You’ll Sabotage Your Manifestation If You Make These 3 Mistakes.

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You'll Sabotage Your Manifestation If You Make These 3 Mistakes.

Earlier this week, I launched the long-awaited Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestation – Digital Training Program, which teaches you how to use the bullet-proof Bøglund Manifestation Equation, M = DAS+EF = DE+DT, to get successful outcomes of your Manifestations… EVERY TIME!

If you know me just a little bit, you would know I have no time or energy for bullshit! So my Manifestation teaching is completely bullshit-free.

I have been working professionally with Manifestation for 14 years, so I have seen many versions of how to sabotage a Manifestation. The sad part is that people who are sabotaging their Manifestation aren’t often aware of it, so they continue doing the wrong things.

While I can’t fix the problem for you, I can highlight the TOP 3 BIGGEST MISTAKES THAT SABOTAGE YOUR MANIFESTATION!

Mistake #1 – Be Seduced by Shiny Objects.

The biggest NO-NO in Manifestation is trying to Manifest something because you think it will make you feel better or think it will be the solution to all your problems… 

Shiny Objects are things, persons, places, events, situations, careers, money, etc., which you believe will make you feel better – OR, in worse cases, to prove to others that you can have it and others can’t.

Money is often a Shiny Object because many people believe all their problems will be solved if they have millions in their bank account! Sure, many things become a lot easier if you are rich, but rich people have problems too, which money can’t help them solve.

In How to Manifest a Specific Person, we talk about being very careful not to put your Specific Person up on a pedestal. It can be very dangerous for your Mental Health if you idolise a person so much that you believe that person would be everything you need to have the life of your dreams.

Any Manifestation that’s dangerous for your Mental Health and Physical Health will be blocked by the Universe!

However, no Manifestation is ever lost… it’s just blocked until you adjust your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions and Actions to be in Alignment with your Desired Outcome… without messing with your Health.

To be clear, there is nothing wrong with wanting to become a Millionaire or Manifest a Specific Person… 

It’s not what you want to Manifest… It’s WHY you want to Manifest it.

The trick is to know the difference between Be Specific About What You Want and Be Attached to One Way Only!

Shiny Objects fall under the category of Attachment!

You find your Shiny Objects because your Ego believes that your Shiny Object can heal your Deepest and Darkest Fears, Pains, and Anxieties. 👈🏻 AND That is the exact reason why being Seduced by Shiny Objects is not only sabotaging your Manifestation but blocking it too!

It wouldn’t be a surprise if you were under the spell of Shiny Objects. They are everywhere, from ads on Social Media to commercials on TV, Influencers, Reality Shows, potential business partners who promise you the moon…

The beauty industry makes trillions of dollars every year because they seduce their customers with Shiny Objects.

The Lottery is basically designed to seduce people with money as the Shiny Object.

Reality Shows use the short ticket to fame as Shiny Object.

Mistake #2 – Forcing, Controlling or Manipulating Others.

Forcing, Controlling and Manipulating others can be, not always, caused by the quest of getting a Shiny Object.

Forcing, Controlling and Manipulating others is ALWAYS an act from the Ego’s Fear-Based Mind. We only feel the need to Force, Control and Manipulate if we don’t think we can get our Desired Outcome in any other way.

The whole “I NEED TO MAKE IT HAPPEN NOW!!!!”-energy is very repulsive and will block the Manifestation instantly.

If you want Instant Manifestation, you must approach it in a very different way!
Like a 180º turn.

“I NEED IT NOW!” reeks of Desperation, Fear, and Greed… Three Emotions that will lower your Energy Frequency down in the mud. 

If you want to be a Manifestation Superstar, you MUST stop acting like a spoilt brat and instead work on healing the deep-rooted cause of that Desperation, Fear and Greed.

Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations

Mistake #3 – Waiting for a Miracle.

I don’t know where people got the idea that their Desired Outcome would be granted to them by God or who else they believe will grant their wishes…
🧚🏻‍♀️ The Fairy Godmother…
🧞 A Genie in a Bottle…
👼🏻 The Angels…

The bottom line is, if you’re waiting for a Miracle, you can wait from now, and it snows in the Sahara…

Miracles don’t work that way.

A Miracle is a shift in perception; Choosing to see Love instead of Fear!

If you want your dreams to come true, you must bring yourself in Energetic Alignment with your Desired Outcome and take action steps to support your Desired Outcome. 

Sometimes it requires a leap of faith and takes an opportunity (that isn’t a Shiny Object) when it presents itself… even if you are not certain if it will succeed.

The Universe (and God) often works through other people! – So when people offer to help you or tell you about something that might help you, then accept it.

Since Social Media has become such a massive part of our lives, the Universe (and God) is now also working through people on Social Media. Pay attention to what shows up in your News Feed, Suggested Posts, and Explore Page. It could be the next step to getting your Desired Outcome.

A Manifestation will NEVER happen unless YOUR action steps support the outcome. 

For instance, you’re not losing 15 kg at one time in the gym. You need to commit to your weight loss every day until you’ve reached your goal.

It’s the same thing with Manifestation.

If you are just sitting and waiting for a Miracle, your passivity will block the Manifestation.

Now it’s your turn… Let me know in the comments on the Insta Post below; Which of these 3 mistakes are you making?


You'll Sabotage Your Manifestation If You Make These 3 Mistakes.

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