The Cosmic Law of Divine Love: What Every Lightworker Should Know about the Cosmic Law of Divine Love.

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The Law of Divine Love is one of the most powerful Laws in the Universe! Master this Cosmic Law, and you’re playing in the Metaphysical Premier League.

Are you ready for a “new” Universal Law in our series? This month, I want to introduce you to one of the most powerful Laws, if not the most Powerful, the Cosmic Law of Divine Love.

So far, we have covered the following:

The Cosmic Law of Divine Love is not something you can use in your Manifestation practice or achieve something. It is the opposite of its purpose!

For most people, the Cosmic Law of Divine Love is known as UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. The Cosmic Law of Divine Love is present at the Molecular Level in the Heart of Everything.

Genuine Unconditional Love is becoming more and more rare because more and more people are thinking with their Ego instead of their Heart! 

They think they love another person unconditionally, but really they are afraid of how their life would look without that person, so they would do anything it takes to keep that person in their life. That’s not Unconditional Love; it’s using love as a cover-up for Fear-Based actions.

#1 – The Law of Divine Love is a Cosmic Law.

In the Universal Law 101 article, I shared the 3 different types of Laws we are working with:

  • Archetypical Laws
  • Cosmic Laws
  • Universal Laws

Cosmic Laws are also known as Divine Order and, therefore, can’t be bent or broken.

With Universal Laws like the Law of Attraction and the Law of Giving & Receiving you can influence the Outcome of the Law by making some changes in your Energy Frequency. 

Cosmic Laws don’t respond to Energy Frequencies and can’t be influenced to give you the Outcome you Desire. If it could, it would no longer be Divine Order.

To truly understand the Law of Divine Love, you should try to perceive it as THE DIVINE ORDER OF DIVINE LOVE! 

#2 – The Law of Divine Love is One of the Most Powerful Laws.

Take a moment and really tap into the words, THE DIVINE ORDER OF DIVINE LOVE.

We are not playing in the little league field with this one!

To be honest with you, I am a little bit careful with how many details I’m sharing with you about this one since it’s so powerful and holds a tremendous force, and everyone can read everything I write here in the Resource Hub.

The good thing is that Everything of Divine or Cosmic can’t be used for evil and selfish reasons – but it can create unwanted Karma in yourself.

As Lightworkers, we work very closely with the Law of Divine Love since it’s guiding us in our Light WORK and because all Lightworkers are using the Universal Law of Light in their work. 

The Universal Law of Light states; Light will Always Defeat Darkness by Revealing Information not Previously Seen, and it’s this Force that Empowers Humans.  

I always call the Universal Law of Light a Divine Flashlight because it helps you to see through the Dark.

The connection between the Cosmic Law of Divine Love and the Universal Law of Light is that LIGHT always translates into Soul. In Metaphysical terms, the Soul is called THE LIGHT OF LOVE – or The Light of Divine Love.

Do you see how this links together? – or are you just more confused?

#3 – The Law of Divine Love Could be Called the Law of God.

First, there is no such thing as the Law of God. In fact, all of the Laws could be considered the Laws of God.

I’m not religious and don’t belong to any religion; however, I’m from Denmark, where the established religion is Evangelical Lutheran, influenced by the Vikings and Norse Mythology. But personally, I’m spiritual – not religious!

In Metaphysical Terms, God is translated into the Source of Love, and the Holy Spirit and Angels are translated into the Force of Love. And as you know from above, the Soul is translated into the Light of Love.

And Love, in this matter, is, of course, Divine Love.

Keep in mind that the Cosmic Law of Divine Love is translated into THE DIVINE ORDER OF DIVINE LOVE.

The Cosmic Law of Divine Love is the central player and really what holds everything together. 

The Law of Divine Love is the definition of Unconditional Love because there are no expectations or hopes for a specific outcome. There is no fear, pain or anxiety to activate the Ego… there is nothing.

I will go so far as to say that humanity has lost its ability to Unconditional Love at the moment. The closest we can come to Unconditional Love in our world is from our pets since they aren’t consumed by their Ego.

#4 – The Law of Divine Love is Your Birth-Right.

Here is what makes the Law of Divine Love interesting; Divine Love, Unconditional Love, and living in the Light are your Birth-Right… The only reason why you don’t have it in your life right now is that you are so convinced that you can’t have it.

Remember, the Law of Divine Love is a Cosmic Law which means it is a Divine Order. It’s impossible to bend or break a Divine Order since they hold the entire multiverse together.

Divine Love, Unconditional Love, and the Light has never been taken away from you. You have just misplaced it and chosen your Ego’s Fear-Based path instead.

Trust me; you’re not the only one! 

Most people had given away their Divine Power when they still were little kids because the world around them was the Outcome of other people’s Fear-Based actions.

