The Law of Free Will: What Every Lightworker Needs to Know About the Law of Free Will.

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The Law of Free Will: What Every Lightworker Needs to Know About the Law of Free Will.

As the 5th article in our Universal Laws series, I have picked a Law, which MANY people tend to forget, even though the concept is very well-known. 

The Law of Free Will.

Yes, you read right. Free Will IS a Law!

Let’s first do a recap:

By now, we have covered:

  1. The Universal Laws 101
  2. The Law of Attraction
  3. The Law of Giving & Receiving 
  4. The Law of Light

Now it’s time to dig into Free Will and why it’s a Law.

The Law of Free Will have two descriptions:

This is the one from my Records of Universal Laws:

“Divine will Grants Each Entity the Right to Direct and Pursue his or her life and the Quality of that life as it was Presented, so Long as he or she DOES NOT Violate this Same Right of Other.”

The version I use in my Teaching and here in the Resource Hub and Insta is:

No one or Nothing can Interfere with Someone’s or Something’s Free Will!

Same thing, just two different ways to say it.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

#1 – The Law of Free Will is Really a Cosmic Law.

I am referring to the Law of Free Will as a Universal Law to keep things more simple and not throw a lot of new terms around for novices. But the Law of Free Will is really a Cosmic Law, which means it can’t be bent or broken.

Cosmic Law is another term for Divine Order, which is fundamental for the structure of the Universe. Without Divine Order, everything will fall together and turn into a massive mess.

#2 – Ignoring the Law of Free Will will Cause Tremendous Karmic Chaos!

While you can’t break the Law of Free Will per se, you can choose to ignore it. Again, you have Free Will; it’s up to you to decide if you will use your Free Will to ignore the Law of Free Will. The Law of Free Will is one of the few Laws that can bite its own tail 😵

If you choose to ignore the Law of Free Will by forcing your Will upon someone else or micro-managing others without caring about their Free Will, you will create a domino effect through a long line of Universal and Cosmic Laws which eventually will end with giving you some really bad Karma.

Karma comes in different shapes and forms. 

There is traditional Karma that comes and kicks you in your butt when you least expect it.

Then there are Karmic Lessons which are Karma from past and present lives that are so bad that in order to balance the Karma, it needs to be turned into a Life Lesson you need to pass before you can get rid of it.

Lastly, we have Karmic Debt which is unbalanced Karma between you and someone/something else. Karmic Debt can also be carried on from lifetime to lifetime, where you keep meeting the reincarnation of that person/soul till the Karma is balanced out. The Universal Law of Giving & Receiving is designed to help you avoid Karmic Debt, but it’s up to you to use the Universal Law of Giving & Receiving

The more you ignore the Law of Free Will, the more Karma you will create. The more Karma you have, the more difficult and miserable your life will be.

#3 – The Law of Free Will Inspires to Respect and Honour Other People and their Choices in Life.

I love the Law of Free Will because it speaks to how to be a Good Person. When you are following the Law of Free Will, more people tend to like you and be in your company. If you ignore the Law of Free Will, more people tend to distance themselves from you because they don’t like to be around you.

The Law of Free Will has a Sub-Law called the Universal Law of Choice, which states:

“No Matter what Situation Someone is In, they Always Have the Power to Choose!”

As I mentioned in my Introduction to the Universal Laws article, many Universal Laws look very alike, but they are still different in function and purpose. The Universal Law of Choice is so closely related to the Law of Free Will and the Law of Cause & Effect that it won’t make sense to write an article for the Law of Choice alone. The article about the Law of Cause and Effect will come in the spring of 2023 😉

The Law of Free Will reminds me of the bible quote, “Do to others as you would have them do to you!” I’m not religious and don’t belong to any religion, so bear with me if the quote isn’t verbatim with what is written in the bible.

See, if you want others to Respect and Honour YOUR Free Will, you must do the same to others. I don’t care who they are or what they are doing or have done.

You must Respect their Free Will.

It’s their choice to do what they do, and then they must take the consequences of their actions. It’s not your job to be the judge of others’ doings.

The Law of Free Will especially comes to its right in Manifestations of a Specific Person. One of the most difficult parts of Manifesting a Specific Person is to distance YOUR Will from your SP. 

It’s so easy to impose your Will on your SP because you’re so obsessed or desperate for a relationship with that person that you forget to consider your SP’s Free Will.

He/She/They might not be in a place in their life where there is room for you, or he/she/they may not be interested in the same kind of relationship that you want. The outcome might then be that you have pushed your SP away simply because you let your Will overrule his/hers/theirs.

If you Respect others’ Free Will no matter who they are, you’re leaving room for much more pleasant outcomes of your interactions with those people, whether it’s in the physical world, on Social Media, or anywhere else you’re facing other people and their actions.

Every time you feel the need for judgement coming up, remind yourself of the Law of Free Will, so you don’t create unintentional Karmic Energy Cords to that person. I mean, what sane person wants to have Karmic Energy Cords to someone like Trump or Putin? – then, it’s better to neutralise the Energy by Respecting his Free Will to do things and say things you don’t agree with, and point your focus on the people you agree with or like.

People who know me, are often hearing me say:

”You are Free to do it, as long as I don’t have to! I will still be here when you’re done!” 

