12 Lessons From a Law of Attraction Expert.

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I’ve been teaching Manifestation and the Law of Attraction for over a decade now. I have created online courses and wrote books about the topic.

In this article, it’s my goal to share some of the most essential lessons I have found when it comes to using the Law of Attraction successfully. There is a ton of information out there about the Law of Attraction, so it’s easy to get lost in the jungle. I hope these lessons will help you to have better and easier results with the Law of Attraction.

12 Lessons From a Law of Attraction Expert.

Lesson #1 – Separate Goals and Wishful-Thinking.

You should definitely dream big!

You can have anything you desire!

But if you don’t believe it, you can’t receive it!

You can only receive what you deep-down believe you can receive. This is why I recommend turning your dreams and desires into goals using the SMART formula.






If you can turn your desire into a goal, then it’s ready to be manifested. If you can’t make it a goal, then it’s just a dream. 

Lesson #2 – Be the Change You Wish to See.

Goal or dream – you want something else than you have right now. Whether you desire more money, a new home, a new car, manifesting a specific person, marriage, kids, etc., your current circumstances are the result of your most dominant thoughts, most dominant emotions, and most dominant action steps. 

If you continue doing what you have done until now, you’ll continue getting the same outcomes. So if you want something you don’t have, you must do something new.

You can ask yourself this every morning:


Then do it without excuses!

Lesson #3 – You Have 100% Responsibility.

No matter outside circumstances, you have 100% responsibility for your life and everything in it!

While we can’t control outside crises like COVID-19, lockdown, and we have to stay home and not see other people, we still have responsibility for how we react and deal with the situation.

It won’t help to complain about the circumstances and blame the government. They do the very best they can with the knowledge and experiences they have.

Try instead to find a way to work around the status quo. I always look at obstacles as challenges rather than limitations. Challenges can be solved, and so can obstacles. Challenges help us to grow and look outside of our comfort zone.

I’m aware it’s difficult to manifest relationships or a new job when asked to stay home and only see a few people. Loneliness and isolation-depression are something that hits many people right now. 

You must shift the energy from lack to prosper, from negative to positive! This is a wonderful opportunity to read the 100 self-help books you have on your bookshelves and start working on yourself. If it is a relationship you desire, spend time working with your self-love.

If you desire a new job, spend the time writing an appealing CV and really dig into what you truly, truly desire to do for a living.

… or what about writing the book you’ve always wanted to write.

For the first time in centuries, time is not the issue!

You are not necessarily responsible for what happens to you or in your life. Still, you’re 100% responsible for how you CHOOSE to deal with whatever happens.

Lesson #4 – Be Careful with Deadlines.

Time is a confusing thing! You’ll need to have a deadline on your desires to make them a goal you can act upon. But deadlines can also make you spin entirely out of the rails.

If you make a deadline on a goal, let’s say you want to be happily married to a wonderful, caring, successful, and handsome man and have 4 kids by the age of 30 – you’ll be busy! That model might work in 1740, but today men and women have careers and are expected to make their own money.

It doesn’t mean the whole white picket fence dream can’t come true; it can! But maybe, just maybe, it will help your mental well-being to take a chill pill and slow down a bit. 

I will recommend removing the ‘by the age of 30’ part and replacing it with doing one thing every day that’ll bring you closer to manifesting the man of your dream. You’ll need him in order to get the kids – and I guess I don’t have to tell you what daily action step you need to take to get the kids. 😜

Not only will you turn yourself into a frustrated maniac when you’re setting ‘by the age of____’ or ‘by the date ____’ goals. Your desperate energy will also push everyone and anything away. No one likes to be around the energy of a crazy person. As another warring: Desperation can also lead to infertility, so slow down!

One step at the time! What can you do today to get one step closer to your desired outcome?

Lesson #5 – Be Specific but Leave Room for Something Better.

When I did readings, I always asked my clients to be as specific as possible. Specific questions lead to specific answers in the readings. Unspecific or overall questions like ‘what do the angels want me to know?’ can lead in all directions, and the answers will often be very fluffy. As I said back then, I’m a psychic, not a mind-reader!

When we set our goals for manifesting, we’re often browsing through the catalogue of the Universe, looking at what others have. Be honest, how many of your dreams and desires are inspired by something you’ve seen other people have, or in a magazine, on TV, in a movie, on social media, or on the internet?

Deep down, the truest, purest motivation for any desire is the belief that it will make us happier. Joy, Happiness, Peace, and Purpose are the primary motivation for anything we want in life.

So be specific about what you want, but leave room for the ‘miracles’ the Universe has in store for you.

Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations

Lesson #6 – You Don’t Need to Know everything.

Even for a psychic and an Incarnated Seraph, is it impossible to know every step and turn in any manifestation! Every manifestation is different because it depends on your most dominant thoughts, emotions and actions when it comes to that specific area. You can be excellent at manifesting new friends but terrible at manifesting wealth.

They need to know everything beforehand is an act of your fear-based mind. Because you don’t have faith in the process, and you want to control it in the ‘right’ direction. The more you’re trying to control, the more are you blocking the manifestation from happening.

Lesson #7 – You Have No Right to Force or Manipulate Anyone to Do Anything.

I know how tempting it is to try to make someone do something, so it becomes easier for you to get your desired outcome. Just because everyone is a reflection of yourself, and on a quantum physical level, behave as you expect them to behave, it doesn’t give you the right to manipulate others.

