5 Genius Manifestation Hack Just for New Lightworkers.

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5 Genius Manifestation Hack Just for New Lightworkers.

I’m passionate about 2 things; Manifestation and Helping Lightworkers to have the Life they Desire while Fulfilling their Life Purposes!

It’s a little over a year since I started sharing Weekly Articles here in the Resource Hub. So for the new Lightworkers who just recently got familiar with my work or for people who are just waking up to their Call as a Lightworker, I wanted to give you some newbie tricks to embrace your new journey as Lightworkers who manifests.

Manifestation for Lightworkers is a bit different than Manifestation for non-Lightworkers because Lightworkers have a different Energy Frequency and Life Purpose than non-Lightworkers. A Lightworker’s Soul is also more Evolved and closer to Enlightenment than a non-Lightworker’s. And the third major difference is that Lightworkers often have been through some very difficult times, even as a child, where they had to fight back. Almost every Lightworker has experienced being bullied in school! Lightworkers also tend to suffer from Fix-it Syndrome, where they are trying to fix everybody else’s problems instead of setting healthy boundaries.

While this list is created for Newbies, it can be used for anyone who wants to Manifest from their Heart.

Genius Manifestation Hack #1 – Start Small – Baby Steps!

One of the BIGGEST Mistakes I see over, over, and over is people trying to Manifest WAY over their current Manifestation capability. Manifestation is like a muscle – the more you train it, the stronger it becomes.

The idea of going from living your whole life, turning every coin to Manifest becoming a Millionaire within the time your patience can extend itself to is simply not going to be successful.

Or let’s say you want to Manifest Love; if you’re single and no one in your circle has caught your interest, then it’s a bit too ambitious to want to be married within a year.

You need to take one step at a time!

The big desire is not impossible – but Manifestation is not a Magic Wand! It’s a process of changing, improving, growing, and actions.

You need to break a big desire down into smaller goals and take them one by one, like climbing a ladder.

Genius Manifestation Hack #2 – ONLY Use I AM Affirmations. Keep the Ball in Your Own Field!

I have a very ambivalent relationship with Affirmations.

They can be extremely powerful!


They can also cause so much damage from brainwashing yourself.

I have worked professionally as a Manifestation Teacher and Coach for 14 years, and I’m still unsure if I believe Affirmations is a good idea in Manifestation work

They are powerful in Self-Esteem and Assertiveness Work but can really hurt you and your Manifestation if you don’t step carefully.

IF you decide to use Affirmations in your Manifestation Process, you should stick to the following rules:

  • ONLY use I AM Affirmation.
  • Focus ONLY on something you have 100% influence over.
  • Keep your Attention and Focus on Yourself and Your Life.
  • Be Realistic.

Here are some examples you can use without brainwashing yourself:

✅ I am Powerful!

✅ I am Strong!

✅ I Trust the Divine Guidance!

✅ I am Protected!

✅ I am Loved!

✅ I Believe I Can Do It!

Here are some examples that will cause you more harm than good:

[insert person’s name] loves me more than anything in the world.

⛔ Everywhere I go, people love me.

⛔ For every dollar I spend, the Universe gives me $10 in my bank account.

⛔ [insert company] will give me my dream job before the interview is over.

You can find more safe Affirmations in this Insta Carousel Post 👇🏻

The key to Healthy Affirmations is to keep them within what the world around you can’t disprove by showing you real evidence that you’re fooling yourself. 

If you affirm to yourself that “Abundance flows easily and effortlessly into my bank account!” and when you check your bank account, you can see that didn’t happen, then you will get discouraged… or ignore the reality and desire to live in delusion by spending money you don’t have.

There is nothing wrong with the “Abundance flows easily and effortlessly into my bank account!” as long as the reality can support it OR you are building new income streams. Your actions need to be able to support the affirmation.

In Manifesting a Specific Person, it is especially important not to include your Specific Person in the affirmation since that violates your Specific Person’s Free Will. Violating a person’s Free Will is not an act of Love and Compassion for the person. It’s an act of selfishness and insecurity.

The same goes with wanting to Manifest a Specific Job in a Specific Company. 

You need to find the balance between being specific and flexible. If you are too locked on one way, and only that way, you will Block the Manifestation, and you can get delusional.

