5 Really Bad Things That Happen When You Don’t Leave an Unhealthy Relationship or a Toxic Person.

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5 Really Bad Things That Happen When You Don't Leave an Unhealthy Relationship or a Toxic Person.

Unfortunately, it’s very common for Lightworkers to end up in Unhealthy Relationships. For some reason, we are like Magnets for Toxic People.

By knowing this… and admitting it, we can change it. The key is to be aware and honest with yourself.

Getting out of a Relationship with a Toxic person can be very difficult because they often have you in an Invisible Prison and use your Fears, Pain, and Anxieties against you to control you. You may not be afraid of them, but you’re afraid of what would happen to you and everything you care about if you leave them.

My mother is a Narcissist with Psychopathic Traits. She verbally and physically abused me for the first 15 years of my life. I got out when I was 15, and the only times I have seen her since then was in court. Since my nephew was born, I have tried to be courteous with her, but it usually doesn’t take her more than 5 minutes before she starts her verbal abuse. I have learned to set boundaries and walk away when she crosses my boundaries. Unless it has anything to do with the exchange of important Information, I don’t want to have anything to do with her.

I got PTSD, an anxiety disorder, self-harm, and am prone to depression… all due to my mother being a very Toxic Person.

What I’m trying to say is that I have both knowledge and experience in dealing with Toxic People and having Unhealthy Relationships… trust me… my mother is not the only Toxic Person or Unhealthy Relationship I have had to deal with. As I said in the beginning, as Lightworkers, we are Magnet for Toxic People.

#1 – Your Self-Esteem Decreases Every Day.

A Relationship is usually Unhealthy because there is a lot of trash-talking and rude behaviour going back and forth. 

You need to remember it takes two to tango! So you are just as much a part of the issue as the other person. You can always leave, even though it doesn’t feel like it.

One of the components Toxic People are using to prevent you from leaving them is by talking down to you, belittling you, and making you believe that you can’t live without them.

The more you hear the same things, the more you start to believe them to be true. The more a Person calls you bad things, criticising you, belittling you, etc., the more they will get into your head. The more a Person is in your head, the more influence they have over your Self-Esteem. In other words, they can mess around with your subconsciousness and neurological patterns regarding how you feel about yourself.

“I AM” is the most powerful word in the Universe because when you start a sentence with “I AM”, you’re speaking on behalf of the Source of Love (red. God). 

So if someone manages to get in your head, and make you believe that you’re stupid and no one likes you, then you’ll begin to affirm to yourself, “I AM stupid, and no one likes me!”. The more you say it, the stronger neurological pattern will form in your subconsciousness and will eventually manifest itself.

Let’s do a quick exercise:

Try to take a moment and listen to all the Negative Self-Talk that’s going on in your head. 

Try to pay attention to how you speak about yourself and how you feel about yourself. 

Write everything down.

Now, for each sentence, write who said that to you, to begin with, or who made you feel that way… and maybe, if you know, why they said that to you.

Next, I want you to be really honest with yourself when you answer this question.

What happened from when the person said that the first time to you started to believe it to be true?

See, people are trash-talking all the time… that doesn’t mean that we automatically believe all the bullshit they say about us is true. 

So what made you believe that the things you just wrote down are true?

👆🏻 This is what keeps your Self-Esteem Low, thereby blocking Good People, Good Relationships, and Good Manifestations from coming into your life. 

#2 – They Make You Believe that You Are the Problem.

One thing Toxic People are really good at is projecting their bad behaviour onto you.

You are the reason why they are drinking.

You are the reason why they are doing drugs.

You are the reason why they beat you.

You are the reason why they are angry.

You are the reason why they struggle in life.

You are the reason why they don’t have what they want.

It’s always you and never them.

Sounds familiar?

Since Lightworkers are born People-Pleasers and prone to Codependency, it’s very easy for Toxic People to capture you in their never-ending drama, where you are the problem, and they are the victim.

Let me just put records straight – YOU ARE NOT THE REASON! It is, and never will be, your fault that they are treating you like shit.

They’re using psychological terror and mental abuse to put you down to make themselves feel superior to you, and to justify their bad behaviour to themselves.

Toxic People always suffer from some sort of Mental Illness, Disorder, or Trauma… No one is born Toxic! Something happened to them that turned them Toxic. 

However, it’s NOT your job to fix them!

Most of the time, they won’t acknowledge that they have a problem and instead project onto you by saying that you made them do it.

You can’t help someone who refuses to take responsibility for their own bad behaviour, and you can definitely not help someone who blames everything on you. They need professional help… and that is not you, Lightworker!

#3 – They Guilt-Trap You and Manipulate You.

Toxic People loooooves to Manipulate, Control, Force, Guilt-Trap, and Bully you into doing whatever they want. 

They almost behave like little royalties who think the world surrounds them and are entitled to do, say and act as they want to. 

The truth is, Toxic People have EXTREMELY Low Self-Esteem, and their attempt to Control, Manipulate, Force, Guilt-Trap, and Bully you, is to bring you down to make themselves feel better.

Control, Manipulation, and Forcing are Signs of their Personal Life, and Internal Life is a Complete Mess. So by Controlling, Forcing and Manipulating others, they feel that they at least have Control over life.

Guilt-Trapping and Bullying are Signs of Very Low Self-Esteem! They are projecting their own Low Self-Esteem upon you by making you feel bad so they themselves can feel better than you.

