctors are brilliant examples of this. You wouldn’t go into that industry if you didn’t have a deep desire to help sick people.

I know people in show business and the entertainment industry who use their talents, skills and work to do their Light Work. 

A singer-songwriter writes songs with a powerful message that touches the hearts of the audience and even helps them through a difficult time.

An actor puts so much passion into the character that the audience can recognise themselves in the character, giving the viewer inspiration and renewed strength in their own life.

– Sometimes, the Light Work is as simple as putting a smile on others’ lips, and entertaining them, so they forget about their problems for 1½ hours.

My Light Work is to teach, train, and help Lightworkers embrace their Light and their native powers! My Light Work is manifested through Bøglund Lightworker Institute and my books.

Be creative and look for ways to add Light to your professional work.

#9 – You Should Make Money From Your Light Work!

🙋‍♀️ Hands up if you ever had heard, “It’s unspiritual to make money on spiritual work!”?

🙋‍♀️ Hands up if you ever had believed money is bad or unspiritual?

🙋‍♀️ Hands up if you ever had believed rich people or people with money are bad or evil?

🙋‍♀️ Hands up if you ever had complained about never having enough money?

🙋‍♀️ Hands up if you have refused to order a spiritual service, coaching or consultation because it cost money?

I started my first spiritual-based business when I was 18. It was a bit over a decade ago. Back then was money, and especially charging money, a red-field topic in the spiritual communities. I think I’d heard all the prejudices and excuses around money and charging money for spiritual services and products before I turned 23. 

Do you want to hear something funny? Often are those who are most judgemental around money somehow always broke. When I offered free readings, the money-judges always quickly lined up.

What questions do you think they asked the most?

About Money and Finances!

Nothing is like the taste of irony.

One of the many reasons I don’t do readings or sessions anymore is I am done with people’s bullshit. I don’t want to spend time or energy on defending my right to charge for my work.

Nor should you!

If you’re doing work for another person, it’s your right to charge for it! Sorry, not sorry!

You must understand that money is nothing else than energy.

More specific – Exchange Energy.

Exchange Energy balances out the amount of energy between the Giver and Receiver, so neither is in energic debt to the other. If you’re giving and giving and never receiving – you’ll run out of energy to give. On the other hand, if you’re receiving and receiving and never giving – you’ll end up with so much energic debt that it will destroy your energic being (your soul). Your energic will, in other words, explode and disappear. 

Thankfully, our native system knows about this law of balancing energies. It’s why you don’t like to owe anything to anyone. Or why you’re a man or woman of honour who repays the help you get.

Money is way more spiritual than most people think. Money makes it a whole lot easier to remove debts and repays what you receive. Money is one of the fastest and easiest ways to balance giving and receiving poles in everyday life.

I have a money and finance section on this website, digging deeper into the money science part. 

#10 – It’s Okay to Say “No”!

Many Lightworkers tend to be people pleasers or codependent. They’re putting everyone else’s needs before their own. They are spending all their free time helping others and working in 20 different charities and non-profit organisations. At the same time, they’re doing everything at home for their partner, their kids, and friends. They also have a job. They feel guilty about taking a day off… or even just an hour off to go to the hair-dresser.

One of the reasons I created Bøglund Lightworkers is that I have seen Lightworkers hitting the wall again and again.

Three of the most common health issues among Lightworkers are:

  1. Depression
  2. Stress
  3. Overwhelmedness.

I call it for The Lightworker Burnout Syndrome!

I’m not a doctor, and I do not have a psychologist degree. I ALWAYS recommend talking with a doctor when you’re hitting the wall. I also always recommend that you follow any medical treatment you might be on. I don’t like chemicals in my body either. Still, I acknowledge that it might be necessary for a period to get you back on track.

Lightworker Burnout Syndrome is one of Bøglund Lightworkers’ primary purposes because it can be extremely serious! If you’re suffering from Lightworker Burnout Syndrome, is it because you’ve prioritised everyone and everything above your own health for way too long.

I know first-hand how dangerous it can be, and I don’t wish it for anyone! 

At Bøglund Lightworkers, I spend a lot of time and space focusing on:

  • Mental Health.
  • Self-Love.
  • Assertiveness and Self-Esteem.
  • Self-Worth.
  • Empowerment.

It would help if you learned to prioritise your health above anything else, especially your mental health. – and I promise you, I will do what I can to help you with that.

The first lesson is learning to say “No!” without any explanations or excuses. Just say, “No!”

Please share this article if you know someone who would benefit from it.

Are You a REAL Lightworker?

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