– and this is not a trick or female cunning. I honestly mean it from the bottom of my heart! … and I don’t like female cunning! I think it’s tacky, manipulative, vile, and disrespectful. 

This is about leaving room for people to find their own way, learning the lessons they need to learn in their own time and space, and letting them fulfil their dreams and desires… even though it might not align with what you want from them. By watching others grow, develop, and fulfil, you will learn new things yourself and maybe even get inspired to make some changes in your own life.

#4 – Manipulation, Forcing and Controlling are Directly Effing with the Law of Free Will!

If you want to push all the Good People away from you and create Karma that expands far into your next 7 reincarnations, this is the way to do it!

Unfortunately, a lot of people fall into the habit of Manipulation, Forcing and Controlling because they are so desperate to get it their way! 

It’s very simple; All acts of Manipulation, Forcing and Controlling are caused by the person’s Desperation and Frustration. The more a person is trying to Manipulate, Force, or/and Control, the more Desperate and maybe even Frustrated the person is to get it her/his/their way. It’s very easy to spot.

Desperation and Frustration are both very low on the scale of Energy Frequencies! You can feel how it repels you on a physical level when you meet a desperate or frustrated person. Even online, you can feel repelled. It’s simply the Vibrations from their Energy you can feel.

Manipulation, Forcing, and Controlling are interfering with someone’s Free Will on so many levels, not to mention that it’s an unforgivable and selfish action to force YOUR Will upon someone else. 

There is a special place in Hell for people who continuously Manipulate, Forcing and Control their way through life. Not because it’s shitting on the Law of Free Will, but because that kind of person is vicious, narcissistic, greedy and awful.

#5 – The Law of Free Will applies to Humans as well as Spiritual Beings, Celestial Beings, the Divine, and God!

While Universal Laws don’t have anything to do with Spirituality or Religion, they do overlap since Universal Laws apply to EVERYONE, especially if the Law is Cosmic, as the Law of Free Will.

In this article, we have mostly focused on Free Will in encounters with other people. But we also have to keep in mind that the Divine, Celestial Beings, Spiritual Beings, and God have Free Will too.

First, God’s Will is a load of bullshit people use as an excuse for not owning up to making the necessary changes they need to make in their life. Sorry, not Sorry.

Free Will works slightly differently for the Spiritual and Divine world than it does for the physical world because of the Human Ego. The Spiritual and Divine world doesn’t have an Ego.

One of the main reasons people feel that the Divine or God doesn’t help them is simply because they haven’t asked for Divine Intervention!

You don’t have to get down on your knees and fold your hands in prayer to ask the Divine, the Angels or God for help. All you have to do is say, “Hey God, please help me with _____. Thank You, amen.” The same goes with the Angels or any other Divine, Celestial, or Spiritual Being.

The second mistake is expecting the Divine to hand it to you on a silver plate. The Divine, God, the Angels, and the Spiritual Beings are 90% of the time working through other people. They will bring someone who can help you in front of you, either in a physical meeting, or the person will somehow show up in your Social Media feed, or a friend will recommend this person to you. Then it’s up to you to take the next action and ask for the person’s help or purchase their services.

Third, there is never a prayer left unanswered. Most of the time, it’s “unanswered” because you don’t like the answer and then choose to ignore it. Other times, it’s “unanswered” because what you’re asking for isn’t for your Higher Good or in alignment with your Energy Frequency

The Divine knows your Soul Contract, your Soul Book, and Your Life Purposes. So instead of giving you what you want, the Divine can use their Free Will to help you to grow and develop as a Person and as a Soul.

It’s not that the Divine is denying you what you want; it’s more a way to tell you one of two things:

  1. You’re not ready yet.
  2. Something better is in store for you.

Since you have Free Will, too, you can choose whether or not you will follow the Divine’s help or continue to try to make something happen.

Since the Divine, the Angels, the Spiritual Beings, and God doesn’t have an Ego, it’s impossible to Force, Control, and Manipulate Your Will upon them!

#6 – The Law of Free Will is Deeply Connected with the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.

In the Spring of 2023, I will write an article about the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.

The Law of Cause and Effect is, in fact, connected to a lot of Universal Laws since the Law of Cause and Effect is all about the consequences of our actions, for better or worse.

The Law of Cause and Effect states:

For Every Action, there is an Equal and Opposite Reaction. For every Effect, there is a Cause.”

The Law of Cause and Effect is one of the Laws people have an ambivalent relationship with, mainly because we do understand and know that our actions have consequences, but we don’t like it when it’s ourselves who has to face the music.

The Law of Free Will and the Law of Cause and Effect work very closely together. Every time you make a decision, you activate the Law of Cause and Effect every time you make a decision.

… and remember, no decision is also a decision! 😉

If you Respect others’ Free Will and protect your own Free Will from being invaded by manipulative and controlling people, the Law of Cause and Effect will work in your favour and help you achieve what you want. 

But if you Disrespect others’ Free Will and force your Will upon someone, or if you put up with someone’s manipulations, controlling and/or forcing, the Law of Cause and Effect will make sure you’ll get added Karma as a consequence of your behaviour. On top of that, that type of behaviour will also Cause a lot of other problems, challenges, setbacks, etc. as an Effect.

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The Law of Free Will: What Every Lightworker Needs to Know About the Law of Free Will.

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