KARMA?! Get Rid of Karmic Blocks Once and For All! 

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KARMA?! Get Rid of Karmic Blocks Once and For All! 

We have all heard about Karma, and we all know that Karma can be a real bitch… but only if you were one first. 

It’s time to jump into one of the ways in which the Universe keeps everything in order: 


But first, I want to share a public announcement:
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How You Get Karma.

There are different types of Karma. Most of them are interwoven in your Soul Contract, so by fulfilling your Life Purposes and Life Missions you will solve your Karma.

You can get Karma in two ways; 

by harming others and prioritising your selfish needs above the people around you…


by the Judgement Angels after you finish this lifetime.

There is Karma that can be solved somewhat easily in a single lifetime, but there is also Karma which takes many lifetimes to solve. When you experience Karmic Blocks, or if the same thing happens over and over, just dressed as different people and different situations, then you’re experiencing Karma that’s added by the Judgement Angels.

Karmic Debt.

Karmic Debt is created when there is an unbalance between you and someone else. This is one of the reasons why it’s so important to be aware of the Law of Giving & Receiving!

The Law of Giving & Receiving can instantly balance out your Karmic Debt so it doesn’t grow and grow. 

Think of Karmic Debt as Money Debt. If you don’t pay your Debt off, you will eventually get into really big financial problems, which will lead you into a very toxic path.

Some of the worst Karmic Lessons and Karmic Relationships, I have seen, started as Karmic Debt many lifetimes ago. The person just kept ignoring the Debt or refused to pay it. Eventually, the Judgement Angels stepped in and changed it to a Karmic Lesson and wrote it into the person’s Soul Contract. It will continue to be a Karmic Block until the person has solved their mess.

Karmic Lessons.

Karmic Lessons are ALWAYS added into your Soul Contract by the Judgement Angels. Sometimes Karmic Lessons are given because the Judgement Angels are trying to save the person from going to Hell. Other times Karmic Lessons are given because it’s the best way for the person to learn and fix their mess from previous lifetimes.

Karmic Lessons are the results of things you did in previous lifetimes which you haven’t atoned for, e.g. Karmic Debt or Karmic Relationships.

When something is Karmic, it’s ALWAYS because you did something that you harmed or created unbalance in the Universe.

Karmic Relationships.

Karmic Relationships are a pain in the arse… 

Karmic Relationships are often Manifested into Soulmate Relationships in your Reincarnations. But not all Soulmate Relationships are Karmic Relationships.

You create Karmic Relationships with people you have unfinished business with on the day you or the other person dies. Karmic Relationships are always unfinished personal business between you and the other person.

For instance, the abuser and the victim will continue to meet incarnation after incarnation until whatever issues between them are solved. What often happens is that the victim somehow becomes a teacher for their abuser in future lifetimes. Sometimes the abuser and the victim reincarnate as parent and child; sometimes, it’s husband and wife, and sometimes, it’s work associates. Their path can cross in infinite ways.

Thankfully, there are ways to undo Karmic Relationships and break free from the other person! It’s not easy, but it can be done.

Missed Life Lessons & Life Mission.

The difference between Life Lessons and Life Mission is;

Life Lessons are something you need to learn; it’s your personal and spiritual growth and development and part of your Personal Life Purpose.

Life Mission is what I call Light WORK; it’s the change you are sent on Earth to make. It’s what you can contribute to making the world a better place.

We all have Life Lessons and a Life Mission. It’s our Life Purpose and firmly written into our Soul Contract.

The thing with Life Lessons and Life Missions is that if you don’t fulfil them in this lifetime, they will stay in your Soul Contract to your next incarnation. Just like with Karmic Lessons, Karmic Debt, and Karmic Relationships, Life Lessons and Life Missions will follow you through your reincarnations until you have fulfilled them.

The difference is your Soul has agreed to take on the Life Lessons and Life Mission, where anything Karmic is either added by the Judgement Angels or due to the unbalance you have created with your actions.

If some Life Lessons or a Life Mission has followed you through many incarnations and you still haven’t fulfilled them, then they can turn into something that seems like Karmic. It isn’t, but it feels like it.

The longer it takes you to solve Karmic issues, the more difficult it becomes to solve them because you start to forget. 

I have had a client who had a Karmic Lesson that dates back to 5000 BC. There is no way that client is capable of remembering what happened in their incarnation 7000 years ago. 

She had had many reincarnations in the meantime. The Karmic Lesson kept showing up, incarnation after incarnation… creating the same mess over and over… no matter what she did, she couldn’t move past those blocks. 

Then I took a look at it, tapped in and read her Soul Contract and her Soul Book, and found the cause of the problem. I then helped and guided her on how to solve that 7000-year-old issue and the Karmic Blocks disappeared from her life within a few days.

What I’m trying to say is the faster you can solve your Karmic Mess, the easier it is to remove the consequences from your life. It’s one of the reasons why I’m publishing a “new” Universal Law every month. If you follow the Universal Laws and use them in your life, you can avoid A LOT of unwanted Karma, and it can help you solve the Karma that already is showing up in your life.

I want to hear from you; how do you deal with Karma? Let me know in the Instagram post below. You are also welcome to DM me on @sabrinaboglund if you need to chat about it.

KARMA?! Get Rid of Karmic Blocks Once and For All! 

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