Most of the people who have been in power for the last 10,000 years have gained power by keeping others below them. Some people had even gone so far as to take other people’s lives in the name of power.

The Danish Queen just celebrated her 50 years on the throne and is now the longest reigning monarch and the only Female monarch in the world, not to mention she is the monarch of one of the oldest kingdoms in the world. Her ancestors have, without doubt, done some terrible things. History books are full of stories of how kings went into battles to conquer more land and how they lost land.

Part of the Queen’s celebration was a special Service in the Church, which was broadcasted live. In the pastor’s speech, he talked about Power and said, “Killing in the name of God” for blasphemy. NEVER had I expected a man of the Church to admit that “Killing in the name of God” is a poor excuse for doing something terribly wrong.

I have always had a very difficult time with the idea of “Killing in the name of God”, especially considering that many religious armies throughout history have justified their killings with “in the name of God!”.

If you truly believe in God, and the Bible says that we all are sons and daughters of the Almighty Father – why would a Father want His children to be Killed?

What I’m trying to say is that humanity has a long, long history of greedy and power-hungry men who are willing to go very far to get what they want. Very early on, these power-hungry men discovered that they could intimidate people with fear and pain to get them under their control. 

But fear, pain, suffering, punishment, control, and greed has no place in the Divine… It’s not created by the Source of Love and, therefore, not God’s creation!

It’s created by the man’s Ego, which is suffering from his/hers own fear, pain, and anxiety! He/she decides to take it out on as many people as he/she can for the sole purpose of filling his/her void of unhealed internal wounds.

These fears, pains, anxieties, and wounds can be passed on from generation to generation to the extent that now-living people don’t know where it comes from… it has just been programmed into their subconscious from a very young age.

Since fear, pain, and anxiety can’t coexist with Divine Love, Unconditional Love, and living in the Light, you have to choose. The Law of Free Will gives you the full right to choose what direction you want to go, and so it will be. 

Unfortunately, many of these choices are heavily influenced by the people around us, especially our closest family. That’s why most people become like their parents unless they, like me, find the strength to break the pattern and make their own decisions.

The good news is that it’s never too late to choose a new path. You can ALWAYS choose a different direction, and you can ALWAYS choose Love over fear.

Remember, the Law of Divine Love is your birthright, so you can always claim it back. However, you must be willing to work with and heal your fear, pain, and anxieties to get the Divine Love and Unconditional Love back into your life since the Light and the dark cannot coexist.

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No matter what, Use that Mantra as often as you can – because that Mantra holds the key to an abundant flow of Miracles.

#5 – The Law of Divine Love Connects You with Who You Truly Are.

As you can see, the Law of Divine Love is extremely powerful and essential for who we all are.

You ARE Divine Love!

You ARE Divine Love because the Light of Love is your Soul. 

The Divine Love is inside you. It’s what keeps you alive.

Your Soul is located in your Heart Chakra.

Your Heart Chakra is located in the middle of your chest. Right, where a woman’s cleavage begins. It’s located in the same place on a man’s body too, or any other gender. I just use the cleavage reference since everybody knows where on their body the cleavage would be, boobs or not.

Try to put your hands right where the “cleavage” on your body starts.
Close your eyes and take some deep breaths.
Really connect with your Heart Chakra.

You will soon notice a warm sensation of Love spreading all over your body. You feel safe, protected, loved and watched over.

When you feel this sensation, you are in contact with your Soul, your Higher Self, and the Light of Love.

It’s through your Heart Chakra that you can Communicate with the Universe and receive Divine Guidance

Follow your Heart – Listen to your head – and NEVER-EVER be naive.

When you connect with the Law of Divine Love and with the Light of Love inside you, you must be aware that it will automatically change and increase your Energy Frequency. The world around you will respond to this change in many different ways, and you will attract and repulse things and people in your life. 

The thing you, in particular, have to be aware of is what kind of people are showing up in your life. Lightworkers are known for being a magnet for Toxic People and Energy Vampires! Your Mental Health and Well-Being can not afford to be naive and people-please people.

Part of your Life Purpose is to learn to protect yourself from the Darkness and keep yourself in the Light. You can’t do that if you have people in your life who keeps bringing Drama, Negativity, Fear, Pain, Anxiety, and Bullshit into your Life. You can’t be in the Light and feel the presence of Divine Love if you’ve people in your life sucking you dry for Energy, Joy, Happiness, and Excitement.

Again, you have to choose…

Love or fear?

Light or darkness?

Joy or pain?

Peace or struggle?

The choice is yours and yours alone!

What you allow in your life will continue, so it’s all up to you!

I want to know about your experience with the Connecting with your Soul exercise… Tell me how it went for you in the comments here 👇🏻👇🏻

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The Law of Divine Love is one of the most powerful Laws in the Universe! Master this Cosmic Law, and you’re playing in the Metaphysical Premier League.

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