Want to Manifest a Specific Person? Here’s What You Need to Know!

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Want to Manifest a Specific Person? Here's What You Need to Know!

It’s not a secret that Manifesting a Specific Person is one of the topics I receive most questions about when it comes to manifesting. Manifesting a Specific Person and manifesting Money, to be precise.

Manifesting a Specific Person isn’t harder than manifesting anything else. However, some other rules are coming into place. Whether you choose to follow those rules is entirely up to yourself and your conscience. It’s always a good idea to treat others with respect and dignity, ESPECIALLY if you want to have a relationship with that person. No one wants to have anything to do with egocentric jerks.

Tip #1 – Respect Free Will.

This is absolutely the most important part of any manifestation of another human being. 

RESPECT their Free Will.

Some manifestation teaching, usually inspired by Neville Goddard, talks about “Everyone is You Pushed Out”, which can be interpreted in several ways.

One version, which I have seen a lot online and on YouTube, says, “everyone is you pushed out”, meaning that others don’t have any Free Will and thereby will obey whatever you are trying to manifest. 

Another version, which I prefer, is “everyone is you pushed out”, meaning that others are a reflection of yourself who is holding up a mirror so you better can see yourself.

I’m sure there are other versions too…

There is a Universal Law called the Law of Free Will. Just like the Law of Attraction, which also is a Universal Law, the Law of Free Will goes to everyone and can not be broken.

The Law of Free Will states: No one or Nothing can interfere against anything or anyone’s Free Will.

If you’re following Neville Goddard’s philosophy of “Everyone is You Pushed Out”, my recommendation is to use it as a way of explaining how others are a reflection of yourself. What you see in others is a reflection of something you see inside of yourself. Other people really just flip the mirror back at you.

Manipulation Will Get You Nowhere.

When you don’t respect someone’s Free Will, you’ll eventually push them away from you. So don’t treat people like your little minions, expecting them to adapt to your desired outcome just because that’s what you want. Do not try to make something happen by playing mind games and twisting and turning things into going as you want.

Manipulative behaviour would never be received well!

You might be able to fool someone right now, but eventually, they will realise that you’re manipulating them, and then they will leave you.

If you are inclined to manipulative behaviour or feel the need to make something happen no matter what, then I would recommend you take a step back and ask yourself; if you would like to be with someone who is treating you the same way as you treat them? How would you feel about someone trying to manipulate you to be with them by tricking you without you knowing?

A relationship is also much more happy and peaceful if it’s sincere and genuine.

How to Manifest a Specific Person

Tip #2 – They Are NOT A Fix-Up Project.

Lightworker Alert 101!!!

If there is ONE thing Lightworkers are mastering the most, then it’s the inclination to turn pretty much everyone into their personal fix-up project! 

A part of being a Lightworker is the ability to know when someone needs help or guidance. Some of us can smell someone’s discomfort from a far, far distance. Lightworkers are natural helpers, and we want to do whatever we can to help someone in need!


Manifesting a relationship with someone because you know you can help the person or even fix them… it’s not healthy… and your specific person will be like, “back off!”

Most people don’t want to be looked at as a rescue or fix-up project. You need to get off the person’s back and let them find their healing path themselves. What you can do is be supportive and caring. Hold their hand, but let them do the work. The only way someone truly can heal and get happy in their life is when THEY do the work themselves while having a supportive team behind them, like their family, friends and you.

Tip #3 – Prince Charming Isn’t Coming.

In this context, Prince Charming refers to someone who is coming to rescue you or save you from whatever misery you’re in.

For whatever reason, there are still women (and men) today who are waiting for someone to come and save them and give them the life they dream about. Life is not a fairytale with you staring as a weird combo of Rapunzel and “The Princess and the Pea”, nor do we live in the 17-hundredth-stewed-kale (the year dot) anymore.

Unless you’re stuck inside for burning hours and can’t get out, you don’t need rescuing. What you need is to get your shit together and take responsibility for your life so you can clean up the mess you’re in.

First, no one wants to be together with someone who views themselves as a victim. It’s not charming at all!

Second, suppose you see yourself as a victim. In that case, you’ll activate the Law of Attraction to manifest more reasons for you to be a victim, AND you’ll attract other victims into your life.

Third, no one in their right mind wants to join a stranger’s pity party, no matter how cute they are…

Forth, EVERYONE has their own stuff they’re dealing with. EVERYONE goes through something. Life is not a cup full of unicorns and rainbows.

Life is Not a Cup Full of Unicorns and Rainbows.

Suppose you want to attract a healthy relationship with a good and honest person. In that case, it will help you tremendously to work on your self-esteem and self-love. People are attracted by Love and Light, so make sure you radicate that.

Tip #4 – Have Faith.

Having faith is my magic trick in the book for any manifestation. However, having faith can also become difficult if you don’t see any progress and you’re starting to get impatient.

