Do you want a true Christmas Miracle? Here is what you need to do.

7 Steps to Perform a True Christmas Miracle.

Tonight is Christmas! 🎄🎄🎄🎄

Or at least it is Christmas in Denmark. In Denmark, we celebrate Christmas on the 24th of December – and on the 25th, we’re trying to survive a food coma 😉

I love Christmas because it’s a celebration of Love and miracles! I, however, am not so thrilled about how commercial Christmas has become. It’s like people forgetting to celebrate Love and miracles and instead focus on gifts.

Denmark has been a Christian country since 965, so our Christmas traditions are a mix of Christianity and Viking traditions around this time of year. That’s why we call Christmas “Jul” and not “Kristmesse”, which is the direct translation of Christmas. Jul, or Jól as the Vikings called it, is one of the reasons why a lot of alcohol and tons of food are an important part of the Danish Christmas traditions. Imagine how impossible a task it was for the Christian missionaries to convince the Vikings to skip the alcohol and enormous amount of food… and sex… to take in Christianity and behave as sweet little altar boys. 

Back to how to perform Christmas Miracles. It wasn’t my intention to turn this guide into a history lesson 🤣🤣

Usually, when I’m talking about miracles, I’m always reminding you that a miracle is a shift in perception.

To choose to see Love over Fear and Joy over Pain! It’s the fundamentals of Mental Alchemy.

However, because it’s Christmas, I’m willing to go with the more common idea of what a miracle is… a dream come true that you feel is out of your control. I call it the fairy tale version of miracles 😉 even though I know they happen every day – just not for the same person. 

So how do we get our own Christmas Miracles – of the fairy tale kinds? Let me show you!

Step #1 – Be Honest About Your Intentions.

The biggest difference between regular manifestations and “miracles” is the intention behind them. Usually, when we want to manifest something, it’s because we have an idea that our desired outcome would solve something in our life. Like manifesting more money would provide freedom, peace of mind, and more opportunities.

To manifest a “miracle”, you need to…


Step #2 – Dig into What You Truly, Truly Desire.

I find it interesting how what we think we desire often isn’t really what we truly desire.

When we desire more money, it’s not really about money. It’s about what money brings with it, like freedom, inner peace, and opportunities, and it makes some things easier.

When we want to manifest a specific person, it’s not really about that specific person. It’s about…


Step #3 – Change the Elements in Your  Life that Don’t Support Your Desired Outcome.

Very often, the blocks between you and your desired outcome are what’s in your life already!


Step #4 – Help Others to Achieve the Same Thing.

This is my secret weapon!

Learning by teaching!

There is something powerful about learning how to do something by teaching the same thing to others.


Step #5 – Get Out of Your Own Ways.

Some of the “miracles” that have happened the fastest in my life have somehow always been when I have been crying on my knees for a “miracle”. I think it’s because, when we reach that state, we’re no longer capable of getting in our own way of trying to control the narrative. We have tried everything we could think of to solve it ourselves, and nothing has worked.


Step #6 – Have Faith in Everything Would Work Out.

Faith is the strongest and most powerful ability we ever can have!

I’m not talking about Faith in God, per se, or Faith in yourself.


Step #7 – Let the Miracle Happen.

The last step is to let the Miracle happen.

A miracle can ONLY happen when you…





Do you want a true Christmas Miracle? Here is what you need to do.

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