The Universal Law of Light: What Every Lightworker Should Know About The Universal Law of Light.

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What Every Lightworker Should Know About The Universal Law of Light.

A couple of weeks ago, I asked my followers on Instagram if they were interested in a “What You Should Know” series about the over 1000 Universal Laws. As you can see in the screenshot below, it was a clear Yes!

The Universal Law of Light: What Every Lightworker Should Know About The Universal Law of Light

I have already posted articles about the Universal Law of Giving & Receiving and you can find many articles in the Resource Hub about the infamous Law of Attraction. 

I will post a more detailed article next month about What the Universal Laws are and why they are inevitable in every single person’s life. 

No one is above these Laws, and no one is capable of breaking them. Any attempt to do so will create blocks in the person’s life, and the person will create a shit ton of karma and karmic debt for themselves.

This is how it’s gonna work!

Introducing “What You Need to Should About the Universal Laws”-series.

I will share a new article with some basic information about a specific Universal Law each month. There are billions-of-thousands Universal Laws, so we’re not going to run out of material any time soon.

As you might know, I’m sending a Weekly Email to my email list shortly after posting that week’s article. In the Weekly Email, I’m always gifting my subscribers with Exclusive Content, which is usually a PDF with a practical guide.

In the weeks where I’m sharing an article in the “What You Should Know About the Universal Laws”-series, the Exclusive Content will be a guide with 5 Ways to use that specific law.

This, of course, means that today’s Exclusive Content is 5 Ways to Use the Universal Law of Light.

Let’s get started with What You Need to Know about the Universal Law of Light.

#1 – The Law of Light can Defeat Darkness.

Just like a fleshlight becomes handy when you’re walking into a dark place with no lighting, the Law of Light is designed to be your “flashlight” when you meet darkness in your life.

The Universal Law of Light states:


This is not really Enlightenment since true Enlightenment operates on a much higher Energy Frequency. It’s merely a way to turn on the Light to see everything more clearly.

#2 – The Law of Light is a Universal Law of Divine Love.

When we talk about Universal Laws, Metaphysics, Lightworkers, Universe, and Spirituality, Light ALWAYS refers to Divine Love!

NB: There is a Cosmic Law called the Law of Divine Love! The Law of Divine Love is NOT the same as the Law of Light.

The Light refers to the Light of Love! 👉🏻 Love translates to what you know as God.

The Light of Love is what most people know as the Soul.

Since everybody has a soul, the Light of Love lives inside every living being. Some people are very much in contact with their souls, while others lock up their souls in darkness and evil.

To explain how it all is connected on a more scientific level is too advanced to share in a Free article on the Internet.

All you need to know is the Light is within you because the Light of Love is your soul!

#3 – The Law of Light can be Your Secret Weapon Against the Dark Nights of the Soul.

In the last couple of weeks, we have spoken about the Dark Nights of the Soul and how to avoid them. To follow this theme, I picked the Law of Light for this month – even though I’m well aware that it would be more natural to start with a grand introduction to the Universal Laws.  You have to wait until next month to get that article 😉

Remember, the Law of Light states: Light will always defeat darkness by revealing information not previously seen, and it’s this force that empowers humans.

When you experience the Dark Nights of the Soul – the Law of Light can be your “flashlight” if you’re making an effort to shine Light on the cause of your stress, depression, burnout and anxiety. The Dark Nights of the Soul is often caused by letting your deepest, darkest fears, pains, and anxieties take so much control over your life that it makes you physically ill.

The Dark Nights of the Soul is like Living Hell! – and it can potentially kill you if you don’t seek professional help from a psychiatrist!

If you want to survive the Dark Nights of the Soul, it’s crucial that you make an effort to bust through the Darkness by turning the Light on and perceiving all these horrible things from the point of Love and Light. THAT is one of the hardest tasks you will ever encounter in your life – but it can be done.

Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations

#4 – The Law of Light is in Lightworkers Energetic DNA.

I have spent quite a lot of time and energy explaining that to call yourself a Lightworker, you must do your Light WORK. It always surprises me when people call themselves Lightworkers but aren’t doing the Light WORK every day. A “Lightworker” who isn’t engaging in their Light WORK is not a Lightworker… it’s just a person in spiritual awakening that hears their call for becoming a Lightworker.

The other part of the word Lightworker is LIGHT. Basically, the term Lightworker means a Person who works with the Light!

As mentioned above, Light refers to Divine Love. So to be a Lightworker, you MUST work with the Divine Light in your everyday actions. That’s your responsibility and part of your Life Purpose.

Lightworkers use the Universal Law of Light every day because we are so in tune with our soul and our Light WORK. The Universal Law of Light is second nature for us.

#5 – The Law of Light can Help You See Everything More Clear.

The core essence of the Universal Law of the Light is to see everything more clearly. Think of it as a metaphysical fleshlight!

When everything is dark and shitty, the Law of Light can help you shift your perception of things. One of my favourite Lightworker Superpowers is Mental Alchemy. One of the uses for Mental Alchemy is to take a shitty situation and turn it into something amazing. 

Once again, easier said than done, I know! That’s why these skill sets and Superpowers are important to learn and master!

For now, I will leave you with the encouragement to train your mind to turn the Light on whenever you find yourself in the Darkness or in a shitty situation.

#6 – The Law of Light can Remove Toxic People and Situations from Your Life.

Toxic people and situations have the ability to drag us down in an endless pit of fear, pain, suffering and anxiety. Like a Living Hell-Loop. 

Lightworkers are like magnets for Toxic People and Energy Vampires. They are attracted to our kindness and our desire to help. The problem is, they’re never satisfied and always wanting more, and more, until they have sucked us dry for everything we have. Toxic People and Energy Vampires also tend to drag us into toxic situations because they only look out for their greedy and selfish needs.

Other times, our deepest and darkest fear, pain and anxieties, along with childhood trauma, create an endless circle of toxic situations… sometimes it feels like the past curses us.

No matter if it’s Toxic People or a Toxic Situation, the Universal Law of Light can remove all the darkness! You must move your attention away from the dark and toxicity and focus on Love and Healing for YOURSELF and YOUR life.

It’s okay to be selfish when it comes to your health and well-being and protecting yourself from bad people and situations.

NB: You can’t completely avoid bad and toxic situations in life… it’s a part of your growth and development as a person and soul to learn the lessons they have to offer. But you sure as hell can avoid toxic people and energy vampires! – and you do so by kicking them out of your life the second you notice their darkness. No second chances here! Trust your gut when it tells you the person in front of you is bad.

#7 – The Law of Light is the Doorway to Miracles.

Miracles are very real and can happen to everyone… if they are willing to look at the right place. 

If you’re looking for miracles like the ones you find in fairy tales, you’ll look for a long time. 

True Miracles are a shift in perception. 

True Miracles are when you see Love over hate.

True Miracles are when you see Healing over suffering.

True Miracles are when you see Light over darkness.

Now, I want to hear from you! What are your takeaways from this article?

Let me know in the comments of the Instagram post below

What Every Lightworker Should Know About The Universal Law of Light.

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