Unfortunately, it works!

This is why I’m making a huge effort to help Lightworkers get more Assertive

The only way to prevent Toxic People from messing with your head is by Standing Up for Yourself and What you Know is True.

Leave them and Remove them from Your Life,

and Start Healing Your Wounds.

If you don’t do the necessary work to Heal Your Wounds, you will just Continue Attracting Toxic People into your life because the Wounds are controlling your Energy Frequency.

#4 – Your Energy Frequency Decreases Every Day.

Your Energy Frequency is the Sum of Your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions! 

If you spend too much time with Toxic People or are in an Unhealthy Relationship, all the Toxicity and Unhealthiness start to mess with your Thoughts and Emotions. Toxic People and Unhealthy Relationships tend to get in our heads and leave a mess.

I’m sure you already have had experiences where you met someone and immediately were repelled because you didn’t like the person’s vibe. I’m also sure you have felt the same repelling when you scroll on Social Media, and a bad-vibing person shows up on your feed.

We can feel others’ Energy Frequencies miles away, and so can others feel ours. This is how Toxic People pick their targets.

So it’s crucial that your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions are as Positive as possible and that you have the Self-Confidence, Self-Respect AND Assertiveness to Stand Up for Yourself and find the Strength to Leave if someone Begins to Talk Shit to You.

Your Joy, Happiness and Abundance depend on your Energy Frequency… not other people!

#5 – You Get Stuck in an Unnecessary Hell-Loop.

We have two major challenges going on here:

  1. Lightworkers are like magnets to Toxic People because they have attracted to Lightworkers’ native desire to help others. Toxic People see Lightworkers as the perfect opportunity to take advantage of, so they get fulfilled their own selfish needs.
  2. When our Energy Frequency is first infected by Toxic People, it’s like a virus that’s difficult to get rid of. Toxic People and their negative bullshit and trash-talks had got into our heads and travelled into our subconsciousness and suddenly began to influence our Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions.

The problem arises when all the crap Toxic People are saying begins to get into your head and influences your view of yourself. 

Always keep in mind that your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions create your Energy Frequency! Your Energy Frequency, combined with your Most Dominant Actions, is what’s Manifests in Your Life.

So all the Shit-talk, Bullying, Controlling, Manipulation, Lying, Forcing, Guilt-Trapping, Physical Abuse, Mental Abuse, and Psychological Terror decreases your Self-Esteem and Energy Frequency for every minute you spend with a Toxic Person or Unhealthy Relationship. The Lower your Self-Esteem and Energy Frequency are, the more likely your life to turn into a Living Hell, and everything that happens in your life is just an affirmation of how awful everything else.

Another very dangerous problem is that if we are used to being around Toxic People and having Unhealthy Relationships, we’re more likely to attract more into our lives. We can leave the Toxic People and Unhealthy Relationships that are in our lives right now, but it is just a matter of time before we Manifest Ne Toxic People and Unhealthy Relationships.

Do you want to know why?

Because we are so used to being treated badly! Good People and Healthy Relationships make us feel uncomfortable because we aren’t used to being treated well. When Good People come into our lives and show Interest in Making Friendships with us, we become uncomfortable, insecure, and honestly don’t know what to do with ourselves… so we end up Sabotaging the Relationship with the Good Person before it even starts.

In other words, we keep ending up in Unhealthy Relationships with Toxic People because, deep down inside of us, we don’t feel Worthy enough to be with someone who is a Good Person. We don’t feel Worthy enough to be treated nicely.

This “Unworthiness” and Unconscious Sabotaging of Healthy Relationships with Good People comes from years of abuse by Toxic People. The longer you have known Toxic People or had Unhealthy Relationships, the more difficult it is for you to let Good People into your Life. 

There is really only one cure for this, and that’s therapy. You need to get cleaned up in your Neurological Patterns and create New and Healthier ones, so you no longer attract Toxic People into your Life.

Getting out of any kind of Unhealthy Situation or Part Ways with someone or something Toxic requires that you make a firm decision to get out, and you stick with that decision no matter what happens next. The other person WON’T change, and your current situation will continue to happen until you walk away.

It’s difficult, ESPECIALLY if you have Low Self-Esteem and are on a Low Energy Frequency. That’s why it’s a Good Idea to seek Professional Help, either from a Therapist, Life Coach or Spiritual Teacher… or all of them. The most effective healing is when you combine different forms of treatments, so you’re working on different parts of your Body, Mind, and Soul Recovery.

You must understand that no matter how much we want to help you out of your Hell-Loop of Toxic People and Unhealthy Relationships, we can’t do anything until you break out of your Living Hell and commit to staying away from Toxic People and reach out to Good People who are educated to help you. You need Professional Help to Recover, and that is Okay to Admit. 

If you don’t break out, your Hell-Loop will Continue as it always had, while your Self-Esteem and Energy Frequency will keep decreasing – which makes it impossible to Manifest anything into your Life that will bring you Joy, Happiness, TRUE Love, Abundance, and Excitement. 

Joy, Happiness, TRUE Love, Abundance and Excitement can’t Coexist with Fear, Pain, Anxiety, Frustration, and Depression.

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5 Really Bad Things That Happen When You Don't Leave an Unhealthy Relationship or a Toxic Person.

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