Mental Alchemy: 5 Things Every Lightworker Should Know about Mental Alchemy.

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Mental Alchemy: 5 Things Every Lightworker Should Know about Mental Alchemy.

The theme for March is Manifestation and Mental Alchemy!

I am talking a lot about Mental Alchemy, but I haven’t really written any articles specifically about Mental Alchemy. Last week, I shared some wonderful ways to use Mental Alchemy – and I shared one of the tips in THIS post on Instagram.

Mental Alchemy is very nerdy-geek, and sometimes a bit challenging to explain in a way that’s easy to understand… but I’m willing to give it a try.

Mental Alchemy is the ability to use your mind to transform something unwanted into something you want. Just like traditional alchemy of e.g. turning coal into gold 😉 As you continue to read this article, you will probably recognise the information from a lot of my manifestation articles. In my teaching, Mental Alchemy plays an essential part but is not always obvious.

#1 – Mental Alchemy is Neuroscience.

You read correctly! Mental Alchemy is NEUROSCIENCE!

I told you it would be nerdy-geek!

But don’t worry – you won’t need a PhD to use Mental Alchemy!

Mental Alchemy is a way of changing the neurological patterns and pathways, so your happiness and life quality improves, and so do the outcome of your manifestations.

Affirmations practice is one of the most common ways to change neurological patterns. Another one is a gratitude journal!

Over the last decade or so, Positive Thinking has been very popular in the self-help genre. Almost to the degree that some people are living in a fantasy world, where they are denying anything that doesn’t fit into their positive world. They’re lying to themselves.

Positive Thinking is not Mental Alchemy if Positive Thinking includes that you should avoid or ignore anything negative. You can’t go through life wearing blinkers like that. ESPECIALLY not if you want to be a Lightworker and fulfil your Life Purposes! 

With Mental Alchemy, we don’t ignore or avoid bad and negative things! We accept them as a part of life and something that inevitably will happen. However, we are using neuroscience to shift the perception from bad to good. 

We CHOOSE to see Love over hate. 

We CHOOSE to see Peace over fight.

We CHOOSE to see the Blessing over a defeat.

We CHOOSE to see the Challenge over the problem.

This shift in perception is something we are wiring into our neurological patterns BECAUSE it makes it way easier to move forward. We acknowledge the bad thing and take responsibility for our part in it, by focusing on how to use the situation to learn and grow from.

#2 – Mental Alchemy is (the Good Kind) Brain-Wash… sort of…

Some people may call Mental Alchemy for brain-washing… and it kind of is… 

But so is all the negativity, gossip, death, war, destruction, rumours, hate, trash-talking, complaining, and so forth, that’s going on every day. EVERYTHING you see on social media, on the television, podcasts, websites, news… everywhere you look, your brain is bombarded with information that is trying to persuade you to think a certain way or want something.

In my personal opinion, and the way I’m using Mental Alchemy in my everyday life, Mental Alchemy helps me to think for myself and make my own opinions. I’m not persuaded or “seduced” by “shiny objects” because I don’t need anything to bring more happiness into my life. I have my brain, my mind, and I can flip a bad situation into something positive within a few hours.

As I see it, you can let the media and everything going on around you persuade (brainwash) you into following the masses, or you can use your mind to think for yourself to create the happiness you desire.

#3 – Mental Alchemy Requires Practice.

We are living in a world with so much fear, pain and anxiety. World leaders have been using fear, pain and anxiety for centuries to control and manipulate the world around them to get what they want. Putin’s attack on Ukraine is just the most recent example of how the Fear-Based energy of the Ego is trying to rule the world. 

If it’s not war, then it’s climate issues, humans that are suffering, or crime. There are people who complain just of the sake of complaining. There are people who are treating everyone around them badly. Trolls on the internet and social media. Reality TV where people get exposed so the views can have 45 minutes where they feel better about themselves. Tabloid and gossip sites are trashing celebs, politicians, and anyone with a public persona.

What I’m trying to say is, there is SO MUCH negativity and bullshit going on around us all the time! – and if you’re open about being a Lightworker and your spirituality, you sometimes become the target for the modern-day Witch-hunt… which conveniently happens online or on social media, so the bullies and attackers can hide safely behind a screen and an anonymous account.

Since it’s inevitable to avoid all the negativity, fear, pain, anxiety, suffering, and evil in the world (unless you walk through life with blinkers, of course), it is a daily practice to keep transforming bad into good. The more you practice, the easier it gets!

#4 – Mental Alchemy is NOT a Quick Fix-It Solution.

You can’t use Mental Alchemy to land $1,000,000 in your bank account by tomorrow! – And you can’t use Mental Alchemy to have a specific person show up on your doorstep within an hour!

Mental Alchemy can HELP you with boosting your manifestation!

Mental Alchemy can, with years of practice, be a powerful tool for Instant Manifestations.

But Mental Alchemy in itself can’t fix anything!

It’s a method to change the neurological patterns and pathways – not a magical wand. – and I hope I don’t have to explain to you, that changes in neurological patterns and pathways don’t happen overnight.

A super simple example of Mental Alchemy just popped into my mind.

Learning to ride a bike! – The biggest part of learning to ride a bike is learning to keep the balance so you don’t fall, right? After many attempts, you eventually learn to ride a bike. We also know that no matter how many years have gone by, as soon you get back on the bike, you still manage to ride it. 


We used Mental Alchemy to shift our perception of not being able to ride a bike, to “Oh heck yeah! I can ride a bike!” and we were competing in the Tour de France. All the successful experiences we had every day from riding our bikes created a neurological pathway that gets activated every time we get on a bike. It can be 30 years since you last rode a bike, but the second you get in the saddle you turn 10 again.

#5 – Mental Alchemy is a Tool! – Not a Weapon!

One of the reasons I’m hesitant with sharing teaching about the Universal Laws, Mental Alchemy and Spiritual Abilities and Superpowers (the real good, juicy ones) is because I don’t know who is reading what I’m posting online! I would hate it if my teaching would be used for evil or as a weapon.

Mental Alchemy cannot and should not be used to manipulate others into doing your biddings… Mental Alchemy should only be used in the name of Love.

The strongest and most powerful force in the multiverse is Love! 

There is nothing that can defeat Love!

I know it can be difficult to see right now because of what’s going on in the world. But I have faith that everything would work out for the Higher good and Love would win. In a situation like the one in Ukraine, shifting our perception into FAITH is the most powerful use of Mental Alchemy. 

Faith in Ukraine will survive this!

Faith in the world will help Ukraine through the war AND help Ukraine build their country up again when this is over!

Faith in Ukraine will win!

By focusing on Faith, we join forces with the Power of Love – and the Power of Love will work through the people who have the positions, skills and competencies to do something more tangible, like the Ukrainian army, world leaders, NATO and UN. It’s also the Power of Love who calls thousands of volunteers to help the Ukrainians flee and bring them to safety. It’s the Power of Love who calls me to write these words to help whoever needs to hear it.

You see, the Power of Love activates us in different ways depending on our qualities, abilities, and skills. I’m a Spiritual Master Teacher, so it’s only natural for the Power of Love to activate me to inspire and teach you to use Mental Alchemy to shift your perception from fear to Faith.

I want to hear from you in the comment field on the Insta-post below.

How are you shifting your perception from bad to good in your life?


Mental Alchemy: 5 Things Every Lightworker Should Know about Mental Alchemy.

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