I like to flip the mirror! You can find the answer to many of your life problems, especially where your manifestations are blocked if you flip the mirror.

If someone treated you the same way as you treat money – will you then want to hang out with them?

If someone treated you the same way as you treat your specific person when you aren’t together, will you then want to be with them?

If someone treated you the same way as you treat your home, will you then want to be with them?

If someone treated you the same way as you treat your body, will you then want to be with them?

Usually, the answer to those kinds of questions is a big fat NO! This is why the manifestation is blocked.

Forcing and manipulation is often the biggest issue when it comes to the manifestation of relationships. It can turn into an entire obsession to manifest a specific person where you’re stalking them on social media, and they’re on your mind 24/7.

If you get a knot in your stomach, get jealous, or getting hurt when you see your specific person with someone else. It’s time to detach!

No matter how much you want to use spiritual tools and manifestation techniques to turn your specific person’s eyes in your direction, it will only damage you and your manifestation. You’re energetically pushing them away.

How to Manifest a Specific Person

Lesson #8 – You Must Get Out of Your Own Way.

Your fear-based mind will do anything in its power in trying to control the outcome of your manifestation. 

It’s impossible to know how your manifestation will come around step-for-step because there are so many underlying factors you don’t know about. While your energy frequency determines what manifests into your life, and anyone is a reflection of yourself, there are still many pieces that need to fall into place before the manifestation can happen.

An example from my life; it never rains when I’m outside! No matter how much it’s raining that day, it always stops when I’m going outside. The second I go inside, it’s pouring down again. I don’t do anything. It is just happening! 

It works because I, years ago, declared I wanted it to be dry weather when I’m going outside, and now it’s just the way it is…

But the second I’m trying to make it stop pouring down because I’m about to get out, it doesn’t work at all! When I expect it to stop raining and leave it up to the Universe to make it happen, the rain stops automatically when I get outside.

There is a fine line between taking action steps and trying to make something happen.

Lesson #9 – Know It’s Already Done.

My ‘rain magic’ works every time because I’m not adding any pressure to the manifestation. I don’t really think much about it like I’m not thinking about breathing. It flows naturally! 

That’s the secret!

If you already were in a happy relationship with your specific person, you won’t stalk him/her/them on social media and always obsess about what he/she/they are doing and who he/she/they are hanging out with. You’ll have faith in him/her/them and feel peace about your relationship.

If you already had millions in your bank account, you won’t be obsessing with never have enough money to do what you want. You will have faith in your cash-flow and looking into more ways to create passive income. You’ll be money conscious.

Adopt that faith and peace into all the areas of your life you want to prosper. 

Lesson #10 – Stop Looking for Signs.

I know there is a lot of Law of Attraction and Spiritual websites that tell you to look after signs.

If you want to use signs, select a sign or two to be your signs – you can even choose a sign for each manifestation. 

Like a money bill for your money manifestation.

Your dream car for your car manifestation.

Something that reminds you about your specific person for your manifestation of a specific person.


My sign is a Unicorn because Unicorns makes me happy. No matter how shitty a day can be, it’s difficult not to be happy looking at a Unicorn.

When you have chosen your sign, it’s time to let it go. Throw it out of your head and consciousness.

It will show up in one way or another.

When you’re looking for signs, you’re expecting them to show up in a certain way at a particular time. Signs can’t be controlled, so you’ll most likely end up disappointed declaring manifestation and signs don’t work.

Lesson #11 – Live Your Life.

You can’t live your life fully if you constantly obsess about your manifestation… or the lack of it.

Obsession is sending out the energy of desperation, and no one or nothing wants to be any near someone desperate. 

Desperation and obsession are not very attractive.

The best thing you could do will be to forget about your desired outcome! But it’s nearly impossible if you really want your desired outcome. 

I’ll recommend you’re filling your day with action steps and things you CAN do, so you don’t have time to think about your desires. When you go to bed at night, visualise you’re already having what you want. Witness yourself living in your desired outcome. Stay in the visualisation to you fall asleep.

What happens is, while you’re sleeping with your desire, the Universe is working behind the scenes to make it happen. When you wake up in the morning, you’ll continue with the action step from your question:


Lesson #12 – Feel Worthy of Your Manifestation.

One of the main topics at Bøglund Lightworker Institute is Self-Growth, and as a sub-topic is Self-Love. I wrote an article called What Every Lightworker Gets Wrong about Self-Love [not yet posted] earlier this morning. Yes, this post is pre-written. 😉

I spend a great deal of effort writing and teaching about Mental Health & Well-Being, and Self-Growth. Nothing else will work in your favour if you don’t prioritise your inner life and work with your subconscious mind.

Another huge block, which also happens to be one you most likely are aware of, is your self-worth.

A classic example of this is lottery millionaires. The lottery millionaire often spends all the money so quickly and ends up more broke than ever, about a year after they got the big jackpot. The money just crumbles between their fingers. 

They subconsciously don’t feel they deserve all the money, so they are getting rid of it as fast they can. They subconsciously want to get back to where they are comfortable, and that is what they manifest.

Your subconscious mind has so much power over your circumstances and quality of life, and you don’t even realise it.

To make sure your manifestation won’t crumble between your fingers when you finally get it, you’ll need to work on your self-worth and self-love.


Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations12 Lessons From a Law of Attraction Expert.

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