5 Things You Must Know About The Dark Nights of the Soul.

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5 Things You Must Know About The Dark Nights of the Soul.

This week and next week, we are going to focus on something very serious and not at all light and fun!

Dark Nights of the Soul.

You have probably heard me talk about it before in my other articles or in my posts on Instagram since I have survived a handful of the Dark Nights of the Soul. Surviving the Dark Nights of the Soul is absolutely not something to take for granted. If you don’t get the proper treatment and help, it CAN kill you.

#1 – The Dark Nights of the Soul is a Really, Really Bad Depression and Anxiety.

To understand the Dark Nights of the Soul, I will give some background story. Back in ancient Egypt, a part of the coronation ceremony of a new Pharaoh was putting him into a stone coffin for 14 days. Alive! For 14 days, he was all alone in the dark with his thoughts. He was fed by a tiny tub in the coffin but had no contact or communication with anyone. If the potential Pharaoh survived the 14 days, he would be crowned as the new Pharaoh.

It might sound like an easy task, but a lot of men died during those 14 days they were locked into the coffin. Not by hunger or thirst… but by their own thoughts.

They were frightened to death by the thoughts in their head!

This shows how powerful your thoughts are! Your thoughts alone are capable of killing you!

In the modern western medical world, the Dark Night of the Soul looks like and is treated like severe depression and anxiety that may be deadly. Notice, I’m not necessary saying suicidal! Sure, suicide can be one way it can be deadly. But this level of depression and anxiety can cause a whole lot of health issues that too can be deadly. 

#2 – It Feels Like Living Hell…

The Dark Nights of the Soul feels like Living Hell because… well… it is!

There is no such a thing as the biblical terms for Heaven and Hell after death! What happens after death is a whole other article. 

The idea of Heaven and Hell is actually more relevant when we are alive on Earth since Earth is the only place in the entire solar system where concepts like Heaven and Hell exist. Earth is also the only place with religions.

Just as you can create Heaven on Earth, and your life can be Divine – your life can also turn into Living Hell! 

Living Hell is manifested when your most dominant thoughts, emotions and actions are so painful and full of fear and suffering that you can’t see the light in the Darkness. You have lost all hope for the future, and feel completely alone. Like living in a nightmare, you can’t wake up from. 

No matter how much you want to blame the outside circumstances, other people, politicians, the economy, etc., it’s up to you how you choose to deal with it and how much you will let it influence you. When it comes to the Dark Nights of the Soul and Living Hell, there have been sooooo many opportunities for you to get out before you hit ground zero. But you decided to stay in it, maybe because you felt you didn’t have any choice. The thing is, there is no such a thing as “no choice” – when you feel you don’t have a choice, it’s because you are too afraid to stand up for yourself or fight against whatever is holding you trapped. 

The good thing about this is, since you allowed Living Hell to manifest into your life, you can also manifest it to go away. We will look more into that in this Week’s VIP Bonus.

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It Can Happen to Everyone!

The Dark Nights of the Soul is usually a manifestation of ignoring red flags for way too long.



Untreated Anxiety…

Unhealthy Relationships…

Toxic People…

Rushing through illness…

These are just a few examples of how the Dark Nights of the Soul manifests into your life.

What usually happens, for myself included, is we are getting so much entangled in all that’s happening around us, responsibilities, commitments, etc., that we forget to pay attention to the red flags. We just push through, hoping all the bullshit will go away on its own so we can continue to rush through life with blinkers.

Sounding familiar?

#4 – It is NOT a Punishment!

It’s SO important to remember that the Dark Nights of the Soul is NOT a punishment! It’s one of the few elements of Living Hell that isn’t here to punish you for being a bad person or evil.

The Dark Nights of the Soul is the type of Living Hell where the purpose is to teach you Self-Love and Self-Awareness. It’s a lesson in listening to yourself, your body and red flags. 

It’s a wake-up call!

In most other cases of Living Hell, the purpose is to punish bad people and evil for their bad deeds, selfishness, harm, greed, etc. Most people believe Hell is somewhere bad people go after they are dead, but that is not true. If someone is on Samael’s List, their time in Hell starts the second they are written on the List and will continue until the person (red. soul) has sentenced their time in Hell. It doesn’t matter if the sentence started while they were still alive. However, they won’t get back into the soul eco-system (red. reincarnation) until the sentence is served.

Thankfully, people who are having Dark Nights of the Soul shouldn’t worry about being on Samael’s List. It’s usually not the case! 

Most of the time, the Dark Nights of the Soul is a (forced) healing process and not a punishment.

#5 – You MUST Seek Professional Counselling.

As you can see, the Dark Nights of the Soul is a scary mix of severe depression and anxiety!

The Dark Nights of the Soul is usually a couple of months (sometimes years) where you’re facing your deepest, darkest and most scary inner demons and pain. But it can go on for years!

As I said in the introduction, I have survived the Dark Nights of the Soul a handful of times; one thing I have learned the hard way from my Dark Nights of the Soul is to call my doctor the second I feel that something isn’t as it is supposed to be. Usually, we can stop it before it spins out of control.

If I have been ignoring it a bit too long, and it has begun to spin out of control, I’ll call my doctor and ask for a referral to the psychiatry! 

Here is the thing; I have never been admitted to a mental hospital! But I have been in conative treatment since I was 16 due to mental, physical, and emotional abuse in my childhood because my mother is a narcissist with psychopathic traits. 

It’s no secret that I have been taking Lamotrigine since I was 21 and anxiety medication since I was 27. I’m diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety, a mixed personality disorder (OCD, Evasive, and Quiet Borderline) and prone to depression. 

All due to childhood trauma!

On top of that, I’m psychic, Highly Sensitive, Empatic, and Intuitive. There is no filter to block anything out unless I’m really focusing on zooming out… or taking medications that turn me into a Zombie, which I prefer not to take. 

I have my “Zombie”-pills in my handbag and in a drawer next to my bed, just in case, something should happen. My psychiatrist recommends I only take the “Zombie”-pills in emergency situations, because they make me feel like a Zombie and it takes me a couple of days to recover from Zombie-mode.

My Dark Nights of the Soul has always been about my childhood trauma! – and as my psychiatrist says, there is nothing wrong with my head or mental state of mind. All my diagnoses and mental troubles are rooted in deep emotional pain. 

In my case, it’s not mental! 

It’s emotional! – Which makes it close to impossible to treat with medications.

However, I don’t feel like a victim, and I’m not acting like a victim! I’m taking responsibility for the emotional trauma my childhood had caused me by being in therapy and taking my medications.

The most important responsibility when we are talking about the Dark Nights of the Soul, is to call your doctor or otherwise seek medical attention when you feel you’re in a dark place or on your way to a dark place.

The Most Important Thing to Take Away from This Article!

… is to reach out for help BEFORE you hit into the Dark Nights of the Soul!

And if you’re already there, seek professional help ASAP! – Tomorrow may be too late!

In next week’s article, we will talk about how to avoid the Dark Nights of the Soul!

Now it’s your turn!

Have you ever experienced the Dark Nights of the Soul? 

Let me know in the comments on the Insta post below! – Also remember that my DMs on Insta and Facebook are always open if you need to chat! I can’t offer you professional assistance, but I can be a (virtual) support.

5 Things You Must Know About The Dark Nights of the Soul.

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