Are You a REAL Lightworker?
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10 Things You Only Know If You’re a REAL Lightworker

Being a Lightworker is much more than a term used to describe a specific type of people in the spiritual and new age communities. Lightworker is both a choice but also a personality trait. 

Lightworkers are someone who continually chooses Light over darkness.

Love over hate. 

Forgiveness over holding a grudge.

This article is on the lighter end and as entertainment and #SoRelatable.

#1 What Matter is What is In Your Heart – Not the Way You Look!

#2 You Don’t Have to Be Religious to Be a Lightworker!

#3 Spirituality and Religion is NOT the Same Thing!

#4 Lightworkers and Earth Angels are NOT the Same Things!

#5 Being a Lightworker is a Choice!

#6 You Know You Have (Light) Work To Do!

#7 You Have a Deep Passion for Your Light Work!

#8 The Easiest Way to Do Your Light Work is Letting It Be a Part of Your Professional Work.

#9 You Should Make Money From Your Light Work!

#10 It’s Okay to Say “No”!

Can you recognise yourself in these bullet points?

You can get access to the full Guide below with descriptions of each character trait.




Are You a REAL Lightworker?
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