Without faith, your manifestation WILL get blocked. Not by the Universe but by yourself and your impulsive ideas to make something happen.

When you have faith, you don’t feel the need to manipulate, force or control anything to happen. You know that the pieces will eventually fall into their place, and things will work out.

That said, having faith is also one of the more difficult parts of a manifestation because we’re letting go of control and trusting the process. This is why so many manifestations seem not to work. 

I like to imagine that I am handing my manifestation over to the Angels in a beautiful basket and then having faith in they will take care of it. 


Tip #5 – The Universe Doesn’t Follow Your Manuscript.

A Manifestation is the outcome of your most dominant thoughts, emotions and actions. If you don’t have faith, your most dominant thoughts, emotions, and actions will be created by doubt, impatience and weird behaviour, which will cause you to get in the way of your manifestation.

One of the weird behaviours is to map out a plan for how exactly the manifestation will come true. Sometimes with conversations and people do certain things. It pretty much looks like a manuscript or scenario from a movie! While it can be fun playing around with different outcomes and how to get to the outcome, you will never know all the factors on your journey.

I’m always a little careful with visualisation practices because it’s so easy to get attached to one outcome and one plan to get there. Another reason I’m careful with visualisation, ESPECIALLY when it comes to Manifesting a Specific Person, is HOW EASY it is to fall in love with an illusion of your specific person. Suppose you play the same screenplay in your head every night about how you and your specific person are going to meet, what you’ll talk about, what feelings they will have for you, and so forth. In that case, you’ll end up fooling yourself.

A third problem with the visualisation of a specific person is you don’t know everything about your specific person, so your mind will fill in the blanks with what best fits your desired outcome. The problem with this is, the “feeling in the blanks” often doesn’t fit with reality. So you’re falling in love with the illusion you have created of your specific person rather than who they really are. 

Your subconsciousness is very easy to manipulate because it doesn’t know if something is real or made up. So, the more you tell yourself the same story, the more your subconscious will believe it to be true, which will activate your emotions. Eventually, this will cause you to get heartbroken and feel cheated on by your specific person when they, in reality, haven’t done anything wrong. Your emotions will cause you to behave in ways that will block the manifestation and push your specific person away.

The truth is there are as many possibilities for your manifestation to come true as there are stars in space. It’s absolutely impossible for anyone to predict how a manifestation will happen. It’s a waste of time and energy to try to figure that one out. You’ll most likely get the wrong answers anyway and get disappointed.

My advice is to surrender the need to know everything and any step on the journey and just have faith that everything will work out perfectly.

No manuscripting, no forcing, no controlling, and no manipulating.

Tip #6 – Instant Manifestation of a Person.

Whether an instant manifestation of a specific person is possible or not REALLY depends on how attached you are to the outcome. By attached, I mean emotional attached to the person.

Instant manifestations happen ONLY when you’re fully detached from the outcome. When it doesn’t really matter if it happens or not, this isn’t something you can pretend. 

It has to be genuine! 

The Universe knows when you’re faking it. You can fake it to make it for yourself and until your subconscious mind has created a new pattern where you genuinely don’t care anymore. However, the Universe responds to your Energy Frequency, which is the sum of your most dominant thoughts and emotions! You can’t fake your most dominant thoughts or emotions. The Universe is patient and will wait on you, so you have time to change your most dominant thoughts and emotions to match your desired outcome. So if nothing is happening right now, it’s only because the Universe is waiting for you to fully adapt your Energy Frequency into a vibrational match with your outcome. 

The fastest way to manifest a specific person is to let entirely go of whatever outcome you desire and then move on with your life. Don’t even pay the manifestation attention. When your specific person pops up randomly in your life, like in your social media feed, then notice, say “hey,” and move on. What happens is, when you’re telling the Universe that you want to manifest your specific person, the Universe will start to re-arrange people, events, and opportunities for the two of you to meet and have a proper conversation. The Universe calculates all the trillions of solutions and starts to activate random events, people, and opportunities that will eventually lead the two of you together. It all happens on an unconscious level, and none of you is really aware of what’s happening. You’re just living your life, having a good time, and staying faithful. 

That said, you still need to make yourself available… the chances for your specific person accidentally showing up on your doorstep is extremely slim… unless your specific person is your local delivery guy 😉

How to Manifest a Specific Person

Tip #7 – Self-Love = Healthy Relationships.

The last tip I will give you is the key to healthy relationships. 


To quote RuPaul:


If you don’t love yourself and have peace with whom you are, you’ll look for love and appreciation in all the wrong places. You’ll choose your partners and friends as an act of seeking love and appreciation from the outside world. That is not healthy, and the relationships would also be a battle between egos. 

Like attracts like, remember.

When you have a healthy self-love practice, know your worth, and are confident enough to set boundaries and say no, you’ll attract healthy, supportive, loving, and empowering relationships.

Want to Manifest a Specific Person

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