Genius Manifestation Hack #3 – You Can’t Manifest for Others, but You Can Inspire Them to Start Their Own Manifestation Journey.

This is a question I get a lot… So many of you want to know how to help someone you care about manifest Healing, Money, Success, and Work.

While the intention is Beautiful and shows that your heart is in the right place, you can’t Manifest on behalf of someone else.

The only way it would work is if you Manifested something physical yourself and then gave it to the person you want to help. But Healing, Health, Success, Work, etc. aren’t something you can give them physically. Of the examples you ask about, Money is the only physical thing you can give them.

Still, it won’t work in the long run since the person in need isn’t on an Energy Frequency where they can keep the flow of money coming in their life. Then they will depend on you, putting you in a super unhealthy situation.

Not only can’t you Manifest on behalf of someone else, but it’s also not your job to fix their situation! Many Lightworkers suffer from Fix-It syndrome, where they feel they need to fix other people and situations. It’s caused by the Lightworker’s low Self-Esteem, and they feel that the more they can fix, the more people will need/like them. They confuse “Need” with Love.

So if this is the case, you need to focus your attention on improving your Self-Love and Self-Worth while inspiring the person in need to start their own Manifestation Journey. You can even do your Self-Esteem work together.

People with illness, lack or otherwise suffering, often need a little push in the direction of trying to improve their lives with a positive mind. They need a hope they can believe in and a hand to guide them through the first couple of steps to improve their situation. But the only way they can raise their Frequency and maintain a nice flow of whatever they want to manifest is by doing the work themselves.

Genius Manifestation Hack #4 – NEVER Force Your Will Upon Someone Else!

Sometimes we want something SO much that we often forget that there are other people involved who also have something to say!

The Universe, the Divine, God, whatever you believe in, often works through other people. 

A million dollars aren’t just going to show up on your bank account out of the blue. It has to come from somewhere… and somewhere usually includes other people.

A sale won’t happen unless people decide to buy.

Your Dream Partner won’t just show up on your doorstep because you say so. Many steps need to be taken before you find that person, usually because someone led you to them in one shape or form.

You won’t get your Dream Job unless those who can give you the job believe you are the right for the Job.

You can’t meet a Specific Person unless the person wants to meet you too.

And you can definitely not Manifest a marriage with someone if they barely know you.

The more we want something, the more likely we are to try to control, manipulate and force things into our favour. Patience is one of the greatest lessons in Manifestation work. Without Patience and Faith, we tend to get into some sabotaging behaviours to get our desired outcome faster.

The Universe works in a funny way… the more we try to MAKE something happen, the more it gets blocked. The second you remove your foot from the speeder and let the Universe do her thing, everything starts to move quicker.

Forcing Your Will upon someone else is very bratty, selfish, and disrespectful to others. And because of that, they won’t help you or have anything to do with you!

Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations

Genius Manifestation Hack #5 – Focus More on Your Self-Love and Self-Worth than Getting What You Want!

The fastest and quickest way to Manifest your Desired Outcome is to keep your Energy Frequency in alignment with your Desired Outcome.

In order to do that, you must make sure that your Self-Esteem is as High as Possible. And I mean Real, Authentic Self-Esteem! 

Not acting narcissistic, “I’m better than everybody else, and I’m here to show it!” 👈🏻 That’s not Self-Esteem or Assertiveness. It’s quite the opposite, actually!

The better you feel about yourself…

The more inner peace you have…

The more joy you have in your everyday life…

The more freedom you create in your life…

The more body appreciation you have for yourself…

The more you feel at peace with your current situation, no matter what it is…

… the High your Energy Frequency will be! 

Many Manifestation Newbies make the mistake of believing that they first can feel good about themselves, have inner peace, joy, happiness, freedom, etc. when they get their Desired Outcome.

That approach will turn your life into a hamster in a hamster wheel.

You need to create self-love, inner peace, joy, happiness, freedom, etc. within your current situation and living circumstances BEFORE you can even begin to become a magnet for your Desired Outcome.

Inside and out!

Now it’s your turn!

What Manifestation advice will you give a Newbie?

Let me know in the comments on this Insta post or Facebook post below.

5 Genius Manifestation Hack Just for New Lightworkers.

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